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Attention, “Kindred spirits!” This DIY Anne of Green Gables costume helps adult women dress up as the red-headed Canadian orphan with a vast imagination. You’ll embody the charm of the late 1800s on Halloween, cosplay, Book Day, or your Book Week costumes. Keep scrolling for easy ideas.

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Anne of Green Gables Costume Ideas

To dress like Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series, wear a floral pioneer dress with an apron, a wide-brim straw hat, two long red braids in your hair, and lace-up pioneer boots.

Over 100+ years after its first publication, Anne of Green Gables is a classic, selling over fifty million copies worldwide, and Anne Shirley remains a famous book character today.

Below is a trailer for one of the most famous adaptations so that you can get a more visual depiction of this beloved women’s book character costume.:

DIY Guide to Recreating the Anne of Green Gables Outfit (For Adults)

Anne of Green Gables Book

As you can see from the cover of Anne of Green Gables, Anne Shirley herself was a book lover. So, why not carry this book to compliment your costume and show others exactly who you are dressed as?!

First published in 1908 by author Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables was based on a real-life orphaned girl who was sent to the farm of two adult siblings expecting her to be a boy.

Instead, they received a troublesome girl filled with optimism and a zest for life. This book was so popular that it became a series of novels and was later adapted to film on numerous occasions, including a recent Netflix series.

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Floral Pioneer Dress with Apron

Anne Shirley often wore a floral pioneer dress with an apron, and green was the most recognizable color she wore. It’s earthy and looks great with her red hair. This green dress is absolutely perfect for the costume. But, skip the bonnet hat, which Anne did not wear, in favor of the wide-brim straw hat recommended below.

Red Wig with Double Braids

Anne Shirley is one of the most famous literary and film redheads of all time. She was known for wearing her hair in two long braids, just like this pretty red braided wig.

Wide-Brim Straw Hat

Instead of a bonnet hat, which was in fashion at the time, Anne Shirley wore a wide-brim straw hat set far back on her head with the brim facing up instead of forward.

This style is packable AND can be re-worn again in real life.

Lace-up Boots

Lastly, Anne Shirley wore traditional lace-up pioneer boots under her dresses. These boots have just the right look to complete your Anne of Green Gables-inspired costume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dress did Anne of Green Gables wear?

Anne of Green Gables wears a puffed-sleeve dress in green or dark blue, a white apron, and a straw hat with fake flowers. Her braided hair completes the look.

What color was Anne of Green Gables hair?

Anne of Green Gables is known for her fiery red hair. This color mimics her personality and is part of many pivotal moments in the story.

What is an authentic Anne of Green Gables costume?

It consists of a puffed-sleeve dress in traditional colors like deep green or navy. It is complemented by a white apron and a straw hat with fake flowers. Red braids complete the look.

What are the key accessories for an Anne of Green Gables costume?

Key accessories include a straw hat adorned with fake flowers to capture Anne Shirley’s whimsical nature and a simple white apron that reflects the character’s practical yet romantic lifestyle. Red braided wigs or hair extensions are essential to emulate Anne’s signature fiery red hair.

How to style hair like Anne of Green Gables?

To style hair like Anne of Green Gables, part your hair in the middle and form two tight side braids. For Anne’s iconic red hair, consider a red wig or temporary dye.

What historical period does Anne of Green Gables’ costume represent?

This costume reflects the late Victorian and early Edwardian fashion of the late 19th to early 20th centuries, with puffed sleeves, high necklines, and full skirts. It mirrors the modest and charming style of Prince Edward Island, where the story is set.


This easy DIY Anne of Green Gables costume for women is a tribute to the fiery spirit of a literary icon. It’s not just the puffed sleeves or iconic braids, but the essence of Anne’s boundless imagination and zest for life. Whether you’re dressing up for an event or simply reliving the magic of Prince Edward Island, embodying Anne is a delightful celebration of timeless literature and childhood nostalgia.

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