Learn three stunning and unique ways to wear the cult favorite Olive & June Pink Goldfish nail polish to create countless nail looks that stand out.

olive june pink goldfish nail polish

Olive & June Pink Goldfish is a shimmery pink iridescent nail polish evocative of things like mermaids, unicorns, and the tv show Euphoria.

It was first released as a limited edition shade on Black Friday 2021, but after it sold out, it became the most requested Olive & June shade and they brought it back permanently. That’s right, Pink Goldfish is here to stay!

So, what’s the hype about Pink Goldfish all about? The iridescent finish offers the most eye-catching reflection when it catches the light and so, it can boost ANY manicure or pedicure.

Olive & June gifted me a bottle, and I’ve tested it out a few different ways now, and I can confirm: THE HYPE IS REAL. You just can’t stop staring at it when it’s on your nails.

In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased the entire Rainbow Goldfish collection of iridescent shades.

And, what’s more, is that you can wear Pink Goldfish in three main ways, with endless combinations. This makes it an essential at-home nail idea for every enthusiast.

Let’s explore the three main ways you can wear Olive & June Pink Goldfish nail polish to stand out: on its own; as press-on nails; and as a topper.

3 Unique Ways to Wear Olive & June Pink Goldfish Nail Polish

Wear Pink Goldfish On Its Own

First, you can wear Pink Goldfish on its own for a very subtle iridescent look that slightly enhances your natural nail and gives it a healthy glow.

AND… you can choose to wear one, two, or even three coats of Pink Goldfish on its own.

This is one of my favorite ways to wear this type of nail polish. Why? Because you can just throw it on and GO! And trust me, people will be asking you what’s on your nails.

You can see how Pink Goldfish looks on three different skin tones in the picture above. (See even more sample looks.)

You can buy Pink Goldfish on its own or as part of the Olive & June mani system or Olive & June pedi system.

Get 20% off your first purchase of any Olive & June system with the code OJJULIANNEB20.

Wear Pink Goldfish Press On Nails

Second, you can wear Pink Goldfish press on nails for a completely seamless “glue and go” look that lasts about a week (or up to about two weeks with the long-term application method).

These Pink Goldfish press-on nails come in the following lengths and shapes: medium oval and extra short round. (I like shorter nails, so I always use extra short when I use these press-ons.)

While each kit comes with everything you need, you may choose to upgrade to the full Press On System, which comes with even more goodies.

Trust me, the press-ons are super easy to apply and remove, and you can even cut them and shape them.

This particular iteration of Pink Goldfish is also a bit more opaque.

Wear Pink Goldfish As a Topper

Lastly, you can wear Pink Goldfish as a topper on ANY Olive & June nail polish shade. Just look at the examples above! It takes any color and just makes it glow, shine, and sparkle with a pink tone and slightly blue undertone.

This is what makes the possibilities so endless with Pink Goldfish. It looks especially amazing on a glazed donut-inspired manicure.

Personally, I love to use it best on shades that are pretty, but more muted and matte, so that they POP. It takes these looks from “meh” to total eye candy.

You can scroll through Olive & June’s Instagram post above by clicking the arrow on the right side of the post to see exactly how Pink Goldfish looks on over 100 shades! Yes, really!

So far, the shades I personally liked Pink Goldfish best on are:

As you can see, Pink Goldfish is so incredibly universal.

Pink Goldfish vs. Nail Brightener

swatches of Olive & June Pink Goldfish vs Nail Brightener

Of note, I have seen some confusion over the difference between Olive & June Pink Goldfish and the new Nail Brightener. They are similar, but also very different.

In color, both appear pink and iridescent. However, Pink Goldfish is a bit more opaque and has blue undertones. Nail Brightener is more pearly and natural looking on the nail.

Also, Pink Goldfish is a nail polish, whereas Nail Brightener is a nail treatment. Here’s what Nail Brightener does:

  •  Instantly brighten stained + discolored nails
  •  Helps brighten nails and conceals stains with lemon peel & lemon extract
  •  Absorbs light and reflects it for an instant brightening effect with UV Filters
  •  Acts as a stain shield from the environment
  •  Ensures new nail growth isn’t stained

Lastly, Nail Brightener should be used as a base, whereas Pink Goldfish can be used as a base or topper.

So, if you are deciding between Pink Goldfish and Nail Brightener, it just depends on the type of use you are looking for.


Now you know three unique ways to wear Olive & June Pink Goldfish nail polish.

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