Want to drink like a Gilmore Girl? Learn how to make Gilmore Girls coffee just like Lorelai Gilmore would drink at Luke’s Diner!

luke's diner mug and santa burger.

Coffee is basically a main character on Gilmore Girls. As you may recall, the series even began this way:

Lorelai: Please, Luke, please please please.

Luke: How many cups have you had this morning?

Lorelai: None.

Luke: Plus?

Lorelai: Five, but yours is better.

Luke: You have a problem.

Lorelai: Yes I do.

If you love caffeine so much that you “need coffee in an IV” like Lorelai, you can very easily create that quintessential diner-style coffee at home with just a few simple things.

How to Make Gilmore Girls Coffee from Luke’s Diner in 4 Simple Steps

1 – Brew “diner” style coffee.

There are two Gilmore Girls cookbooks to teach you all about Stars Hollow-style diner coffee (and SO much more themed food): Eat Like a Gilmore by Kristi Carlson (over 100,000 sold) and The Official Gilmore Girls Cookbook by Elena Craig and Kristen Mulrooney (a #1 New Release on Amazon in 2022).

In Eat Like a Gilmore, Carlson notes that Luke’s coffee would likely be a light to medium roast that’s low in acidity. These roasts are balanced and have a nice body that’s classic of the standard American coffee.

A breakfast blend roast will generally fit this description, and I have JUST the right one for you…

Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee Roast is owned by Luke Danes himself (Scott Patterson)! And his Breakfast Blend K Cups are in fact medium roast with low acidity.

They’re also vegan, gluten-free, Kosher certified, GMO free, and have no carbs, calories, or sugar.

This is, without a doubt, the best way to drink a “Luke’s” coffee in real life.

2 – Pour your coffee into a Luke’s Diner coffee mug.

Once, you have brewed your Gilmore Girls coffee, you should pour it into my personal favorite jumbo 15 ounce Luke’s Diner coffee mug. (I’m drinking out of it as I type!) It’s an “Amazon’s Choice” and both microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

3 – Add basic toppings: cream and sugar.

Topping your Gilmore Girls coffee has got to be super simple. Luke’s Diner would never have fancy gadgets or flavors! Simple cream and sugar will do. I tend to think the sweets-loving Gilmore Girls would go “extra” on the sugar.

4 – Top with “a shot of cynicism.”

coffee please, and a shot of cynicism. gilmore girls cell phone wallpaper.
(Tip: You can save the above photo and use it as a cellphone wallpaper!)

Last but not least, if you really want to drink coffee like a Gilmore, you need to add “a shot of cynicism.” This is exactly how Lorelai once famously ordered her favorite drink. Wink!

But really, go ahead and sip while you binge-watch your favorite episode on Netflix.


Now you know how to make a Gilmore Girls coffee as if it came directly from Luke’s Diner in Stars Hollow!

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