This Peepers blue light filtering glasses review will answer all the questions you may have about Oprah’s favorite frames (They made Oprah’s Favorite Things list five years in a row!).

First, I answer frequently asked questions, then I provide my Peepers blue light filtering glasses review (with tips and tricks to pick the best frame for you easily online) and, lastly I review popular styles, including my favorites and Oprah’s favorites.

This post was sponsored by Peepers; however, all opinions expressed here are my own. This is a product that I personally use all day, every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peepers Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Peepers blue light filtering glasses.

Do Peepers blue light glasses really work?

Yes, Peepers blue light glasses really work. They filter more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. Blue light reducing technology is embedded right in the lens. An anti-reflective coating is also applied to the surface of the lens. And Peepers also offers UV400 protection without any tint. They help prevent dry eyes, headaches and fatigue.

If you aren’t convinced yet, watch this short video on Peepers website to see an experiment that shows their blue light glasses working in real life.

What stores sell Peepers reading glasses?

Peepers are sold on Peepers website. You can also use Peepers store locator to find a store that sells Peepers near you.

Peepers Blue Light Filtering Glasses Review

Peepers have made the highly coveted Oprah’s Favorite Things list SEVERAL YEARS IN A ROW! I’ve been keeping tabs on this list for decades and don’t recall anything else making the list this many times.

That’s how I originally learned of the brand, and I loved how chic the thick styles looked on Oprah, but I have a fairly petite face and was concerned that the ones I loved so much on Oprah wouldn’t look good on me personally.

I wear blue light glasses all day, every day due to dry eyes from long hours at the computer both for my day job and blogging. They also offer me bookish style for reading on my Kindle.

Before I started wearing them, my eyes often hurt so bad at night that I would have to “watch” TV with my eyes closed — listening only!

Beyond any science, I can tell you from personal experience that blue light glasses have made an exponential difference to me in managing my dry eyes. Gone are the days of painful eyestrain. And on the rare occasions I don’t wear them, I start feeling eye strain after about an hour of screen time.

Cut to a year later, when Peepers reached out to me about their product, and I thought back to how much I loved the look of them on Oprah. I took a closer look at their website and realized they were SO many styles in SO many sizes and helpful tools to find the right match for me.

First, Peepers has a Perfect Pair Finder. It’s a short quiz in which you simply click:

  • your gender (I clicked women’s)
  • readers or sunglasses (I clicked readers)
  • blue light lenses (CLICK YES HERE!)
  • your favorite shape(s) for frames: rectangle, soft square, aviator, oversize, cat eye or round (I clicked soft square)
  • and lastly, what colors you like: black, brown, blue, grey, green, orange, pink, purple, red, tortoise, white or all (I clicked black and tortoise)

Try the Perfect Pair Finder

Voila! I then got 15 frame recommendations specifically for me. Then, I opened tabs for the frames that looked smaller and actually compared the measurements to the glasses I currently own and like. I also took a quick look at the reviews for pictures of the frames on real people (something I always do when shopping). I selected my two favorites and was done, just like that!

And for the record, Peepers are super cost-effective at around ~$25 a pair. I find this price to be especially good considering all the detailed features you get for the price (anti-reflective coating, UV protection, anti-scratch, etc.). While I also like my Warby Parker blue light glasses, I paid a lot more for them.

Second, I want to note that Peepers also has an Optical Fit Guide. Simply measure your best fitting pair of glasses to find the right pair of Peepers for you.

Try the Optical Fit Guide

And if you shop Peepers website on a mobile device, there are options to click to try frames on virtually using your mobile camera!

Below is where to look for these guides on the Peepers website:

Peeper guides for selecting frames

These tools are so incredibly helpful in shopping for eyewear online! I have been happy with every pair I have purchased. (More about recommended styles below…)

In person, I found my Peepers to be as chic as Oprah’s, well constructed and nice and snug on my face. I have worn them all day, every day since! I’ve worn glasses since childhood and this is the first time I felt “cool” wearing them. The colors and styles are such standouts. And they come with a case, which is always nice. I do wish they came with a cleaning cloth, but you can buy their cleaning cloth kit for just a few dollars.

One thing I ended up really liking in person was the spring hinges, which allows them to really bend both ways at the hinge. I also later learned of the anti-scratch coating, which is definitely helpful in maintaining my Peepers for the long run.

I also wanted to note that Peepers is a 4th generation family-run company, and 10% of proceeds from Peepers Frame of the Month is donated to The Unity Fund for Peepers for Teachers. (I am a frequent donor to teachers, giving books, money and supplies, so I really, really liked this charitable cause.)

Now that you’ve read all about my Peepers blue light filtering glasses review, let’s talk more about styles so you can pick one that’s right for you.

Peepers has EIGHTY styles of women’s blue light glasses, twenty men’s styles and one kids style. Beyond that, there are countless colors and reading correction options.

These many options can be both exciting and overwhelming. So, below I discuss the most popular styles (including Oprah’s favorites), my personal favorites (and why/for whom I recommend them, and a universally flattering style (if you are still unsure where to start).

Peepers Clark Focus Blue Light

Clark is Peepers third bestselling blue light glasses frame and has hundreds of five star reviews on Peepers. It’s a soft square style that is popular with both men and women. I have it in gray tortoise for a petite style that still really pops, and I love it! It comes in clear, honey tortoise, gray tortoise, tortoise, blue and black. You can also select “no correction” or reading correction in strengths ranging from +1.00 to +4.00.

Peepers Women’s Bravado Blue Light Filtering Glasses

An Oprah’s Favorite Thing!

Bravado has thousands of five star reviews on Peepers. It’s an oversized style with luxe gold details to really make a statement. It comes in tortoise, navy tortoise and black. You can also select “no correction” or reading correction in strengths ranging from +1.00 to +3.00.

Oprah’s 2021 Favorite Things picks are: Stardust and Showbiz.

Oprah’s other favorite styles from prior years are: Center Stage (Peepers #1 bestseller), Shine On and Limelight.

Peepers To the Max Blue Light Reading Glasses

To the Max is Peepers second bestselling blue light glasses frame and has hundreds of five star reviews on Peepers. It’s a chunky oversized square front that’s part retro and part trendy. It comes in clear, pink horn, pink quartz, blue quartz, tortoise and black. You can also select “no correction” or reading correction in strengths ranging from +1.00 to +4.00.

My Favorite Styles of Peepers Blue Light Filtering Glasses

I have personally tried several styles of Peepers blue light filtering glasses. (I love to keep one pair in each room!) I gravitate toward the “soft square” shape with thicker frames and more neutral colors, in a smaller overall size for my fairly petite face. Below are my personal favorites:

four images of a woman wearing peepers blue light glasses.
  • Lois (top left) in brown tortoise (my personal favorite) for the thick “Oprah” look in a smaller size for more petite faces
  • Layover (top right) in black/taupe for a mod 1960s look
  • Venice (bottom left) in tan for that trendy clear look that’s really “in” right now
  • Clark (bottom right) in gray tortoise for a petite style that still really pop

No-Fail Buying Tip: If you still feel really stuck on what style is best for you, try the Simply Focus, which is Peepers universally flattering style for any face. It comes in five colors: clear, tortoise, black, red and blue. And you can choose whether or not to get reading correction on a scale of none to +3.00. At the time of posting, this style has nearly all five-star reviews on Peepers website.

Peepers Reading Glasses with Blue Light Protection

You can buy Peepers glasses with both reading correction AND blue light protection. I personally wear “no correction” blue light glasses over my contacts, but if you have a need for reading correction, you can select from strengths in increments of +.25 in the range of +1.00 to +4.00.

Shopping Tip: I prefer to shop directly from Peepers. They have many more options in stock and the Perfect Pair Finder and Optical Fit Guide just make it sooo easy to find the right frames for you personally.

At the time of posting, shipping is free for purchases over $42 (about two pairs or one pair with accessories). And Peepers occasionally runs sitewide sales too. At the time I am writing this post, Peepers is having a promotional sale.

Check for any current sales.

Buy Peepers Blue Light Filtering Glasses

That concludes my Peepers blue light filtering glasses review. Below I share again the links I think you will find the most helpful in choosing your glasses:

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