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Hello, Darling! Learn exactly how to easily recreate the best Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume with the iconic black dress she wore as Holly Golightly in the movie. You’ll embody this classic and iconic look. Learn more below.

audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffany's costume

Why You’ll Love This Easy Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

This Breakfast at Tiffany’s Halloween costume from Amazon is quick and easy to recreate. Additionally, because the style is so classic, you can pull items from your closet or keep them in your closet to wear again in real life.

As an Audrey Hepburn super fan, a few years ago, I wore the Audrey Hepburn sleep mask costume from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but this post offers even more Holly Golightly costume ideas for the black dress that remains one of the most famous outfits of all time decades later.


If you need all these components for this Breakfast at Tiffany’s outfit but don’t want to purchase all the costume accessories separately, you can potentially save money by buying a Holly Golightly accessory set.

Recreate Holly Golightly’s Aesthetic on Halloween: DIY Guide For Adults

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Book by Truman Capote

First, since this is a book blog, I recommend that you carry a Breakfast at Tiffany’s book with your Holly Golightly Halloween costume. Or, at least read it to get into the character. It’s brief and it’s one of my favorite audiobooks of all time.

Black Dress

At the heart of this costume is “the” Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress. The original was a Givenchy sheath dress with beautiful shoulder cutout details in the back.

The above black dress matches the aesthetic, but if you want a Breakfast at Tiffany’s fancy dress you can re-wear again and again, I recommend any classic black sheath dress. I tend to find the best options for this simple style at J.Crew Factory.

Black Heels

You can DIY this costume with ANY low-heeled black pumps, including those you may already own. Here, I linked up the exact Cole Haan heels I wear. They cost more than a costume shoe, but they are incredibly well made to last and be comfortable to wear.

Black Oversized Sunglasses

Holly Golightly also made black oversized sunglasses famous, and the oversized sunglasses linked match the shape of Holly’s really well at a cost-effective price point.

But, if you want something more high-end and glamorous for the long term, try Rayban’s Jackie O sunglasses (inspired by another style icon of the same generation).

Pearl Necklace

Holly Golightly accessorized her famous black dress with a multi-stand pearl choker accentuated with a diamond brooch, just like the one above.

However, if you want a similar style that’s more of an everyday piece, I own and recommend this Kiel James Patrick pearl necklace, which has a bit more of a nautical flare but still matches the overall look well.

Hair Comb

Technically, Holly Golightly decorated her updo with a small studded hair comb, not a tiara, but either will work. I have linked a similar option here.

Black Cigarette Holder

A long black cigarette holder is an optional accessory for this costume, but if you really want one, the above is a great option.

Long Black Gloves

Lastly, long black gloves complete this glamorous Audrey Hepburn costume. I wouldn’t skip them, as they really make this outfit “pop” as an iconic costume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Audrey Hepburn wear in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

To dress like Holly Golightly, go for a classic and chic ensemble. Wear a sleeveless black dress accessorized with a pearl necklace, long black gloves, oversized sunglasses, and a tiara-style headpiece or an updo. Finish the look with black heels for a timeless and glamorous style.

What accessories are essential for a complete Breakfast at Tiffany’s ensemble?

For a complete Breakfast at Tiffany’s ensemble, essential accessories include a statement pearl necklace, long black gloves, oversized sunglasses, and a tiara-style headpiece or a chic updo. Pair these iconic accessories with a classic little black dress and black heels to perfectly capture the timeless and glamorous style of Holly Golightly.

How do I style my hair and makeup like Audrey Hepburn for this costume?

To style your hair like Audrey Hepburn for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume, opt for a chic updo with a sleek bun or chignon. Add a tiara-style headpiece for authenticity. For makeup, focus on defined brows, subtle winged eyeliner, and a soft pink lip for Audrey’s classic look.

What are some iconic scenes or poses I can recreate with my Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume?

Some iconic poses for your Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume include standing with a coffee cup in front of a Tiffany & Co. storefront, posing elegantly with a clutch purse on a sidewalk, and leaning against a store window with curiosity.


This Holly Golightly pays tribute to the timeless elegance of the star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With every pearl necklace and tiara tilt, you’re not just wearing an outfit, but celebrating the allure and sophistication of an iconic film character. Whether for a glamorous event or a themed party, stepping into Holly’s world always feels enchantingly classic.

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  1. Hello Jules,

    Thank you for sharing this. What heel height would you recommend, please? Would 5 cm be too high for this look?

    1. No, I don’t think so. Audrey was known for flats and lower heels, so while you can absolutely wear any height, I’d say anywhere from a small kitten heel to 2.5 inches (about 6.5 cm) would work the best. Have fun!!