Gilmore Girls

The Rory Gilmore Book Club

The Rory Gilmore Book Club is an Instagram-based book club in which members (a/k/a 15,000+ followers) read from the list of 500+ books referenced on Gilmore Girls by focusing on monthly themes, like classics, children’s books, and book adaptations.

Book club members each choose a book within that theme from the Gilmore Girls book list to read on their own. Throughout the month, I share the top picks our club members are reading and my personal recommendations for the theme, along with fun facts about the books and the show. I also re-share all the members’ posts about their book club reading.


I’m Julianne Buonocore (a/k/a Jules)

Whether you’re a newbie or an avid reader, here you’ve found an authentic community dedicated to helping you relax, learn, and embrace a very cozy way of life.

I’m a reader of 100+ books per year, I studied English literature, and I’ve been on The Today Show’s Read with Jenna Book Club, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic, Esquire, Mashable, The Everygirl, Glamour, Parents, and more. My essay was published in the book But I’m a Gilmore!

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