This review of ChappyWrap gives you everything you need to know about the extremely popular blanket I use as a reading accessory on a daily basis.

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Review of the ChappyWrap Blanket

If you are reading this, then chances are you already heard about Chappy Wrap — perhaps from one of the many bloggers and influencers who rave about ChappyWrap blankets. That’s how I first heard about it too!

I was skeptical, as I am with many things that are universally hyped, but I needed a nice Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, who had just retired and liked to stay home and read books (like me!). And I loved the hydrangea print because it reminded me of my Summer vacation with her in Martha’s Vineyard. I also liked the fact that I could tell her ChappyWrap was a women-owned business.

I gifted the ChappyWrap to her with a stack of books and, about six months later, she told me that she used it all the time, her cat loved it, it was washing really well, and she had started buying them as gifts herself.

I was officially sold on the ChappyWraps. I immediately purchased ChappyWrap blankets for me and one for my husband — who was also skeptical of a throw blanket over $100.

Well, the first night we used our ChappyWrap blankets, neither of us moved upstairs from the couch, and they are now a daily staple in our lives. A day doesn’t go by in which we don’t say the word “ChappyWrap.” I actually have one thrown over my legs as I type!

So, yes, ChappyWraps really are that good.

What it really comes down to are a few great things:

  • They are oversized.
  • They are really soft.
  • They are thick & warm without being bulky.
  • They wash really well.

And our cats love the ChappyWrap blankets so much that we actually bargain with them that we will get the ChappyWrap out if they behave as if it were a chewy treat. When we do, they are never far behind and are our constant blanket companions. Just the other day, one of our cats started crying when we folded one up and put it away.

The below pictures are authentic (not staged) proof, direct from my iPhone’s camera roll:

Cats on ChappyWrap Blanket

I purchased a third ChappyWrap blanket on a cold day in Martha’s Vineyard in Summer 2020, and we wrapped it around us near and on the water the entire trip. It’s great for lifestyle events like that outside the home as well.

Since this is primarily a book blog, I must note that I NEVER read without my Chappy Wrap, and they are an excellent pairing, well worth the money, for cozy reading.

And, before I get to more specific details, I also want to note that, according to their website, their average customer review is 4.98 stars out of 5 stars!

But, that’s just my personal review of ChappyWrap. Below is my full review of ChappyWrap blankets are all FAQs to which you may need answers as well as the most popular prints.

Frequently Asked Questions About the ChappyWrap Blanket

About Chappy Wrap

ChappyWrap is a mother-daughter (women-owned) business founded in 2006 in the U.S.A.

Their idea for the ChappyWrap blanket sprang from their family’s favorite oversized, cozy blanket. Years later, they couldn’t find any other blanket that compared to its warmth, size, and durability. So, they decided to create one!

The goal was to produce high-quality blankets made from a plush, natural-cotton blend and high-performance fibers, versus those constructed solely of synthetic fibers like polyester or polar fleece. They found a factory in Germany that made heirloom-quality, hand-inspected blankets, and their company was born.

The name “Chappy” comes from Chappaquiddick—a special place on Martha’s Vineyard near their 2006 founding offices.

(Note: we visit Martha’s Vineyard annually and find Chappaquiddick to be just as special!)

ChappyWrap Blanket Material and Construction Process

ChappyWrap blankets are made from a blend of 58% premium cotton fibers, 35% acrylic, and 7% polyester.

This blend allows you to repeatedly wash your ChappyWrap blanket while maintaining that extra soft feel. It also keeps the blankets resistant to shrinking, pilling, and static.

Individual yarns are twisted and fed into Jacquard looms. The final result is that the cotton is next to your skin, while fill fiber is spun inside the cotton yarn. This enables durability and prevents yarn breakage.

ChappyWrap blankets then undergo napping, which gives them their soft, plush finish. Fibers from the top of the pattern are passed over a roller with metal points or burrs 8 to 16 times. This distinguishes ChappyWrap blankets from other Jacquard woven blankets.

How to Wash Your ChappyWrap Blanket

Machine wash your ChappyWrap blanket in cold water on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry it in the dryer on low heat.

I have washed my ChappyWrap blankets according to these instructions and can attest that doing so did NOT create any shrinking, pilling, or fuzzing. My ChappyWrap remained exactly the same as before washing it.

Where to Buy a ChappyWrap Blanket

Buy a ChappyWrap blanket on their website or at any one of ChappyWrap’s nationwide retailers.

ChappyWrap Blanket Sizes

Original: 60″ x 80″ (This is HUGE compared to other throw blankets, whose standard size is 36″ x 50″. It fits across my entire queen bed and, lengthwise, it’s great for a taller person who struggles to find blankets that “fit.”)

Midi: 40″ x 60″ (For toddlers and children)

Mini: 30″ x 40″ (For strollers)

Royal: 90″ x 90″ (Extra large)

ChappyWrap Sale + Discount Code

Having followed ChappyWrap for some time, I can tell you that it’s VERY rare to get a ChappyWrap sale beyond 10% off and/or free shipping, even on Black Friday.

As of the time of posting, when you sign up for ChappyWrap’s email newsletter, you can get 10% off your next purchase.

ChappyWrap does have a sale page, where sale blankets generally run about $30 off. Sale blankets tend to sell out VERY fast, so act quickly if you see a style you really like in the blanket sale.

ChappyWrap Returns

ChappyWrap accepts returns for an exchange or refund within 30 days of the order purchase date.

All ChappyWrap blankets must be returned in like-new, resalable condition and in their original, undamaged packaging (not shipping materials, just product packaging). Otherwise, returns are subject to a restocking fee. Refunds are credited to the original form of payment.

But, I really can’t imagine anyone returning a ChappyWrap!

Below are the most popular prints of the ChappyWrap blanket, as well as all the styles I currently own. I especially love that you can buy ChappyWrap blankets with specific location themes!

We own the:

This specific black watch plaid feels the warmest and most cozy of the three to me!

Shop popular prints below:

Penguin Young Readers X ChappyWrap

Since this is a bookish blog, I wanted to also share that ChappyWrap has a new line for kids with Penguin Young Readers featuring beloved classic books and prints. They would make the perfect baby gift! Check them out below:

Buying Tips: ChappyWrap sales are fairly rare. As of the time of posting, when you sign up for ChappyWrap’s email newsletter, you can get 10% off your next purchase.

ChappyWrap does have a sale page, where sale blankets generally run about $30 off. Sale blankets tend to sell out VERY fast, so act quickly if you see a style you really like in the blanket sale.

I hope this review of the ChappyWrap blanket — one of my favorite things of all time — helped you learn everything you need to know before you buy.

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