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Want to make reading by the Christmas tree even more enchanting? If you or someone you love is bookish, get the best book ornaments for Christmas trees right here. From my personal vintage finds to handcrafted delights that sparkle, get ready to transform your tree into a reader’s paradise. Explore the perfect ornaments to accompany your next literary adventure.

My Book Ornaments

First, shop my personal favorite book ornaments — the ones I own and use to decorate my own literary Christmas theme for decorating. They come with my own personal recommendation.

Old World Christmas Stack of Books Ornament

blown glass bookstack ornament in front of christmas tree.

This specific Old World Christmas stack of books ornament is the most classic one I place on my own Christmas tree each holiday season and gift to others. It’s hand-blown and hand-painted using traditions from 1800s for that classic Christmas decor look. It’s a no-fail option.

The Polar Express Train

the polar express by chris van allsburg with train ornament.

The Polar Express has been my personal favorite Christmas short story since I was a child. So, when I spotted this train ornament in my hometown it reminded me of the Christmases of my youth in a more subtle way.

Grinch Ornament

grinch ornament on christmas tree with heart ornaments.

I’m an absolute sucker for ornaments and will always come home with at least one when we are traveling or shopping, and this handmade felted wool Grinch really captured my heart. He’s so cute, bookish, AND Christmas-y! It would look perfect on a Grinch Christmas tree.

Spa Time Ornament

ornament of cat reading in the bath with wine in front of a christmas tree.

This “spa time” ornament was an instant “yes” for me because it combines all my favorite things — books, baths, cats, and wine! I got it at Anthropologie and it’s now sold out, but you can score one on eBay!

Molly McIntire Ornament

hallmark molly mcintire american girl ornament in front of a tree.

I was a super fan of the American Girl books when I was a child (and kind of still am now), so when I heard you could score vintage Hallmark American Girl doll ornaments on eBay, I was immediately sold and grabbed my personal favorite, Molly, though I may add more if it doesn’t annoy my husband too much. There’s something extra special about them being vintage, if you ask me.

Bookshop Ornament

blown glass bookshop ornament in front of a tree.

This bookshop ornament is so feminine and cute that I had to have it. I’m especially a fan of blown glass ornaments, so this one really does have it all for me. It does tend to sell out each year, so shop fast if you are interested in this one!

Harry Potter Ornament

diy harry potter christmas ornament on tree.

There are a zillion different Harry Potter ornaments out there, so I decided to do something different and make my own, inspired by the books! It was really quick and easy, and you can customize it with things like your own Hogwarts house colors, etc. It’s a great December family craft!

Custom Book Ornaments

wreath decorated with reese witherspoon and ornaments of her book club picks.

I got this custom set of book ornaments (yes, you can pick any books you want) on Etsy and used it to create a punny “Wreath Witherspoon” dedicated to Reese’s book club.

More of the Best Book Ornaments

Below are even more of the best book ornaments to shop this holiday season:


The best book ornaments showcase the passion for reading in a festive way. Consider which ornament should embellish your own literary tree, adding that extra sparkle and cheer.

If you’re still deciding which one to buy, my top recommendation is this specific Old World Christmas stack of books ornament because it’s the most classic one I place on my own Christmas tree each holiday season and gift to others. It’s a no-fail option!

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