Want to read more books but not pay to do so? Learn the best ways to enter free book giveaways and sweepstakes in this post…they are bound to surprise you!

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10 Best Free Book Giveaways & Sweepstakes

The Literary Lifestyle

On THIS blog, The Literary Lifestyle, I regularly do free book giveaways for readers! I do them as often as I can (because I love spreading bookish joy), and I try to make the giveaways as desirable as possible.

While sometimes it’s a book or book gift cards, other times its cozy bookish lifestyle items to pair with your reading. For example, I am an Olive & June nail polish ambassador, and my readers LOVE their products, so I do a lot of Olive & June nail polish giveaways.

Most often, I run these giveaways on my Instagram page @jules.literarylifestyle or via my email newsletter. Sometimes, I run them ONLY to email newsletter subscribers so it’s extra exclusive to show my gratitude to those who choose to subscribe.

Goodreads Giveaways

As many avid readers know, the social media reading platform Goodreads regularly shares A LOT of really good book giveaways. Here you will find giveaways for some of the most hotly anticipated fiction new releases, and all you need to enter is your address for a chance to win.

I’ve entered many, and never actually won yet. The downside is that A LOT of people enter these giveaways for a new book, so you’re chances of winning are lower. But hey, why not try?!


Besides my Instagram page @jules.literarylifestyle, there are ALWAYS book giveaways going on on Instagram through Bookstagrammers, authors, and publishers. Most of the time you are only required to follow the giveaway host and/or tag a friend to enter to win.

The number of entrants can vary based on how big the audience of the host is and how desirable the prize is, but you can definitely stand a pretty good chance of winning a book giveaway on Instagram. I have won several!

The easiest way to find new book giveaways on Instagram is by following the hashtags #bookgiveaway and #bookgiveaways. You can also follow my Instagram page @jules.literarylifestyle and other bookish accounts to be the first to know when we are hosting sweepstakes.

Other Social Media Platforms

I don’t use social media platforms other than Instagram as much, but I have DEFINITELY entered AND won book giveaways on Facebook. The way I suggest doing this is by following publishers. I have had giveaways from book publishers like Penguin Random House pop up in my feed. Some bookish Facebook groups allow giveaways to be posted as well, but I don’t see that as often.

And, you can also search #bookgiveaway and #bookgiveaways on Twitter to see what’s being offered on that platform.


As mentioned above, many book publishers offer book giveaways on their social media pages. They ALSO offer them via their email newsletters, so you may wish to pick a few of your favorite publishers and sign up for their mailing lists, then read along to know when they are giving away free books.


Like publishers, authors also give away free books! So, follow your favorite authors on social media and sign up for their mailing lists to stay informed.

If you are a Bookstagrammer, you can also (respectfully) request a free advance review copy of a book from an author, his or her public relations team and/or agent, and/or his or her book publisher.

If you AREN’T a Bookstagrammer, I wouldn’t let that fact stop you from (respectfully) asking, but either way, I would be sure to let them know what’s in it for them, and to not just ask for their hard work for free. For a Bookstagrammer, that may be a large social media following, but for a non-influencer, that may be an agreement to choose the book for your book club of however many members.

While this particular strategy isn’t EXACTLY a giveaway, it can have the same effect!

Book Riot

Book Riot is the largest independent editorial book site in North America. It hosts a variety of bookish media, from podcasts to newsletters to original web content, geared towards diverse readers across all genres.

You can peruse Book Riot’s giveaway page and/or subscribe to Book Riot’s newsletter to get access to their exclusive giveaways, including not just books but also bookish swag and gift cards to your favorite bookstore. They have some pretty big giveaways at various times, including Amazon Kindles!

Epic Reads

Epic Reads is a Young Adult (YA) book community site owned by the publishing company Harper Collins Publishers. They offer a wide range of content on that theme, in the form of lists, book reviews, quizzes, videos, and … you guessed it, YA book sweepstakes. If you are a YA reader, check for current offers!

Bookish First

Bookish First is a site that allows you to be the first to read new books. Read excerpts, share your reviews, earn points, and win free books through a raffle. To do so, sign up for Bookish First’s email list, where you will receive weekly notifications of new raffles to enter.

I am a subscriber myself, but I don’t believe I have ever actually entered a raffle. I’m really picky about my reading list, and their offerings tend to be lesser-known.

Barnes & Noble

The mega book retailer Barnes & Noble also offers great book sweepstakes you can enter on the page linked. You will find lots of popular new fiction and nonfiction books for which you can enter to win.

More Places to Enter Book Giveaways

Below is a list of thirteen more book giveaway sites where you can enter to win free books. I’m not as familiar with these particular sites, so I am just listing them for you to explore on your own instead of providing all of their details.

  1. Writer Space
  2. Book Reporter
  3. Reader Views
  4. Fresh Fiction
  5. Book Loons
  6. Riveted by Simon Teen
  7. Library Thing
  8. Bookstr
  9. AuthorsXP
  10. Readers’ Favorite
  11. The Children’s Book Review
  12. Toppsta (mostly for residents of Ireland and the United Kingdom)


Those are the best places to enter giveaways to win books for free!

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