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Discover the most refreshing spring self-care ideas for students and adults here. From Spring cleaning at home to planting outdoors, now is the time to boost your mental health, self-love, and wellness with these Spring self-care tips.

You’ll feel refreshed and renewed. Let’s celebrate the season of rebirth by taking the spring self-care challenge!

spring self care collage.

Spring Self-Care Ideas for Seasonal Self-Improvement

Quick Overview

These Spring self-care focus on:

  • Outdoor activities like gardening and baseball
  • Spring cleaning and decluttering
  • Mental health like yoga or meditation in nature
  • Nutritious spring foods from the farmer’s market
  • Hydrating skincare for warmer weather and sun protection
  • Starting fresh or encouraging growth in your goals and habits

Full List of Spring Self-Care Ideas

Attend a spring wedding, graduation, communion, or another seasonal event for someone you love.

Bask in direct sunlight for 20 minutes a day.

Breathe in the fresh air.

Burn a floral or fruity candle.

Celebrate April Fools Day.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Celebrate Earth Day.

Celebrate Easter.

Celebrate Mother’s Day.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. (You can start by reading these Irish authors.)

Check out the cherry blossom trees.

Clean your closet out.

Clean a communal outdoor environment.

Connect with someone in real life, preferably outdoors.

Cook something seasonal, like asparagus.

Cut or buy fresh flowers.

Dance in the rain.

De-clutter your home.

Decorate your home for the season.

Deep clean your home, car, and office spaces. (Learn more in my review of Laundry Love.)

Do something in the early evening when it’s now light outside.

Do something new.

Do yoga and/or exercise outdoors.

Drink a refreshing beverage.

Drink coffee or tea al fresco at a café.

Eat fresh food that energizes you, like strawberries.

Experiment with healthy ideas in the kitchen using flowers and herbs.

Fly a kite.

Garden and/or plant outdoors.

Get or give yourself a spring-themed manicure and/or pedicure.

Give someone flowers.

Go on a Spring Break.

Go to bed early to readjust your body for Daylight Savings Time.

Hang out at a park.

Have a garage sale.

Have a picnic or eat outside.

Have a spring scavenger or Easter egg hunt.

Host a spring-themed book club.

Host a tea party.

Journal about spring, rebirth, nature, and growth.

Limit screen time with a social media detox.

Listen to a spring-themed playlist.

Listen to the sounds of spring.

Look for a rainbow after the rain.

Make a change in your life.

Meditate with nature sounds.

Notice changes in nature.

Open a window.

Organize something.

Paint, draw, or color nature.

Photograph nature.

Plan something.

Play a sport outdoors.

Practice seasonal gratitude for spring.

Practice seasonal mindfulness for spring.

Read a spring-themed book, spring quotes, and/or poetry (bonus points if you do so in an outdoor reading nook).

Relax on a swing or hammock.

Restart something over again.

Shop at a farmer’s market.

Spend time outdoors with a pet or animal.

Spruce up your outdoor space(s).

Stop something that no longer serves you.

Swap heavy Winter skin care for lighter spring skin care products. (I recommend Necessaire body care and these self-care bath ideas.)

Tackle a home improvement project.

Take a bath with floral aromatherapy.

Take a bike ride.

Take a walk or a hike.

Travel somewhere warm.

Visit a garden or greenhouse.

Visit an art museum or festival.

Visit an orchard or farm to pick berries.

Watch a spring sporting event, like March Madness, baseball, or golf.

Watch the birds.

Watch the sunrise and/or sunset.

Wear lighter, brighter clothes.

Shop These Spring Bucket List Ideas

Scroll through the specific products I recommend for your spring lifestyle.


Spring Self-Care Tips to Boost Your Self-Love

There are so many traditions I love to do for self-care in the spring, the first of which is visiting the Philadelphia Flower Show in early March. It always feels like the first sign of the blossoming nature to come, even if it’s snowing while I’m there!

I also switch my candles from warm and earthy scents to light and fresh scents, add florals to our home, and open up the windows more often. It provides just as much self-care for my cats as for myself.

Additionally, we try to take a Spring Break trip somewhere warmer (this year, Atlantis in the Bahamas, for the second time in two years).

We also celebrate our May wedding anniversary and make an extra effort to get outdoors for activities like bike rides and picnics. There’s always something extra special about the first big thing you do outdoors each year, isn’t there?!

Lastly, I think Leo Tolstoy said it best about spring self-care in Anna Karenina:

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

This is exactly the time so many of us start planning the outside of our homes for the warmer months to come. For us, this means power washing and planting!

What spring self-care ideas will you do this year?

Take the Spring Self-Care Challenge

Now take the Spring self-care challenge! Use the Instagram story template below to track your season of refreshing wellness.

spring self care challenge checklist (instagram story template).

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put in a spring self-care basket?

For a spring self-care basket, include floral-scented candles or essential oils for freshness, a hydrating hand cream for post-winter skin care, and a vibrant journal for reflection. Herbal teas or a lightweight scarf can add a cozy touch for cooler evenings, making this basket a perfect celebration of the season.

What are some spring self-care activities?

Spring self-care activities include engaging in outdoor exercises like walking and hiking. Practice mindfulness through meditation in nature’s blossoming surroundings for clarity and peace. Indulge in the simple pleasure of preparing and enjoying seasonal meals, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish your body and celebrate seasonal foods.

What are the healthy habits for spring?

In spring, embrace healthy habits to boost your well-being. Ensuring adequate sleep adjusts your body to daylight savings time changes, while spending time outdoors in the sun, after applying sunscreen to protect your skin, can enhance your mood and increase your vitamin D levels. Eating fresh, seasonal foods also provides essential nutrients and celebrates the vibrant flavors of spring.


These spring self-care ideas are your starting point to making the most of the season’s renewal and rebirth. Spend more time outdoors, indulge in the freshness of spring produce, or create a personal self-care basket.

Customize these tips to fit your unique needs and preferences. They will guide you toward a season filled with growth, renewal, and well-being.

Practice self-love and wellness in other seasons:

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