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Show your American spirit with this Molly McIntire Halloween costume. This American Girl doll highlights the life and times of 1944 in the U.S.A. during World War II. You’ll find all the component pieces for this costume on Amazon for quick and easy purchase. Get the classic look below.

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About This Molly McIntire Halloween Costume

collage of woman wearing molly mcintire costume.

I first had the idea for this Molly McIntire Halloween costume after Christmas last year, when a red and blue wool fair isle sweater went on clearance at J.Crew. I immediately KNEW this was a “Molly” doll costume sweater and had to have it for Halloween…and real life!

While my exact skirt and sweater are no longer available, I found some great options on Amazon for your costume inspired by Molly the American Girl doll’s books, in which she does everything from wear a Hula costume to tap dance.

Details of the Molly American Girl Doll Costume


If you don’t want to pull together this Kirsten costume yourself, you can buy a premade one at Note, thought, that it doesn’t include all the components, which you can shop separately below.

Argyle Sweater

The first major component of Molly McIntire’s Halloween costume is her signature sweater. While Amazon did not have a fair isle option, I found this specific argyle option that has a very similar look to the American Girl doll Molly.

Blue Skirt

The second staple item for Molly the American Girl doll is a blue knee-length skirt.

Silver Wire Framed Glasses

As with most Halloween costumes, I believe the accessories really make the look. The round silver wire-framed glasses were one of my favorite finds on Amazon, and they are so key to the look of the American Girl Molly doll. They are a smaller size that fits well on a female face (and I have a fairly small face).

Blue Beret

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The blue wool beret is another fun piece for your Molly doll costume. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll take a trip to France and bring it with me! It would even make a great gift for an American Girl fan.

White Socks

For Molly’s white socks, I selected these specific white knee-high compression socks because I can wear them again when traveling.

Brown Double Braided Wig

If you don’t already have long brown hair like Molly, this brown double-braided wig is absolutely perfect to get the look of her signature hairstyle.

Red Ribbon

And if you already do have long brown hair to braid, this red ribbon is a nice touch to finish off your braids like Molly.

Saddle Shoes

I wore black flats that were already in my closet, but if you want to kick this Molly McIntire Halloween costume up a notch, I linked up some cute saddle shoes. I don’t know about you, but I would totally wear them again.

Meet Molly Book

And, as a book lover, you can always carry the Meet Molly book that begins the American Girl doll Molly’s book series to show off how well you re-created this look!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key components of a Molly McIntire Halloween costume?

The key components of a 1940s Molly McIntire costume include a navy knee-length skirt paired with a patriotic-inspired sweater. Round wire-rimmed glasses and a navy beret accessorize Molly’s look. Finish the outfit with knee-high socks or tights and black Mary Jane shoes. To complete the authenticity, style your hair in two side braids.

Where can you find Molly McIntire’s glasses for a Halloween costume?

You can find non-prescription versions of Molly McIntire’s round silver wire-framed glasses for a Halloween costume on Amazon.

How to style your hair like Molly McIntire for Halloween?

To style your hair like Molly McIntire for Halloween, create two side braids to reflect her classic, girl-next-door look from the 1940s. Tie red ribbons at the end and top the look with a navy blue beret.

What accessories are essential for a Molly McIntire costume?

Essential accessories to a Molly McIntire costume include round wire-rimmed glasses, navy blue beret, and white knee-high socks.


This Molly McIntire Halloween costume captures her adventurous spirit and determination during a difficult time in history. Whether you’re rekindling fond childhood memories or introducing Molly’s stories to a new generation, this costume is a beautiful reminder of the timeless tales that shaped many of our formative years.

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