Learn exactly what to wear to Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, to have the most comfortable and fun experience, no matter what time of year you are visiting.

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(While this guide on how to dress for Universal Studios is geared towards the Florida theme parks, it may also help you dress for the Hollywood, California theme parks.)

First, I will share exactly what outfits for Universal Studios my husband and I wore. Then, I will share my top tips on what YOU should wear at various times during the year. I’ll provide the rules that Universal Studios has on clothing, and then give you some specific tips and ideas if you are visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and want to look festive. Lastly, I will answer frequently asked questions about what to wear for Universal Studios.

What to Wear to Universal Studios (Orlando)

What We Wore to Universal Studios

When I visited Universal Studios, I had to be extra prepared. It was November, which is characteristically warmer in Florida, so I thought I would wear a t-shirt and shorts, but the United States was experiencing a wave of cold weather that week. It was downright COLD in the morning, then comfortably brisk during the day.

Here’s exactly what we packed and wore (and we were very comfortable throughout the day):

But, we are just two people who visited on one specific day, so next I will share my top tips generally on what to wear to Universal Studios, regardless of your style or when you are visiting.

Top Tips on What to Wear to Universal Studios

Rule #1 is to wear comfortable clothing to Universal Studios! It’s an amusement park, after all, not a fashion show.

In the Spring and Summer months into August, September, and October, that will generally mean t-shirts or tank tops and shorts. Florida is very sunny and hot, and, while there is some shade in the parks, it’s generally not shady.

You may wish to wear a hat for sun protection, especially if you burn easily, but personally, I think it will become a pain to deal with on the rides.

In the Fall and Winter months from November to December, January, and beyond, the days will generally still be warm in Florida, but the mornings and nights can get quite chilly. I recommend that you either wear layers or be prepared to buy an extra layer. There are TONS of merchandise shops at the parks where you can do so.

During all times of year, the best shoes for Universal Studios are comfortable walking shoes, and that generally means supportive sneakers with socks. You will be walking A LOT, plus you will likely be going on rides, so this really isn’t the best time or place for flip-flops.

If you are going on water rides in the Volcano Bay park, or even on the Jurassic Park water ride in Islands of Adventure, you may instead want to wear comfortable, supportive water shoes. I wore these exact water shoes to walk around a water park for several days, and they were extremely comfortable and supportive. They have since become popular with readers as well, so I definitely recommend these water shoes for this purpose too!

During all times of the year, wear sunglasses for sure, as well as sunscreen.

Where to put them? I recommend you wear a fanny pack/belt bag, as it can be worn on most rides. (Otherwise, you may waste time and money using lockers.) I wore this specific fanny pack on ALL the Harry Potter rides, but I also know that this belt bag is a really popular style that fits a lot.

I also recommend you consider wearing a lanyard with your tickets, express pass, etc. I regretted not doing so. It was SUCH a pain to dig through my wallet every time I needed them, which was often.

One more item you may want to consider wearing, depending on wet weather and/or water riding, is one of these foldable, disposable ponchos you can simply stash in your belt bag.

Wondering what else to pack in your bag at Universal Studios? Check out these Universal Studios packing tips.

That’s generally what to wear to Universal Studios, but if you are specifically visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and want to look extra festive, I have a few tips on what to wear to that park specifically as well, so keep reading!

What to Wear to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

When people want to know what to wear to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I think they generally want to know whether they should wear a wizard cape. The answer is…maybe.

Wizard capes are permitted to be worn at Universal Studios (see the dress code below for more specific details), but I recommend a few considerations. First, consider the temperature, as a long wizard cape can be either a help or hindrance. Second, it should be appropriately sized, so you aren’t dragging it around and stepping on it. If you’re on the fence, Universal sells a lot of really beautiful, differently-sized capes right at the park.

While you can bring a wand, I personally don’t recommend it because it’s something you have to carry around and store for some rides. The only wand that’s *really* worth it to me is the interactive wand that’s sold at Ollivanders Wand Shop at the parks, as it can perform various “spells” around the Wizarding World. You will see LOTS of people having fun with them!

I don’t recommend you wear a scarf unless it’s genuinely cold. I think you will just end up overheating, but to each their own, of course!

If you want to wear a Harry Potter shirt, Target always has cute options, as well as socks for all ages.

And, of course, Amazon, has all the Harry Potter-themed gear you can imagine. Below are a few of my personal favorites:

Universal Studios Dress Code

Please also note the following guidelines from Universal Studios:

  • You cannot wear “clothing likely to create a danger, incite a disturbance or displaying offensive language or content.”
  • You cannot wear “clothing or accessories that represent someone as emergency personnel or that may create a false impression of employment by Universal.”
  • You cannot have a weapon or anything that has the appearance of a weapon (however, wizard wands are extremely common). Further, “any home-crafted wands must be rounded on either end and must be appropriate in nature.”
  • “No costume masks, veils, long trains, live animals, swords or weaponry are permitted.”
  • “Costumes cannot exceed 28” (inches) wide x 80” (inches) high to meet Universal Orlando’s metal detection regulations.” Further, “some costumes may not be permitted on certain attractions.”

Frequently Asked Questions about What to Wear to Universal Studios

Below are quick answers to frequently asked questions about what to wear to Universal Studios.

What do people wear to Universal Studios?

People wear casual, lightweight, comfortable clothing and comfortable walking shoes to Universal Studios. Items like t-shirts, shorts, leggings, and sneakers are most commonly worn.

Should you wear water shoes to Universal Studios?

If you are going to the Volcano Bay water park at Universal Studios, you will likely be more comfortable in water shoes. However, otherwise, they aren’t necessary.

Should I take a backpack to Universal Studios?

It is generally not recommended that you take a backpack to Universal Studios because you will likely need to spend time and money storing it in a locker when you go on rides. It may also make you sore and hot.

Should you wear jeans to Universal Studios?

While you can wear jeans to Universal Studios, you may become uncomfortable in them, especially if the weather is hot or wet.

Should I wear leggings to Universal Studios?

Leggings are a great option to wear to Universal Studios, especially in the Winter months of the year. In the hot Summer months, however, shorts will likely be more comfortable.

That’s what to wear to Universal Orlando resort for a comfortable, fun day.

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