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American Royals by Katharine McGee on a bookshelf with other books in the series.

American Royals Series in Order

Below is a list of the books in the American Royal series in order of publication date:

Below is a list of the books in the American Royal series in order of the plot:

American Royals Series: Book Reviews

The American Royals series is great if you love Young Adult fiction and/or light, romantic, escape reads, especially those dealing with royalty!

They are a real treat for teens to adults of all ages, as they dive into something largely unexplored in fiction — the concept of American royalty.

Each book feels like an entire season of a tv show, and the storylines of the American royal family, their friends, and their lovers are like episodes that twist and turn, and push and pull, over time, weaving these people together and apart as they come of age. You really want to see what happens with each one of them and, just when you think you do, something changes in their lives.

And, while there are many nods to the real-life stories of British royalty, it also doesn’t feel “ripped from the headlines.”

While generally light, they do also tackle complex issues like fame, gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and family expectations.

It’s a must-read series of books with fascinating characters you won’t forget, and many juicy, dramatic plot points to keep you engaged over the course of several books.

They could continue across decades, and I would still keep coming back for more.

American Royals Series: Quick Book Summaries

Note: THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS BELOW. I try to limit them as much as possible for those who have not yet read the books, but in summarizing the main plot points of each book in a series, some details of how the storylines have progressed must necessarily be revealed.

Book .5: Inheritance

Inheritance is a prequel novella that sets up the plot for the American Royals series — a light and romantic Young Adult book series that envisions a modern-day America ruled by royals descended from George Washington, who became the King, rather than President.

Princess Beatrice is the heir apparent, secretly riding around royal events with her Revere Guard, Connor. It’s a friendship that sets up their future love story.

Meanwhile, Princess Samantha is bored at her graduation party, when trouble finds her, as she begins to resent life as “the spare.” And the shy commoner Nina just may act on her crush for Prince Jefferson, but his girlfriend Daphne is hiding a big secret, thus beginning their major love triangle to come.

Book 1: American Royals

American Royals is the first novel in the American Royals series in which the fictional Washington royals rule modern-day America.

King George IV and his wife Queen Adelaide, have three children: Princess Beatrice, who is set to become the first queen, and her younger twin siblings, Princess Samantha (“Sam”) and Prince Jefferson (“Jeff”).

Beatrice is tasked with finding a noble husband, so her parents set up a ball with noble suitors for her to meet.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jeff have returned home from their “gap year” abroad, after notorious troublemaking, and are reunited with friends, Ethan and Nina, a college student. Nina had kissed Jeff on the night of the twins’ graduation party, although he had a girlfriend, the cunning and ambitious Daphne, who yearns to become American royalty but also has a “thing” with Ethan, about which only her comatose friend, Himari, knows.

At the ball, Sam falls for the one suitor Beatrice came close to liking, Teddy. Secretly, Beatrice prefers spending time with her bodyguard, Connor, who she kisses.

This sets the stage for the romantic drama that will unfold, but the family drama is just beginning, as the King is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

There’s A LOT more that happens afterward, but let’s just say that the ending will give you chills.

For more, watch the book trailer below:

Book 2: Majesty

In Majesty, Queen Beatrice has ascended to the throne, and she’s both engaged to Teddy and estranged from Sam. Also, she’s dealing with gender discrimination as her royal wedding draws nearer.

Sam’s new potential love interest, Marshall, is the Black heir to a Western dukedom, and he’s got a lot of racism to face as a result.

And, there’s still romantic drama amongst Jeff, Nina, Daphne, and Ethan that twists in directions you won’t expect. Additionally, Himari wakes up from her coma, which sends Daphne into a nervous tailspin that her secrets will be revealed.

There are wounds to mend and coming-of-age to happen, but it doesn’t come easy with this salacious bunch.

For more, watch the book trailer below:

Book 3: Rivals

In Rivals, Beatrice is coming into her own as queen. She’s set to host the League of Kings conference, and she socializes with people like Prince Louise of France, but it comes at a cost, threatening her relationship with Teddy, who’s given up a lot for her.

Meanwhile, Sam is in love with Marshall, but the seriousness of this public royal relationship brings unique challenges that cause her to rethink her role in society as she comes of age in both life and love.

And Nina and Daphne are now allies, striving to take down the villainous Lady Gabriella Madison. The softer side of Daphne, and her personal struggles, are revealed.

I definitely don’t want to say too much about the conclusion, but I promise you that this novel ends with epic cliffhangers.

For more, watch the book trailer below:

Book 4: Reign

Reign begins with chaos in the American royal family. Princess Beatrice has run away with her boyfriend, and Queen Beatrice is in a coma, which leaves something no one expected — Prince Jefferson on the throne. This leaves his longtime, ambitious girlfriend, Daphne, with her dreams achieved.

As for the less prominent characters — they’re also back. Nina’s life is in the midst of change, and Connor and Teddy have roles in this one too.

And, there is also some royal wedding drama!

Trust me, there’s a lot more drama and romance in store amidst this backdrop. But, I really don’t want to say too much since it’s the last in the series and I don’t want to spoil it in any way for readers.

What I will say is that I thoroughly enjoyed it — perhaps even most of all — and I found it to offer satisfying conclusions for the characters. My only complaint is that it ended! If you enjoyed the American Royals series thus far, you definitely don’t want to miss it.

10+ Books Like American Royals

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Frequently Asked Questions About American Royals Series

What is the American Royals about?

American Royals is a book series by Katharine McGee, which envisions an American royal family had George Washington become king rather than the first President. In modern day, Princess Beatrice is preparing to ascend to the crown and become the first queen, so she is tasked with finding a suitor. She and her siblings, the twins Princess Samantha and Prince Jefferson, become entangled in an array of romantic and family drama along the way.

How many books will be in the American Royals series?

There will be 4 total novels in the American Royals series. The 4th book, Reign, was published on August 29, 2023. A prequel novella is also part of the series.

Will there be an American Royals 4?

Yes. There is an American Royals 4th novel, Reign, which was published on August 29, 2023.

What order should I read the American Royals series?

In order to follow the order of the storyline in the American Royals series, you should read the prequel novella Inheritance first. Then, you should read the novels in order of publication date: American Royals (2019), Majesty (2020), Rivals (2022), and Reign (2023).


That’s everything you need to know about the American Royals series.

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