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Shop these cozy white fisherman cable knit sweaters that are just like the popular “Rory Gilmore sweater” this beloved Gilmore Girls character wore to stay warm while walking around Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

I compiled these affordable options for you in my own hunt for the perfect Rory Gilmore sweater.

rory gilmore sweater collage

About “The Rory Gilmore Sweater”

It’s hard to say for certain why, out of all the outfits Rory wore during Gilmore Girls, her cream white, chunky, and oversized cable knit sweater became one of the most iconic (along with her Chilton uniform), but here we are, two decades later, still talking about it.

Perhaps it’s because this bookish style example is so quintessentially New England — just like the Connecticut setting of the show.

Personally, it’s the oversized nature for me. Around the time the show was filmed, this was exactly the type and fit of sweater that was popular in my own preppy mid-Atlantic school.

And now, the styles of that era are trending again in fashion today, so it’s the perfect time to add this timeless piece to your wardrobe.

What episode does Rory wear her white sweater?

Rory Gilmore wore her beloved white fisherman cable knit sweater in one of her first scenes ever in the Pilot of Gilmore Girls (Season 1, Episode 1), while walking around Stars Hollow with Lane and visiting the Independence Inn.

Top 3 Picks


me wearing the rory gilmore sweater from ll bean

In my opinion, L.L. Bean’s Women’s Cotton Fisherman Tunic Sweater (which I am wearing in the image above; runs large) is currently the most accurate style. Plus, L.L. Bean is such a staple New England retailer.

The most popular “Rory Gilmore sweater” on TikTok is the Hollister option.

My top pick on a budget is from Amazon Essentials.

Shop “The Rory Gilmore Sweater”

Shop all my picks for your Rory Gilmore sweater below. I tried to keep them cost-effective, and I also included a variety of fabrics from cotton to wool and beyond, to match your own personal needs.

For the most affordable options, shop my picks at Amazon, J. Crew Factory, and Gap.

And, if you are more trendy, try some of the puffed sleeve options I selected, like the one at J.Crew.

Gap has some cropped options that trendy readers like as well.

ASOS has a really nice option for plus-sized women.

Lastly, I am practically drooling over the oversized Urban Outfitters fisherman sweater I found. It looks like it could be on a New England postcard or travel ad.


Remember that if you want your sweater to fit like Rory’s, size UP! Remember, Rory’s was so big that Lorelai even referred to it as a muumuu.

How to Wear It

As for what to wear your sweater with, Rory pairs hers with dark denim jeans and boots. However, I envision SO many styling options, from a button-up corduroy skirt to black faux leather leggings, or even your favorite joggers for cozy reading time at home.

While you can’t see it in the image above, I wore it with my Spanx suede leggings, which are the perfect Fall shade of warm brown. (Runs very small. I recommend going up 1-2 sizes.)


The Rory Gilmore Sweater is a cozy, oversized, creamy white fisherman sweater made famous in the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls. Two decades later, it remains a perfectly cozy and classic option for your unique Fall lifestyle.

To recap and help you decide which one to buy, my top picks are:

Share your top pick in the comments below.

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