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Get inspired to dress like the owner of Luke’s Diner here. This Gilmore Girls-inspired Luke Danes costume is easy for both men and women to re-create this Halloween. You’ll embody the look of the grumpy yet dutiful giver of coffee. Keep scrolling to learn more.

collage of luke danes outfit ideas from gilmore girls

Luke Danes Costume: About These DIY Ideas

This beloved owner of Luke’s Diner isn’t exactly known for fashion and style in Stars Hollow. Rather, his looks are that of a classic American male. Below is a compilation of quintessentially “Luke” moments on Gilmore Girls which showcase his famous looks:

How to Dress Like Luke Danes From Gilmore Girls

Below are my favorite items for your Luke Danes Halloween costume for both men and women. All items are from Amazon for quick and easy shopping. I specifically focused on looks that best match the aesthetic, are highly rated, and are on the cheaper side of what’s out there to keep your Halloween costume affordable.

Baseball Cap

First, Luke Danes is known for always wearing his backward baseball cap at the diner, and this plain, unisex, adjustable one fits the bill. I prefer navy for this costume, but it comes in a variety of colors.

Plaid Flannel Button-Down Shirt

Nothing says Luke Danes like a plaid flannel button-down shirt. Buzzfeed compiled a list of SEVENTY-FIVE plaid shirts that Luke wore during Gilmore Girls.

You really can’t go wrong with ANY plaid flannel button-down shirt, but this Amazon Essentials plaid button-down shirt is highly rated and comes in dozens of options (I prefer red and blue the best for Luke).

It’s technically a men’s shirt so women can size down to wear it.


Luke is a denim guy, through and through, and I selected a few curated options from the classic American Levi’s brand for both men and women that I felt matched his very basic, comfortable aesthetic: regular fit for men and boyfriend fit for women.

However, feel free to wear any jeans you already own for your Luke costume!


The final major component of your Luke Danes Halloween costume is a standard flat brown boot. Above are two great options for both men and women.

However, you can also get away with wearing any sneakers you already own!


Now, for the fun part. A good accessory or two can really make or break a Halloween costume, especially since they can really help clarify who you are dressing as.

A few accessories that can work really well for your Luke costume are a classic glass carafe (filled with Luke’s Diner coffee, of course) and/or a dish towel (slung over your shoulder).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to dress up like Luke Danes?

To mimic Luke Danes’ style, opt for a dark plaid flannel shirt, straight-leg blue jeans, and sturdy work boots. Don’t forget his signature backward baseball cap. Adding a dark diner apron can fully capture his diner owner look on Gilmore Girls.

What kind of flannel shirt should I look for to match Luke Danes’ outfit?

To match Luke Danes’ outfit, look for a dark-colored plaid flannel shirt with a relaxed fit, opting for classic shades like blue, green, or grey. Choose a simple design without excessive patterns or embellishments to reflect Luke’s practical and understated style accurately.

How do I style my hair to resemble Luke Danes?

To style your hair like Luke Danes, aim for a rugged and low-maintenance look. Keep your hair short with a slightly messy texture. Add a backward baseball cap to complete the look.

What other accessories can enhance my Luke Danes costume?

To enhance your Luke Danes costume, wear a pair of sturdy work boots to complete his rugged look. Additionally, a backward baseball cap is iconic to Luke’s style. For an extra touch, carry a coffee mug or prop coffee thermos to mimic constant presence at his diner.


This Gilmore Girls-inspired Luke Danes costume is a nod to the steadfast, plaid-clad, coffee-distributing heart of Stars Hollow. It’s not just about the cap and flannel but channeling the gruff exterior and golden-hearted nature of the beloved character. It’s a fun way to pay tribute to his charm.

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