This honest review of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit is for those who are struggling to achieve the perfect at-home pedicure and/or want to give the perfect self-care gift of an at-home pedicure (because sharing is caring!)

First, I provide facts about Olive & June, then a review of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit and its component parts, which I have been using to get the perfect at-home pedicure.

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Facts About Olive & June

The mission of Olive & June is to elevate the salon experience, giving women personal attention and luxury service, but at an approachable price.

From a cost perspective, the Olive & June Pedicure Kit gives you several times the number of manicures you can get in a salon.

Here are some quick facts about Olive & June:

  • Cruelty free nail polish
  • Vegan nail polish
  • Non-toxic nail polish formulated without Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor, Ethyl tosylamide and Xylene
  • Woman-owned business

Before I review in-depth my thoughts on each component part, I would like to note some other products I have unsuccessfully tried before settling on Olive & June products:

  • Salon brand products
  • At-home gel manicure kit with UV light
  • So-called “holy grail” top coats
  • Press on nails
  • Nail “wraps”
  • Clear nail “glow” (Note: I do love this particular product, but I dislike that it’s not part of a system, as I now believe quality polish is only one part of the perfect manicure or pedicure. I still use it on occasion with the Olive & June Mani System.)

I loved it so much that I got the Olive & June Pedicure Kit. So, let’s dive into a review of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit and its component parts.

(But first, I do want to note that the perfect at-home pedicure is a mixture of both quality ingredients and taking the time to “self-care” the right way. The Olive & June Pedicure Kit to get the most out of these at-home beauty tools.)

Review of Olive & June Pedicure Kit

The Olive & June Pedicure Kit promises:

All the tools you need for salon-perfect pedis at home, plus 6 long-lasting polishes of your choice and Super Glossy Top Coat.

The Olive & June Pedicure Kit also includes THIRTEEN component parts:

  • a foot file
  • nail polish remover pot
  • large flat edge nail clippers
  • nail file
  • cuticle remover
  • cuticle pusher
  • mini buffer
  • foot serum
  • silicone toe separators
  • clean up brush
  • super glossy top coat and
  • the “Posey” foot rest/carrying case.

Find out my honest thoughts about all of these products in my review of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit component parts below.

Nail Polish

collage of fall books and fall nail polish

Read more about these and more recommended new Fall nail colors.

(Bonus Tip: Top these shades with Pink Goldfish!)

I reviewed Olive & June nail polish and all my favorite shades in detail in my review of the Olive & June Mani System, so I won’t reiterate every single detail here, but, I’ll note a few main points for your ease of reference:

  • As mentioned above, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic
  • It has a long-lasting proprietary formula (longer lasting than ANY polish I have used, including ones for which I have paid $30 a bottle).
  • The brush has a very wide, fan-like shape. The large fan fits a real nail bed more snugly and also helps you cover more area in fewer strokes, which helps lengthen the time of your perfect pedicure.

I have been most impressed by the “creamy” lighter shades (i.e., CDJ, GH) to date.  To me, they give the most salon-quality look.

Get even more nail ideas below:

Foot File

I have a high-quality foot file I like, so I wasn’t expecting this foot file to be any better. Boy, was I wrong. It removed multiple times the amount of dead skin and nicely catches it in the back for easy and clean disposal. The foot file in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit is a real stand-out product.

Nail Polish Remover Pot

I am a huge fan of the nail polish remover pot that comes with the System. You just stick your finger in the pot, swirl it around 3-5 times, and when you pull it out, it’s completely clean and doesn’t look or feel stripped.

This process is a bit more complicated and messy when it comes to the pot for your toes in the Find out my honest thoughts about all of these products in my review of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit, so while I like this product for the toes, I don’t love it.

Large Flat Edge Nail Clippers

The large flat-edge nail clippers in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit are great. Like their nail clippers, they are well designed and very sharp, and easy to use.

Nail File

The nail file for the foot in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit is thinner than the one for the hands, which makes it much easier to file your toenails. I love little details like this! I find all of these nail files to be particularly effective.

Cuticle Remover

I LOVE the cuticle remover lotion that comes with the Olive & June Pedicure Kit. Olive & June advocate against clipping your cuticles. But, by letting this cuticle remover sit on your cuticles for just a few minutes, they easily separate from the skin and can be pushed or buffed off thereafter with no cuts or bleeding.

Cuticle Pusher

The cuticle pusher in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit works about as well as other ones I have used. It’s a fine product.

Mini Buffer

The mini buffer in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit makes it easy to buff the small area of your toes to prep them for polish. The miniature size is another small detail that makes a difference in practice.

Foot Serum

I LOVE the foot serum that comes with the Olive & June Pedicure Kit as well. I love ALL of Olive & June’s serums, including the hand serum and the cuticle serum. They are so lightweight and non-greasy, and they keep your skin hydrated for about one week on your hands and two weeks or longer on your toes. I used to experience badly-dried cuticles for most of my life, and it’s no longer an issue with these products.

Silicone Toe Separators

It’s another little detail, but I love that the toe separators in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit are made of silicone. It makes them more comfortable to wear and easier to remove.

Clean Up Brush

The clean-up brush in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit is definitely well designed to really get into the edges of your nail and create perfectly straight lines and/or touch up loose ends, but I don’t see it as essential to the system.

Super Glossy Top Coat

The popular super glossy top coat that comes with the Olive & June Pedicure Kit is easy to use and definitely helps maintain the longevity of your manicure more than other top coats I have tried — and I have tried them all. It’s an essential part of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit.


Posey is the patent-pending footrest in the Olive & June Pedicure Kit for positioning your foot for a pedicure. It also doubles as a carrying case for all the component parts. To be honest, the angle of the Posey just didn’t really work for me, and I prefer doing my pedicure without it.

Add Ons

Dry Drops

I also recommend that you add on Olive & June’s dry drops. You squeeze 1-2 drops and your nail polish is dry to the touch in 80 seconds and completely dry in half the time.  While I find the bottle to be difficult to squeeze, I love that my nails dried almost immediately and limited my need for touch-ups!

After doing my own pedicure with this nail polish and component products, in the steps outlined, my pedicure EASILY lasts two weeks or longer.

Mani + Pedi Scrub

I LOVE Olive & June’s mani + pedi scrub. It uses enzymes, volcanic sand, and hydrating oils to exfoliate and, I swear, when I use it in combination with a good moisturizer I get the softest skin I’ve ever had.

Heel Balm

Olive & June’s heel balm is super thick for the dryest of skin. I actually use it all over my feet and then give it a few minutes to soak in for extra softness.

Shop Olive & June Pedicure Kit

To conclude this review of the Olive & June Pedicure Kit, I reiterate that, while I don’t adore each and every component part, this company’s nail products have still changed my life when it comes to at-home nail care remedies.

If you are interested in the Olive & June Manicure Kit too, you can check out my full review of the Olive & June Mani System. It made my list of Favorite Things of the year and it’s a top seller on my blog!

I have never had a nail polish last anywhere near as long, and the products are so top-notch and very thoughtfully designed. When using them together as part of a system, I enjoy my little self-care hour each week and get at least two weeks out of my pedicure using the Olive & June Pedicure Kit — the same as if I had gone to the salon, for a fraction of the price.

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