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These Gilmore Girls costumes will help you dress just like your favorite Stars Hollow residents from the show for Halloween, parties, and beyond. They also help you create an unforgettable and totally recognizable group Halloween costume.

I curated all of these Gilmore Girls costumes myself, focusing on the most memorable fashion and style of each beloved character. Most of these costume ideas are from Amazon so you can quickly and easily shop them. You can also pull some of the outfit components from your own closet!

Gilmore Girls Costumes

Rory Gilmore

Our favorite literary-loving heroine is best known for her most worn outfit on the show — her blue Chilton prep school uniform.

In fact, these specific Rory Gilmore costume ideas have been beloved by readers of The Literary Lifestyle for years. 

So, of course, I recommend you carry a book with you too. Anna Karenina is Rory’s favorite!

Lorelai Gilmore

To dress as Rory’s fast-talking, coffee-drinking mother, Lorelai Gilmore, I recommend that you re-create the iconic (super embarrassing) outfit that she wore when she woke up late for Rory’s first day of school at Chilton prep school and didn’t have time to pick up her clothes at the cleaners.

I describe this look as “cowgirl meets businesswoman,” and even Rory quipped that she didn’t know the rodeo was in town when she first saw it.

It’s quintessential “Lorelai.”

Luke Danes

Naturally, Luke Danes, the Stars Hollow diner-owner and “Will they or won’t they?” friend of Lorelai is most known for wearing jeans, flannel shirts, and baseball caps in practically every episode of Gilmore Girls to count!

His looks are that of a classic American male and can be easily pulled together and accessorized with Luke’s Diner gear like a dish towel and/or a coffee carafe.

Sookie St. James

Lastly, Lorelai’s sweet and bubbly best friend and business partner at the Dragonfly Inn, Sookie St. James, has a chef aesthetic that is both classic and unique.

To dress like Sookie, wear chef gear as bold and bright as her personality, and then accessorize it with her trademark auburn pigtails and handkerchief scarf.

Bonus points if you add a dragonfly to your costume to make it extra clear who you are dressed as!


Choosing Gilmore Girls costumes for a group is an endearing homage to the residents of Stars Hollow. From Rory’s books to Luke’s signature cap, each ensemble pays tribute to a show that captures the essence of family, friendship, and coffee-filled conversations.

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