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Since 2019, I’ve built an email audience of 30,000+ women of all ages, who are mostly from the United States and using mobile devices. I usually write about a cozy, introverted, authentic, and meaningful lifestyle that primarily involves books and reading. My readers especially love anything and everything related to Gilmore Girls, the author Colleen Hoover, Harry Potter, and celebrity book clubs.

Want to sponsor my email newsletter? Great! Here are a few details as of November 2023:

  • 30,000+ email subscribers
  • 8+ million yearly blog views
  • 30,000+ social media followers
  • 40-50% email open rates
  • Blog audience demographics:
    • 70-75% U.S. visitors
    • 70-75% mobile visitors
    • 67% women of all ages
    • 67% ages 18-44 (25% of whom are 18-24)
  • Newsletter audience demographics:
    • 96% women of all ages
    • 29% ages 45-65
    • 51% married
    • 42% have an annual household income between $50,000 – $200,000

My email newsletter is sent once per week on Wednesdays. Each newsletter includes one quote, a personal update and introduction section, and sections on what’s new and noteworthy in books and on my blog, what’s being talked about in the worlds of literature and bookish lifestyle, and what readers and I are currently loving. They are usually 500-1,000 words. (See prior newsletters.)

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