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Discover the best beach nail colors for your summer vacation here. There’s a perfect choice for every color of the rainbow to wear on your trip. You’ll make a statement with these bright and cute looks. Find your best shade below!

Collection of Beach nail polish colors with a beach bag.

As an Olive & June ambassador, I’ve tested 100+ shades over the past several years. I definitely have my favorite beach nail colors to share with you. They’re my own beach bag essentials!

The beach is a place to be bold and bright, so you will find many shades with intense tones and high gloss here. Since both your hands and feet will be on display on the sand, I have focused on shades in all the colors of the rainbow that work well with a variety of skin tones and wardrobe styles.

Beach nail colors.


Hibiscus: A tropical pink that wears like a red. It also stands out on a beach vacation and can be paired with both warmer and cooler styles throughout your trip. It’s a go-to I rely on for that bold and bright look on the sand, especially on my toes!

I’ll Take Another Spritz: An iridescent orange that’s extra fun because it sparkles.

Bright and Focused: A pretty, beaming yellow that’s beautifully bright, yet also doesn’t give off a harsh neon look. It’s a standout on short nails.

LHG: This shade is called a fresh neutral with a hint of pink. In person, it’s nowhere near as pink as it looks in pictures. It gives off the popular look of a bright white, but without looking too stark at the same time. The pinkness is extremely subtle. It’s the perfect beachy white for a wedding or other classic look.

Stinson Sunset: A peach-to-pink coral created by the mega blogger (and manicure enthusiast) Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere. It really filled a void for cute beach nail polish colors that are light in color yet still really bold and bright in saturation. It remains an all-time favorite!

Maine Character Energy: It’s called a “lobster red,” but it wears more like a bold and bright pink. It’s also a great shade for pedicures. It’s my top pick of 2024.

All Manis on Deck: It’s called a “tropical turquoise,” but it’s a bit green and minty on. My husband said this was his favorite shade of the whole 2024 summer collection on me!

Shades of Seersucker: This is a very light yet creamy version of a periwinkle blue for those who like a more simple and classic look. It obviously pairs well with beachy blue and white seersucker fabrics, as well as other preppy styles!

ACK, a Shark!: A “nautical navy” that truly works as a darker beach nail polish color. If you’re looking for something both neutral and dark, but not wintery, this is definitely it.

Jam, Please: A glowing soft magenta that’s an all-time favorite. Why? It’s just perfectly bright and purple-y, and it works really well on both fingers and toes. This versatility makes it an excellent nail color with more blue undertones for a cool-toned beach vacation look.

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Why You’ll Love Olive & June Nail Polish

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Now, I dive into my kits every Friday night at exactly 5 p.m. with an audiobook and a glass of wine.

Olive & June also boasts the following accolades:

  • vegan products
  • cruelty-free products
  • non-toxic products
  • Press on nails from 94% post-consumer recycled materials and non-damaging glue
  • Allure Best of Beauty winner (cuticle serum and nail polish remover pot)
  • woman-owned business

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Frequently Asked Questions

What nail color is best for the beach?

Bright coral is a great nail color for the beach. It complements the vibrant mood of summer and pairs well with swimwear. Coral also highlights a sun-kissed glow, making it an ideal choice for the beach.

What is the best color for beach toes?

Turquoise is the best color for beach toes because it reflects the ocean’s hues. This vibrant shade is both stylish and playful for your beach look.

What is the best nail color to wear on vacation?

Sunset orange is the best nail color to wear on vacation. It’s vibrant and cheerful, matching the vacation vibe. This shade also complements various outfits and settings, from beach days to adventurous explorations.

What nail color makes you look more tan?

Bright pink nail color makes you look more tan. The contrast enhances the warmth of your skin tone, giving it a sun-kissed glow. This vibrant shade is perfect for adding a touch of summer to your look.


The best nail colors for a beach vacation complement the vibrant mood of summer and pair well with swimwear. As a tester of 100+ Olive & June polishes, my top 3 for days in the sand are Stinson Sunset, Maine Character Energy, and Jam, Please.


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