Learn how to get Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails at home with these easy steps and product recommendations, including the original glazed donut “recipe” and several different options and ideas for different kinds of glazed donut manicures, like “strawberry” and “apple cider.”

glazed donut painted nails and nail polish

Since I’m an Olive & June ambassador and only use their nail products exclusively, I am focusing on their products for glazed donut nails. Their products truly enable you to DIY a salon-quality manicure and/or pedicure.

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About Glazed Donut Nails

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Hailey Bieber nails originated from the look that nail artist Zola Ganzorigt created for the 2022 Met Gala. She used a beige-pink nail polish mixed with a clear nail polish to make it sheerer, then topped it with a pearly chrome powder for those eye-catching, iridescent effects.

What are glazed donut nails?

Glazed donut nails are nails that are painted the colors of a glazed donut: sheer beige pink nail polish topped with pearly chrome nail polish.

How do you get glazed donut nails?

Get glazed donut nails by painting your nails the colors of a glazed donut: sheer beige pink nail polish topped with pearly chrome nail polish.

(Since we are recreating this at home nail inspiration as an easy DIY, I will be recommending nail polish only and not powder.)

Below, I share the steps for doing DIY glazed donut nails at home with my personal nail polish picks from the 100+ I own from Olive & June, followed by Olive & June’s nail polish shade recommendations for these Hailey Bieber nails. Lastly, I share some “spin-off” ideas for “flavored” glazed donut nails, inspired by a strawberry glazed donut and an apple cider glazed donut.

Steps for DIY Glazed Donut Nails


Step 1: Prep your nails.

To get a lasting, salon-quality manicure at home, you can’t skip prepping your nails!

  • Remove old polish.
  • Clip your nails.
  • Push your cuticles back.
  • File your nails.
  • Buff your nails.

(Olive & June’s Mani System comes with all the tools you need to do this.)

Step 2: Paint your glazed donut nails.

I tested MANY nail polish combinations to arrive at the look I recommend most to achieve the glazed donut look at home. Below is the “recipe” I liked the best and recommend to you:

  1. One coat of Nail Primer
  2. Two very thin coats of The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk (neutral sheer)
  3. One coat of Pink Capiz (milky pink iridescent) 
  4. One coat of Super Glossy Top Coat

By the way, sheer nail polish can be difficult for newbies. It helps to paint the coats thin and wait five minutes between coats. It’s a pain, I know, but it’s worth it in the end when your nails remain smudge-free!

Step 3: Hydrate your skin.

Lastly, it’s just as important to hydrate your skin as much as it is to prep your nails! Even the best paint job won’t look as good without moisturized cuticles and hands.

I always use Olive & June’s award-winning Cuticle Serum and Hand Serum after my nails are dry.

Then, I use the Overnight Hand Treatment before bed that night. This is actually my favorite Olive & June product ever. You wake up the next morning with skin as soft as a baby’s!

Now your glazed donut nails are complete.

Alternative Options for Glazed Donut Nails

Below are Olive & June’s nail polish recommendations for glazed donut nails, in case you want some more options.

Olive & June posted them before Pink Capiz (which I recommend) was released, and personally, I think Pink Capiz works better for this look generally, but it’s up to you to determine the exact flair you want your mani to have!

BEB + Pink Goldfish


Pink Goldfish is one of Olive & June’s bestselling shades ever, but it does have a blue tint to it, so you can try this “recipe” if you prefer blue undertones to the pink ones I recommended above.

  1. One coat of BEB (sheer white)
  2. One coat of Pink Goldfish (pink iridescent)
  3. One coat of BEB
  4. One coat of Super Glossy Top Coat

CHM + Nail Brightener


The difference with this particular recipe is that the shimmer will be more pearly white.

  1. Two coats of CHM (sheer tan)
  2. One coat of Nail Brightener (pearlescent shimmer)
  3. One coat of Super Glossy Top Coat

Spin-Off Ideas for “Flavored” Glazed Donut Nails

Now, let’s have some fun — because more donuts are better than less! Try these more colorful takes on the glazed donut look for a look that’s inspired by, but not identical to, the original.

Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails:


The idea here is basically a more pink, rather than neutral, glazed look.

  1. Two coats of Strawberry Scone (sheer pink)
  2. One coat of Nail Brightener (pearlescent shimmer)
  3. One coat of Super Glossy Top Coat

Apple Cider Glazed Donut Nails


These Fall glazed donut nails are more pigmented than the other looks and make for a great Fall nail design.

  1. One coat of Yogurt Parfait (rosy neutral)
  2. One coat of CHM (sheer tan)
  3. One coat of Pink Goldfish (pink iridescent with blue undertones)
  4. One coat of Super Glossy Top Coat


Those are all the best ideas for Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails.

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