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This Perfecting Pinterest review gives you a full review of the best absolute Pinterest traffic course out there (By Sophia Lee) — it’s the only course that 4x-ed my Pinterest statistics!

perfecting pinterest course by sophia lee


What is the Best Pinterest Traffic & Marketing Course?

Perfecting Pinterest is the best Pinterest traffic and marketing course. It’s sold by Sophia Lee, who has only been blogging for a few short years and (at the time of posting) has 100,000+ followers on Pinterest, and she receives 10 million monthly views of her pins.

I first encountered Sophia Lee when one of her YouTube blogging videos randomly started playing on my feed. I was instantly impressed by her wisdom and business strategy at an age (~25) over a decade younger than myself.

Here’s a sample video in which she talks about Pinterest strategies:

She truly seemed to “get it.” She was able to successfully uncover the strategies that provided the most return on her investment of time, which was limited because she was a college student at the time she started blogging.

If you are already a blogger, you probably know how much time it takes to blog, as well as how hard it is to find those tasks which are mega income and traffic producers. It can feel like a cycle of just putting your head down and working as hard and long as you can, month after month, just hoping something takes off.

So, suffice it to say I was really persuaded by Sophia’s success and her confidence in promoting her strategies.

She attributes much of her success to Pinterest, where she (at the time of my post) has 100,000+ followers and receives 10 million monthly views of her pins. This helps her bring in her one million dollar+ annual income. She didn’t even have an Instagram page for the first few years she blogged!

I have always considered Pinterest to be a more lucrative social media option than Instagram as well, because it’s a search engine based on mastering keywords rather than an app that rewards popularity. It felt more like something I could figure out and optimize.

Instagram makes it hard to drive traffic to your blog, and even with the new link stickers, you are generally limited to receiving traffic from just your followers.

So, when I heard that Sophia Lee divulged her entire Pinterest strategy in her course Perfecting Pinterest, I was definitely intrigued.

But first, I explored Sophia’s Lee’s income reports to make sure she was the real deal. As you can see below, she is making insane amounts of money on her blog — literally tens of thousands of dollars per month!

Check out Sophia Lee’s income reports below. After I did, I purchased Perfecting Pinterest, and I share my Perfecting Pinterest review below as well, including why it’s the best Pinterest traffic and marketing course.


Sophia Lee has posted a few income reports to showcase her massive blogging success as a full-time blogger, which she attained in just a few years.

In her first income report in July 2018, she stated she made $788.88 that month.

Fast forward to May 2020 and she stated she was made $43,000+ that month.

If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will!

It’s so good, I took the course about four or five times myself, to really soak in Sophia Lee’s Pinterest strategy. I have never devoured a course more than once this way before.

I share my Perfecting Pinterest review below, including Sophia Lee’s Pinterest strategy, an overview, pros, cons, and my final verdict.

By Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Pinterest Review

By Sophia Lee Pinterest Strategy

Sophia Lee’s Pinterest strategy is all about keywords, and highly optimizing your blog and Pinterest for exactly the content (including text copy and graphics) that it wants.

In essence, if you make Pinterest happy, it will make you happy.

Sophia Lee utilizes Pinterest and Google to source the absolute best, most lucrative keywords, then she works them into her blog posts and Pinterest pins and boards for optimal results.

She also creates a lot of Pinterest pins and posts them in optimal ways to make them go viral.

Below is an overview of her Perfecting Pinterest course, in which she teaches you her Pinterest Strategy in so much detail, with step-by-step videos to follow.

Perfecting Pinterest Course Overview

The Perfecting Pinterest course includes the following modules:

  • Welcome to the Perfecting Pinterest Master Course
    • Welcome to Perfecting Pinterest!
    • What You Need for This Course
    • Who is Sophia?
    • Facebook Group
  • Perfecting Pinterest: The 4 Things You MUST Know About Pinterest (and what I wish I knew before starting my Pinterest account)
    • The Importance of This Section
    • It’s a love/hate relationship…
    • Prepare for this…
    • How My Pinterest Strategy Only Takes 1 Hour a Week
    • How We Have Started Implementing the Pinterest Scheduler Into Our Strategy
  • Perfecting Pinterest: You NEED To Be Doing This On Your Blog To Rank on Pinterest…
    • Why My Pinterest Method is Different
    • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
    • What Content is Worth Using + What’s Not Worth Using
    • The Different Parts of My Blog Posts I Always Think About for Pinterest (SUPER IMPORTANT)
  • Perfecting Pinterest: How To Set Up a Pinterest Business Account + The Steps You Can’t Forget
    • Why You Need A Pinterest Business Account
    • How To: Properly Set Up a Pinterest Account
    • This Can Be Scary But It’s An Absolute Must…
  • Perfecting Pinterest: My Method for Creating Pinterest Boards
    • How To Appropriately Set Up Pinterest Boards
    • Everyone Has This…and you need it
    • The Difference Between What We DID and What We Do Now
    • Boards List Sheet- Google Sheets
    • Boards List Sheet – Printable Version
    • What Pins Do I Add To My Boards?
  • Perfecting Pinterest: How I Actually Create My Pins
    • It Costs $0 To Use This
    • How Many Pins I Create Per Blog Post
    • The NO-NO’s To Pinterest Photos
    • The Extreme Importance of Pin Titles
    • You DON’T Want To Do This When Making Pins
  • Perfecting Pinterest: The Secret To Uploading Pins to Pinterest
    • Make This Secret…
    • My Specific Way To Titling + Captioning My Pinterest Photos
    • My Exact Pinterest Scheduling Method for the Pinterest Scheduler
    • Let’s Clarify This…
    • How I am Dealing With The Pinterest Update
  • Perfecting Pinterest: You Need To Keep It Fresh
    • My Method For Making Old Blog Posts Go Viral on Pinterest
    • This is what I Discovered This Year…OLD
  • Perfecting Pinterest: That’s A Wrap
    • You Need To Remember This…
    • This is sad I have to do this…
    • Intro To Bonus Section
    • The Truth About Pinterest Impressions and Followers
    • Do I pin to every single board every day?
    • My Unpopular Opinion About Idea Pins
    • There’s been questions about this for scheduling…
    • Videos on Pinterest
    • Tagging Products on Pinterest
    • Insta Stories and TikToks on Pinterest?!
    • Our Strategies for Uploading Instagrams and TikToks to Pinterest
    • Do we still use group boards?
    • Do you ever delete your old boards/pins?

The Perfecting Pinterest course is based on the web on a website called Teachable, which is really easy to use. It’s mainly videos to watch, but there are also pictures and written copy below the videos if you prefer to read the material.


I recommend you listen to and/or watch the videos in the course. Sophia Lee is extremely energetic and teaches everything really well in a very visual, step-by-step format.

Pros of Perfecting Pinterest

Below are some of my favorite “pros” of Perfecting Pinterest.

What you’ll love about this course:

  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It’s extremely interactive and teaches you step by step.
  • It includes a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips as well.
  • There is tons of detail.
  • Updates are included.

It’s reasonably priced.

At the time of posting, Perfecting Pinterest costs $247, which is just about how much I generally like to pay for a course. It’s enough that you know you are going to receive a lot of value you wouldn’t be able to get for free elsewhere, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel super risky (many courses can cost $400-$2000).

(Check the current price of Perfecting Pinterest.)

It’s extremely interactive and teaches you step by step.

Perfecting Pinterest is the most interactive course I have taken. The way Sophia takes you step by step through exactly how she uses Pinterest is extremely easy to follow and to mimic. While other courses have done a good job at explaining strategies, I have sometimes still been left guessing how to copy the strategies to work on my own site, and Perfecting Pinterest made me feel like I knew exactly what to do for my own niche.

It includes a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips as well.

SEO is all about optimizing your site so that it shows up in Google search results. And a big part of this is using keywords, and using them the right way. Since Sophia Lee’s Pinterest strategy involves keywords, she also shows you how to find and use keywords in your blog posts. This is like getting a double bang for your buck, as most SEO courses are expensive. And, in the end, her strategy can help you succeed on both Pinterest and Google.

(For even more about SEO, check out SEO Jumpstart — the absolute best SEO course I’ve taken.)

There is tons of detail.

Perfecting Pinterest is filled with so much detail that I had pages of notes and re-watched the videos 4-5 times to really soak everything in. I have never done this with a course before (and I have taken a lot). Sophia Lee dives super deep into divulging her Pinterest secrets.

Updates are included.

Since Pinterest is a platform that’s always changing, Sophia Lee updated the course regularly (usually about once per year), and students get access to those updates. It was most recently updated in July 2023, and I especially loved her unique new strategies for uploading Instagram reels and TikTok videos, which I haven’t heard anyone else teach.

Cons of Perfecting Pinterest

While Perfecting Pinterest is my favorite blogging course I have taken, out of over 100 courses at this point, it’s only fair to touch upon some cons.

The refund policy.

Sophia Lee’s refund policy states that if you contact her within 30 days from enrollment and you can receive a full refund if you have not gone past Unit 1.  Many courses offer cash back guarantees regardless of how much the course is consumed, so this refund policy isn’t as strong; however, I also understand Sophia Lee’s need for such a policy.

In order to fully succeed with Perfecting Pinterest, you may need Tailwind, which is a paid Pinterest scheduling service.

While I do think you can find Pinterest success even if you don’t purchase Tailwind, I want you to be aware that you may have added costs beyond the course to implement the strategies.

In order to fully succeed with Perfecting Pinterest, you may need Keywords Everywhere, which is a paid keyword research service.

There are other free keyword search services out there, though, so it’s not an absolute must. And, even if you do buy it, it’s only $10. I bought it and have no regrets. I find it to be helpful and easy to use for such a cheap price tag.

It doesn’t teach you about blogging or email.

If you are interested in improving your blog or email strategy in addition to improving your Pinterest strategy, check out my review of Perfecting Blogging and/or my review of Perfecting Email (an advanced course), Sophia Lee’s other courses. I also LOVE the course Email Marketing Jumpstart (for beginners).

The Final Verdict of My Perfecting Pinterest Review

I feel like a broken record, but Perfecting Pinterest was easily the best blogging course I have taken out of over 100 courses. I thought the price was right, and Sophia Lee truly over-delivered on extremely actionable, step-by-step content that anyone can copy to grow their Pinterest page and blog traffic exponentially.

  • Initial results: I followed *most* of the steps and my Pinterest analytics doubled in about a month of slowly re-hauling my Pinterest page to incorporate all of Sophia Lee’s hacks.
  • Update: About six months after taking this course, I 4-6X-ed my Pinterest statistics overall.

I know from experience that Pinterest pins can often take WAY longer than that to really take off, so I’m excited to see where my stats are even a year from now.

Prior to taking Perfecting Pinterest, I would have said I had a pretty good depth of knowledge on Pinterest strategies and am a mid-level blogger, and I still learned A TON from this course.


bloggers in the beginner to mid-level stages, who are committed to writing quality blog posts but frustrated that they aren’t getting a ton of traffic.

The only people I may not recommend this course to are actual Pinterest professionals (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they still learned a tip or two). Yes, it really is that good!

I hope this Perfecting Pinterest review helped you decide whether to buy Perfecting Pinterest and learn how to explode your blog traffic.

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