If you’re a blogger struggling to do “all the things,” then this review of the Profitable Productivity course will show you how to get the things that really matter done (and faster) and let the rest go, so you can make more money and achieve all your biggest blogging goals.

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For background, I started my blog as a part-time hobby in 2019 while I was working full-time as a lawyer, and I was able to quit my lawyer job in early 2022 to focus on it full-time.

People ALWAYS ask me how to achieve the same, and I always say that I have always attributed two things to my blogging success:

  • Investing time and money in blogging courses
  • And managing my time effectively to make as much money as possible

Guess what?! The Profitable Productivity course combines both of the biggest factors in my success into one. That’s why I’m sharing my review of Profitable Productivity with you today.

In my humble opinion, THIS is one of the biggest and best things you can do to enable your blogging success. Many, if not most bloggers, don’t have a ton of free time to grow their blog, so it’s absolutely crucial to spend it well, especially if you’re looking to hit big income goals. I see SO MANY bloggers getting bogged down in all the countless details, and then feeling like they are drowning in moneyless tasks without experiencing the growth they seek.

Believe me, I was once there too. For example, when I started blogging, I thought I had to spend lots of time on social media only to realize it was not making me any money at all and probably wouldn’t for a long, long time. (It still doesn’t.) One of the biggest “a-ha” moments for me in blogging was learning how to let that go and focus my limited time on my moneymaking tasks as a blogger. This is exactly the strategy that carried me from part-time to full-time blogging income.

I also see a lot of bloggers hesitant to invest money into their blogs, which I see as a major roadblock to your success as a blogger. Taking blogging courses costs time and money, but if you take the right ones, they can absolutely make you more money, faster in the long run.

With blogging courses, you get access to all the best advice from an expert in the field AND you get it in a format that’s designed to help you implement it all very fast and successfully. In other words, you get to skip over all the hard parts, growing pains, and mistakes that are part and parcel of doing something new.

With that being said, again, I see productivity and blogging courses as the two biggest drivers of my own blogging success and so, below I’m sharing my review of the Profitable Productivity blogging course by Eb at Productive Blogging, to help you too both achieve blogging success and do so faster.

Review of Profitable Productivity Course

Profitable Productivity is the signature course of Eb at Productive Blogging. As the name of the course clearly states, it’s all about pairing profit with productivity. This means it’s not about productivity for the sake of productivity or promoting a hustle culture. It’s about making money blogging in less time… and that’s what we ALL want at the end of the day.

Before we get into the details of my review of Profitable Productivity, I want to note one important thing: I mentioned my affinity for taking blogging courses. To this day, I take at least one per month, and I am pretty sure I’ve taken over 100 at this point.

All that being said, Eb is one of only two bloggers whose courses I am currently recommending. I have found her to be one of the most comprehensive, step-by-step instructors I’ve learned from. (When I first took her courses Email Jumpstart and SEO Jumpstart, I messaged her and told her I was crying tears of joy.)

So, I take this all seriously in sharing my review of Profitable Productivity and helping you decide whether it’s for you.

First, I will share the “Table of Contents” for the Profitable Productivity course — the names of all modules and their components, so you get get a broad understanding of what it covers. Then, I will share some of the top takeaways you will learn. Next, I share the pros and cons. Lastly, get my take on for whom this course is best to make your final decision on purchasing this course.

Profitable Productivity Course Contents

  • Module 0: Welcome to Profitable Productivity **START HERE**
    • Unit 1 – WATCH THIS FIRST!
    • Unit 2 – Your REAL Problem (It’s not what you think!)
    • Unit 3 – How Not to Fail
    • Unit 4 – FAQs
    • Unit 5 – How to Get Help
    • Unit 6 – Become an Affiliate For This Course
    • Unit 7 – Disclosure, Disclaimer & Copyright
    • Unit 8 – A word of warning… (READ THIS BEFORE YOU START MODULE 1!)
  • Module 1: Your Big Why (And why getting clear on this is so important!)
    • Introduction – Going Nowhere? TRUE Productivity Starts Here
    • Unit 1 – Ends Goals vs Means Goals
    • Unit 2 – Getting Clear on Your ‘Big Why’
    • DOWNLOAD: A Vision of the Future
    • Unit 3 – Goal Setting Mistakes to Avoid
    • CASE STUDIES: Introduction
    • Case Study 1a: Kathy
    • Case Study 2a: Zach
  • Module 2: The Quasi-Magical Yearly Action Plan
    • Introduction: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”
    • Unit 1 – Why Your To Do List Is Not Fit For Purpose
    • DOWNLOAD: The Yearly Action Plan
    • Unit 2 – The Art Of ‘Capture’ (Or… How to Outsource Your Stress To A Simple Spreadsheet)
    • Finding the Brain Dump process tricky? READ THIS!
    • Unit 3 – Choosing Your MITs
    • DOWNLOAD: Action Priority Matrix Worksheet
    • Unit 4 – Design Your Perfect Year
    • Unit 5 – The Incredible Power of Focus
    • Struggling with MITs? READ THIS!
    • What about content creation and routine admin?
    • CASE STUDY 1b: Katy
    • CASE STUDY 2b: Zach
  • Module 3: Creating Monthly Action Plans
    • Introduction – How To Ensure What You Do On A Daily Basis Actually Aligns With Your Goals!
    • Unit 1 – Month 1
    • Unit 2 – Months 2-12
    • Unit 3 – The Secret To Overcoming ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ Part 1
    • Unit 4 – Everything Else!
    • Unit 5 – The Next Year Tab (The Secret To Overcoming ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ Part 2)
    • Unit 6 – Making MITs S.M.A.R.T.
    • DOWNLOAD: S.M.A.R.T. MITs Worksheet
    • CASE STUDY 1c: Katy
    • CASE STUDY 2c: Zach
  • Module 4: Design Your Perfect Week
    • Introduction – How to actually stick to your plans!
    • Unit 1 – Future Perfect vs Present Perfect
    • DOWNLOAD: Future Perfect Week Timetable + Example
    • Unit 2 – Your Present Perfect Week
    • DOWNLOAD: Present Perfect Week Timetable + Example
    • Unit 3 – Don’t Forget REST and FUN!
  • Module 5: The Crazy Amazing Power of Daily Planning
    • Introduction – The REAL secret to ‘getting things done’
    • Unit 1 – Design Your Perfect Day
    • DOWNLOAD: Daily Planning Worksheet
    • Unit 2 – Ninja Tips for Effective Daily Planning
    • Unit 3 – What to do when things don’t go to plan…
    • Unit 4 – Morning Routines FTW (AKA Setting Up Your Day For Success)
    • How to replan when things go wrong…
  • Module 6: Focus Work Sessions
    • Introduction – A mind-blowing new skill
    • Unit 1 – Why Deep Work Works
    • Unit 2 – Multi-tasking vs mono-taking (Think you’re the exception? Watch THIS!)
    • Unit 3 – Reframing FTW: The Money Task First Principle
    • Unit 4 – How To Actually DO Focus Work Sessions – 10 tips to help you work more deeply
    • DOWNLOAD: Focus Work Session Tracker
    • Unit 5 – How To Outsource Willpower
    • Unit 6 – Feeling Resistance?
    • Unit 7 – Practice Positive Procrastination
    • How to approach focus time if you have a regular 9-5 job
    • Money Task or Admin Task?
  • Module 7: Admin Sessions
    • Introduction – What is ‘Admin’
    • Unit 1 – Minimizing Admin
    • Unit 2 – What’s the Opportunity Cost?
    • Unit 3 – Living With Imperfection
    • Unit 4 – See Social Media For What It Really Is!
    • Unit 5 – Do Email Better
    • Unit 6 – Reframing Admin = ZERO MONEY TASKS
    • Unit 7 – Drastic Measures!
    • What if social media and/or email is a really important part of my business?
    • Examples of daily, weekly and monthly admin tasks
  • Module 8: Just Do It!
    • Introduction – It Starts Now
    • DOWNLOAD: One Page Checklist
    • DOWNLOAD: Key Things To Remember
    • Unit 1 – Monthly Review & Planning
    • DOWNLOAD: Monthly Review Worksheet
    • Unit 2 – Yearly Review & Planning
    • DOWNLOAD: Yearly Review Worksheet
  • Module 9: Troubleshooting
    • Introduction: How To Use This Module
    • ‘I’m just not a productive person’
    • ‘I don’t have set times when I can blog / work on my business – I just have to grab opportunities when I can’
    • ‘I only have a few hours a week to work on my blog/business’
    • ‘I’m not a morning person’
    • ‘I always need to have my phone switched on because of [YOUR REASON]’
    • ‘I’m really struggling with estimating how long tasks take to do’
    • ‘I never get my Daily Plan finished’
    • ‘I’m prioritizing Focus Work, but now Admin is backing up – help!’
    • ‘I’m just feeling totally overwhelmed’
    • ‘What do I do if I get sick?’
    • ‘I’m starting to get doubts…’
    • ‘What should I do if I find bad habits starting to creep back in?’
  • Module 10: Congratulations & Next Steps
    • Congratulations & Next Steps
    • Become an affiliate for this course!
    • Feedback form
    • Can I help you get there faster?
  • BONUS COURSE 1: Batching FTW
    • Unit 1 – What Is Task Batching?
    • Unit 2 – Why Task Batching Works
    • Unit 3 – Which Tasks Can You Batch?
  • BONUS COURSE 2: Boost Your Productivity With Process Checklists
    • Unit 1 – What Is A Process Checklist?
    • Unit 2 – Why Process Checklists Will Make You More Productive
    • Unit 3 – Which Activities Should You Create Process Checklists For?
    • Unit 4 – How To Create A Process Checklist
    • DOWNLOAD: Done For You Process Checklists
  • BONUS COURSE 3: Detox Your Inbox!
    • Unit 1 – How to Sort Out Your Overflowing Inbox For Good!
    • Unit 2 – Declare An Inbox Amnesty!
  • BONUS COURSE 4: How to Write Blog Posts Faster
    • Unit 1 –Why This Matters So Much (Plus 2 Caveats!)
    • Unit 2 –15 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Blog Post Writing
    • Unit 3 – Yet Another Blog Post?

Top Takeaways

Profitable Productivity is designed for bloggers and online business owners.

I’ve mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth noting again: Profitable Productivity is not about working until your brain explodes. It’s about making a unique, custom plan for what you do with whatever time you have for blogging and focusing that plan on moneymaking tasks so that you can earn more in less time.

The reason this is important is that most bloggers work part-time and alone (or with very few people), yet there is no shortage of things to do, from content creation to admin, social media, and on. It can become extremely overwhelming and distracting to do it all — and to do so all the time. In turn, this can also make it hard to grow your blog as a business. You are simply pulled in too many directions, some of which don’t move the needle forward at all.

Profitable Productivity begins by working on setting the right type of goals for YOU and YOUR business specifically. It helps you take everything that’s in your brain, get it down on paper, and sort through it to create both long-term and short-term moneymaking action plans.

You’ll walk away with a sense of DIRECTION on both a macro level and a micro level for the year, month, week, day, and even hour.

You’ll learn what goals to work on now versus later and what tasks to work on within each goal, as well as how to arrange your entire work day most effectively. (This is especially important, and it totally changed my own productivity).

You’ll begin to look at every task in terms of what it’s going to take from you versus give back to you and make strategic decisions about how and when you tackle it, if at all.

That’s right — you’ll also learn what to let go of. Letting go is such a powerful thing in life, and this is no different. (I personally found so much peace in this step.)

You’ll also learn how to minimize distractions, those sneaky little devils that end up ruining all your best-laid plans. My days are WAY more strategic now, and there is a specific order to what I do when in order to make the most of my time.

Since no one person can do it all, you’ll also learn practical tips, tricks, and strategies for what and how to automate and delegate in your business. (This was extremely valuable to me, and it’s something I’ve been implementing on a daily basis now.)

You’ll plan out your morning routine and your future perfect work week — and actually, start living your dream work life.

You’ll also learn the importance of “focus work” and how to actually accomplish it as a busy blogger, as well as how not to let admin eat up your whole day.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll also start to think of the concept of time differently and discover how to navigate the many pitfalls we face in our daily work lives, especially as bloggers and online entrepreneurs. It may seem odd to look at time as a concept to master, but I’ve found that, once you do, you will be implementing one of the best blogging strategies.

Pros and Cons


I’ve mentioned this before, but again, Eb is incredibly comprehensive and great at holding your hand as an instructor. She truly covers it all in Profitable Productivity, most especially in answering all those “yeah but” questions you may have about productivity in blogging.

I will also say that, prior to taking Profitable Productivity, I considered myself to be really proficient in productivity, and Eb teaches many of the steps I personally used to become a successful blogger fast, especially when I was balancing another full-time job at the same time. So, I know for a fact that IT WORKS.

Still, Eb went far beyond the tactics I’m used to implementing on my own, and it encouraged me to do a lot of re-planning and brainstorming. I re-adjusted the order of my goals and even did some hiring to help accomplish them. On a daily basis, I now look at a lot of tasks through Eb’s framework versus my own. So, I think you will too.

The course has a nice mix of video, audio, and written materials, as well as transcripts, which may seem like a little thing, but I find them to be so helpful for scanning so I wanted to note it.

Profitable Productivity is designed specifically for bloggers and online entrepreneurs, so it’s especially helpful to these specific needs and it’s not generalized with things that don’t pertain to you.

Lastly, when it comes to blogging courses, I’m always looking for my investment to have a return and to move the needle forward in my business. Focusing on improving your productivity AND the kind that is profitable is likely the most effective way to grow your blogging business while also maintaining a work-life balance.


Profitable Productivity is on the pricy side for a blogging course, so it requires an upfront financial commitment. (Check the current price.)

It also requires a heavy time commitment. Profitable Productivity is designed to be interactive and customizable both when you take the course and on an ongoing basis. Productivity is just not something you passively consume, then magically achieve forever. It requires ongoing effort on a daily basis.

Profitable Productivity is not best for all bloggers. It’s really best for beginners and those struggling with productivity and growth.

Is Profitable Productivity worth it?

Profitable Productivity is worth it for bloggers and online business owners who are beginners and/or struggling with productivity and business growth AND are committed to actively working on their productivity both during and after taking the course.

Even as a full-time blogger who’s pretty well-adjusted to maximizing my productivity, I still had a-ha moments and actionable takeaways from Eb’s course, Profitable Productivity.  

Since taking the course, I am now more skilled at organizing each day on a more micro hour-by-hour level and ordering tasks by their profitability — not just crossing things off my to-do list.  It also helped me take my list of yearly goals and think more deeply about which order to tackle them and why.  These changes directly impact my earning potential, so they couldn’t be more important to consider. 

In Profitable Productivity, Eb also excels at providing solutions to all the common roadblocks and challenges you may likely face in becoming a more productive blogger.  So, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah, but…” trust me, she will help you overcome all of that.

It’s a “must” for bloggers who struggle with doing it all in our jack-of-all-trades profession and/or bloggers getting stuck in the time-sucking tasks that DON’T impact the bottom line and wondering how exactly to get from point A to point B in their businesses.  And, I think those who are more advanced in managing their time, as I was, will still walk away with new strategies to implement since it’s so comprehensive.

Profitable Productivity can absolutely change your life, but at the end of the day, you MUST be committed to the course and the cause.

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