Oy, with the poodles already! This is the ultimate Gilmore Girls gift guide for all the Lorelai’s and Rory’s in your life (or perhaps even yourself?!).

gift guide collage of Gilmore Girl's Gift Guide

Thanks to such a passionate following for this beloved mother-daughter small-town show, there are oodles of really great gifts out there for super fans.

I host The Rory Gilmore Book Club, and both I and our book club members love these gifts!

Now, onto the ultimate Gilmore Girls gift guide, filled with unique gifts you can buy on Amazon and Etsy for quick and easy shopping.

Gilmore Girls Gift Guide

Below are some of my favorite Gilmore Girls-themed gifts. Then, I share a collage of even more items for you to shop.


Obviously, every Gilmore Girls fan needs the DVDs from Seasons 1-7 + A Year in the Life revival on Netflix.


And for fans of both Gilmore Girls + comfort food a la the show (Luke’s Diner menu! Sookie’s creations at the Inn! Emily’s fancy parties!), check out the Eat Like a Gilmore cookbook.

At Home in Stars Hollow is a cute children’s book for up-and-coming fans of Gilmore Girls. It covers all the basics of the show, including the beauty of the seasons, and it offers a sense of finding a place where you belong in the world.

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Luke’s Diner Mug

If you “only like your coffee with your oxygen,” this Luke’s Diner mug is for you. I have this mug and LOVE it. It’s extra-large in size and easy to hold onto (plus fill up high!), as well as dishwasher safe (many have decals and are not dishwasher safe).

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Stars Hollow Poster

Stars Hollow is the ideal charming New England town, and a true Gilmore Girls fan will never tire of looking at this Stars Hollow Poster.

Dragonfly Inn Keychain

This Dragonfly Inn keychain is kitsch at its finest! If Sookie warms your heart, you will love this one. It would make a great housewarming gift.

Doose’s Market Tote Bag

If your gift recipient is “Team Dean” this Doose’s Market tote bag is the perfect nod to his high school job, where he and Rory first kissed!

“I Smell Snow” Candle

Lorelai has a special ability to detect snow, and so can you with an “I Smell Snow” candle in a universally pleasing vanilla scent.

Chilton Sweatshirt

Show support for Rory’s alma mater with this sporty Chilton sweatshirt.

Luke’s Diner Shirt

A Gilmore Girls gift guide simply wouldn’t be complete without a Luke’s Diner t-shirt. I have one and love it! It’s always a great conversation starter.

“In Omnia Paratus” Art

This “In Omnia Paratus” (ready for all things) art is a subtle nod to Yale’s Life and Death Brigade for those that are Team Logan. I love how chic it looks without screaming “fan art.” I have this one in my office.

Gilmore Girls Bookmarks

This Gilmore Girls collage bookmark is just the cutest, and it makes the perfect add-on gift, especially if you buy one of the books recommended.

Shop the Gilmore Girls Gift Guide

Shop these and even more Gilmore Girls gifts by scrolling and clicking through below.

And that’s a wrap on the ultimate Gilmore Girls gift guide.

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