These are the best book essentials and reading accessories every book lover needs to improve their reading life and look like a pro reader fast.

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You’ll love these reading accessories, most of which I own myself as an avid reader of over 100+ books per year and as a book blogger! They are both fun and helpful to make the most of your reading time.

From bookmarks to bookends, blue light glasses, book storage, reading journals, and more, these literary lifestyle ideas offer something (or many things) for every type of reader here.

Below is a quick list of all the best book essentials and reading accessories you can’t miss, followed by more details and specific recommendations for each one.

Top Pick for Book Essentials & Reading Accessories

I personally adore my multi-functional bookmark light (and it’s always popular with readers of The Literary Lifestyle). It’s rechargeable and adjustable in terms of strength and direction of light. Holds your page AND keeps it well-lit at night.

Best Book Essentials & Reading Accessories

Now, here are my specific recommendations for each book essential you need.

Blue Light Reading Glasses

Digital book lovers simply must have blue light glasses for reading. They are perfect for blocking the type of harmful blue light that causes headaches, eye strain, and dry eyes. I wear these readers on a daily basis, and I notice a HUGE difference when I don’t wear them.

Blue light glasses are also a bestselling item with my blog readers. For more information, check out my reviews of my two favorite brands:

Book Light

Book lights are another one of the best book essentials for reading in cozy, moody low light. While there are many types, I personally adore my multi-functional bookmark light (popular with readers of The Literary Lifestyle). It’s rechargeable and adjustable in terms of strength and direction of light. We now have TWO because my husband also loved it so much for reading in bed that he claimed mine as his own. 🙂

Shop more book lights on Amazon.


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A book lover will also need a bookmark (or a whole collection of bookmarks) to hold their place. If you are serious about reading, it’s time to ditch the dog ears, post-its, and receipts!

You can also browse Amazon and Etsy for one that suits you best.

Personal Library Kit

Very serious book lovers will benefit from a personal library kit to keep track of the books they loan out. This type of reading accessory will totally make you look like a professional bookworm!

Reading Journal

A Book Lover’s Journal is a great bookish accessory for the reader who enjoyed English class and/or really likes to stay organized. It’s helpful both to analyze your reading life and look back on it later.

You can also download The Literary Lifestyle Reading Journal and learn more about how to make your own reading journal.


Amazon’s Choice

Bookends are essential home decor for your reading room. There’s no shortage of options available, but I have and love these “hand” bookends. They are functional yet just quirky enough to make a statement.


Amazon’s Choice

As a daily reader myself, I simply cannot imagine my reading life without a good blanket (and not just because I am always cold!). Blankets really set the mood for reading, so if you are reading a lot and want to up your cozy reading game, it may be time to invest in a really nice blanket.

The two absolute favorites of both me and my readers are the Barefoot Dreams blanket (for warmer weather) and the Chappywrap blanket (for colder weather). Trust me, they are worth the price. Hands down, two of the most beloved things in our entire home, period.

They also make for a great bookish gift!

Noise Cancelling Earphones or Headphones

I regularly use earbuds to listen to my favorite audiobooks each month. They are especially helpful when you are on the go. And these Apple AirPods Pro have active noise cancellation and a customizable fit as well if you are also looking to focus better when reading.

Or, you can use full noise-canceling headphones to accessorize your reading vibe with a modern flair.


If you’re looking to up your reading accessory game, a Kindle for reading digital books from Amazon or the library, or even for reading advanced review copies, is cheaper than a digital tablet, bigger than a cell phone, easy to transport, and has no glare.

The Kindle I use and trust is the Kindle Paperwhite, which is the perfect middle-of-the-road option for most readers.


Since reading and sipping a warm drink go hand in hand for many people, you may wish to upgrade your favorite mug. I personally use and love these popular RTIC travel mugs. They maintain the temperature of your beverage, fit well into your car’s cup holder, and have screw-on lids that are leakproof.


While some readers may prefer to sip coffee or tea while they read, others may prefer to relax with a glass of wine. A book-themed wine glass is a fun reading accessory for any book + wine lover to express himself or herself.

Shop more bookish wine glasses on Amazon.

Book Stamp or Embosser

A custom book embosser or stamp takes book ownership to the next level. Leave a lasting imprint on all of the physical books on your bookshelves with this one of the best book essentials. It’s bound to impress. Or, you can even use it to create custom bookish stationery straight from your own home library.

Shop more book embossers on Amazon and Etsy.

I personally own this specific custom embosser from Etsy in the style “ESS008.”


You may be wondering what a book sleeve is. I know I wondered the same when I first heard of them! Know I know they are an absolutely essential item for book lovers who wish to protect their physical books.

If you’ve ever had the cover of a book destroyed in your purse, tote, or luggage, you’ll understand how valuable it can feel to carry the books you are currently reading in one of these little protective sleeves.

They come in so many fun prints and, as a bonus, some of them have pockets to hold even more reading accessories, like bookmarks and pens.

I usually purchase my book sleeves in the Etsy shop GracebyShan.

And I have even added these iron-on floral initials and these iron-on varsity letters from Etsy to personalize them!


Amazon’s Choice

I’m also a big fan of pairing aromatherapy with reading to help me focus and relax better. I can truly feel a difference, especially around the scent of lavender, which is known to improve concentration and relaxation.

For this purpose, I use Voluspa’s French cade and lavender products on a daily basis.

However, I’m also a HUGE fan of Nest candles (all scents, especially bamboo, which is very light and universally beautiful). They are exceptional.

Or, you can always stay on theme and buy a bookish candle. I personally owned this Homesick “book club” candle (Amazon’s Choice) scented like books (orange and nutmeg) and absolutely adored it!

Book Weight

A book weight is another one of the best book essentials you may really be wondering about. Its purpose is to keep your book open when you aren’t holding it, and it can be really useful while cooking with a cookbook, typing notes from a book, or even just reading at a table while you are doing something else, like eating.

I have a monogrammed leather book weight from Leatherology in cognac leather and rose gold embossing, and I use it all the time! It definitely makes a statement too.


Amazon’s Choice

Upgraded pens are a great reading accessory for all the note-takers out there! I personally use these stunning Pilot G2 metallic gel pens, and they do not disappoint.

You may also want to try this #1 bestselling journaling fine-tip pen set, which has over 77,000+ reviews on Amazon.

Book Darts

Amazon’s choice

Book darts are a great reading accessory for marking both pages, as well as specific lines on pages, without marking up your favorite book or damaging it in any way. If you’re really particular about your books, book darts just may be one of the best book essentials for you to be able to go back and view various passages you have read.

Bath Caddy

This bath caddy for reading books in a warm bubble bath is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. If you like to read in the solitude of watery suds in the tub, you can’t be without this reading accessory! No more wet pages. And, as a bonus, you can keep your favorite drink on it too and make the most of your book accessories.


Amazon’s choice

Any and every book lover needs a good way to tote his or her books around. The options are endless, but this Out of Print book tote is super cute and on the theme.

Shop more book totes on Amazon and Etsy. Or, check out The Literary Lifestyle’s official tote.

Book Storage

As your book collection grows, you will undoubtedly need great storage solutions. In recent years, the popularity of the rolling book cart (I have this specific one in beige and love it) has grown.

I’m also a big fan of the look of “invisible” shelving for your booknook, which can make it appear as if your books are floating. Here are two amazing options:


Those are all the best book essentials and reading accessories you will need to improve your book life. To recap and help you decide what to buy, my favorite multi-functional bookmark light is very popular with readers.

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