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Explore the best Winter nail colors trending for cold January and February weather reading indoors and snowy days sledding outside, and get an exclusive discount code to save money on these cute Winter nail ideas for dark skin tones and fair skin tones.

olive and june winter 2024 nail polish collection with books on a rug.

You will LOVE these cute Fall nail ideas!

Best Winter Nail Colors

Since I’m an Olive & June ambassador and only use their nail products exclusively, I am focusing on their products for these Autumn nail ideas. Their collections are so thoughtful, their products truly enable you to DIY a salon-quality mani and/or pedi, and I just LOVE how this year’s nail trends remind you to layer up!

Olive & June is known for their SUPER long-lasting nail polish (with their bestselling top coat) to achieve a salon-quality manicure at home for a fraction of the cost. I started using their mani system and pedi system when COVID hit, and I never went back to the salon again.

Now, I dive into my kits every Friday night with an audiobook and a glass of wine at *exactly* 5 pm.

Olive & June also boasts the following accolades:

  • vegan products
  • cruelty-free products
  • non-toxic products
  • Press on nails from 94% post-consumer recycled materials and non-damaging glue
  • Allure Best of Beauty winner (cuticle serum and nail polish remover pot)
  • woman-owned business

Discount code: You can use my code OJJULIANNEB20 for 20% off your purchase of any Olive & June system.

(For more info check out my review of the Olive & June mani system and/or the pedi system.)

Now that you know all about Olive & June, let’s talk about their best Winter nail colors on the following themes:

  • Wrapping presents
  • Winter velvet and chrome (press-ons)
  • Winter wonderland
  • Winter getaway
  • Winter parties
  • Winter jewel tones and metallics

Winter Nail Colors Inspired by Wrapping Presents

collage of winter nail polish in pinks, reds, and more.

Top row from left to right:

  • Office Party – milky opal (looks just like snow)
  • Biggest Bow – hot pink
  • Candy Dipped – jelly red
  • One for You, Two for Me – dark emerald

Bottom row from left to right:

  • Last Minute Shopping – deep charcoal
  • Presents are my Olive You – pink shimmer (fun for Valentine’s Day)
  • To Me, You are Perfect – burgundy shimmer (it’s actually perfect)

Olive & June’s “wrapping it up” collection is inspired by winter gifting holidays from Christmas through Valentine’s Day. My personal favorites are Office Party, which looks just like snow with little flecks in it, and To Me, You are Perfect, which takes the quintessential winter vampy nail look and kicks it up a notch with some shimmer. It’s the most beautiful shade of twilight, and it’s one I’ve worn on repeat.

(You can also top these shades with the ever-popular Pink Goldfish!)

contents of olive and june winter 2024 mani system.

Reminder: While you can buy the nail polish of your choice separately, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system. The Fall mani system contains all the tools you need to achieve that salon-quality look and feel, PLUS a limited edition gold bow ring.

Winter Press On Nails Inspired by Velvet and Chrome

collage of olive and june valentines day press ons.

From top to bottom:

  • Rose Jelly Chrome – hot pink mani with a chrome effect
  • Pink Crush Velvet – sweet pink mani with a velvet effect in a long almond shape

These press-ons help you celebrate love with special effects that stand out. I always get compliments when I wear Olive & June’s Valentine’s Day press-ons!

A few quick tips about the press-ons:

You can cut the press-on nails, shape them, and even paint on them, and they also come off with NO damage to your nail in about 15-20 minutes of soaking them in soapy water.

I suggest using a “medium” amount of glue to get about 10-14 days of wear out of them.

The press-on nails aren’t too “fake” looking either, and I was even stopped several times at the grocery store the last time I wore them!

Reminder: While you can buy the press-ons of your choice separately, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system. The press-on system contains all the tools you need to achieve that salon-quality look and feel — and remove the nails.

Winter Wonderland Nail Colors

olive and june winter 2022 nail polish

From left to right:

  • In the Clutch – magenta red
  • Plaza – mulberry purple (one of my favorite shades ever)
  • Dry Clean Only – taupe putty
  • It’s Actually Dark Green – dark green (I also always adore a shade that appears black at first glance, but isn’t.)
  • Make a Res – dark navy 
  • Cheers! – icy blue
  • Is It Too Much? – gold glitter topper (I can’t put my obsession with these flakes into words.)

My top pick for the best nail polish color for winter from this set is In the Clutch which is a magenta-red shade. It’s a nearly identical match to one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750.

Besides In the Clutch, these are the best winter-themed nails for this season. This set has become one of my favorite sets for ANY season. These winter Wonderland nails make me think “après-ski” and feel so bold and unique (Plaza), yet also have pops of clean neutrals, and a show-stopping gold-flaked topper (Is It Too Much?) to take you from New Year’s Eve to Superbowl Sunday.

Winter Getaway Nail Colors

olive and june winter 2021 nail polish

Top row from left to right:

  • Ruby Shimmer – metallic red
  • Sundance Shimmer – metallic bronze
  • Lilac Shimmer – metallic lilac

Bottom row from left to right:

  • Cable Knit – muted classic cream
  • Bunny Slope – winter white (good for warm skin tones)
  • Caramel Budino – toasty toffee (best for dark skin with warm undertones)
  • Cozy Up – dark red (not too bright and not too dark — just right)
  • Into the Trees – spruce green (a blue-green for fair skin with cool undertones)

When the above winter nail colors were released, I thought they were absolutely perfectly curated for both the holidays and beyond. The creamy neutrals (like Cable Knit) are reminiscent of warm beverages and make for great winter ombre nails when combined. The red (Cozy Up) is festive yet not too Christmas-y, and the metallics scream seasonal fun.

Winter Party Nail Colors

olive and june winter 2020 nail polish

From left to right:

  • CV– cherry red (the most absolutely perfect basic shade of red everyone should own)
  • CN– chocolate brown
  • E+M– inky black
  • HJ– shimmering midnight blue
  • LL– shimmering emerald green
  • SD– vampy plum (similar to OPI’s cult-favorite shade, Lincoln Park After Dark.)
  • OJBH– gold metallic
  • OJPAS– platinum metallic
  • OJSM– rose gold metallic

These cute winter nails are all about two things that are perfect for winter — jewel tones and metallics. You can’t go wrong with any or all of these shades in cold weather, especially CV, which is a classic.

Winter Jewel Tones and Metallic Nail Colors

olive and june winter 2019 nail polish

From left to right:

  • OMG– deep navy
  • Besties – deep emerald
  • Yes Please – true turquoise (a true Tiffany blue)
  • Obsessed– dark ruby
  • Nailfie Time– true ruby
  • XOXO– hot pink
  • Exclamation Point – silver glitter
  • Obvi – gold glitter

Lastly, this winter nail polish collection ranges from bright and bold to deep and dark, and they are festive for Christmas, New Year’s, snow days, Valentine’s Day, and beyond. Try Yes Please for a unique “Tiffany’s” blue. I personally love the classic deep navy (OMG) too, which is a dark classic for winter.


The best winter nail colors are perfect to boost your winter lifestyle on cold and snowy days, and they take you from Christmas all the way through Valentine’s Day, while also celebrating the seasonal “blues.”

As an Olive & June ambassador who’s tested dozens of their nail polish colors, my top picks are:

  • Plaza – the most perfectly bold and unique purple
  • Office Party – looks just like snow with little flecks in it
  • To Me, You are Perfect – truly a perfect dark and vampy, deep burgundy with a slight shimmer that makes it a standout
  • Cable Knit – a really flattering creamy neutral
  • CV – an extremely classic red that everyone needs
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