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Use this Bookstagram name generator to find the perfect Instagram username. It’s based on everything I learned over my many years on Bookstagram. You’ll easily be able to use my tips and tricks to come up with Bookstagram ideas for your own username. Let’s get started.

collage of words to use in your bookstagram name generator.

Easy Bookstagram Name Generator

This Bookstagram name generator has 3 simple steps.

3 Quick Steps

  1. Brainstorm a list of literary words to include.
  2. Put the words together.
  3. Finalize your decision.

Tips for Choosing Your Bookstagram Name

As you follow these steps, heed the following advice from my guide to Bookstagram.

When I started out on Bookstagram in its early days, I just used my name as my handle. But, I quickly realized it would help people to immediately know my account was a Bookstagram account. So, I dropped my last name and changed my handle to @jules.literarylifestyle.

As time went on, I realized there were even more ways to make my account stand out. Here’s a few examples:

On my @TheRoryGilmoreBookClub account, I am far more likely to click on and follow someone who has something Gilmore Girls-related in their handle. It’s totally aligned with the kind of content I want to see and share on that account!

On my @jules.literarylifestyle account, I usually follow Bookstagrammers with “Philly” in their name because that’s where I live. So, we may be able to become real-life friends!

Step 1: Brainstorm a list of book-related words you like.

As I mentioned, Bookstagram has thousands of members. So, growing your account and finding the right people for you to make friends with should be a very intentional process.

Below are some bookish and other ideas to help you brainstorm a list of words you like for your potential Instagram username.

Literary Words:

  • Book
  • Booked
  • Bookish
  • Novel
  • Book Club
  • Literature
  • Literary
  • Lit
  • Read
  • Page
  • Chapter
  • Bookshelf
  • Bookstack
  • Bookstore
  • Stack
  • Spine
  • Library
  • Librarian
  • Pen/pencil
  • Author
  • Writer
  • Paperback
  • Hardcover
  • Audiobook
  • Ebook
  • Bookmark
  • Note
  • Notebook
  • Journal
  • Story
  • Backlist
  • Tale
  • Review
  • Bookworm
  • Book Nerd
  • Reading nook
  • Reading corner
  • Words
  • Bookstagram

Book Genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Memoir
  • Diverse
  • YA / Young Adult
  • Middle Grade
  • Children’s/Kids
  • Sci-Fi
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction
  • Action / Adventure
  • Cook Books
  • True Crime
  • Fantasy: witch, wizard, etc.
  • Mystery: detective, sleuth, etc.
  • Cookbooks: chef, kitchen, etc.
  • Historical fiction: vintage, antique, etc.

Specific Books, Characters, or Things in Books:

  • Harry Potter
  • Rory Gilmore

Bookish Phrases:

  • Advanced Reader Copy (ARC)
  • To Be Read (TBR)
  • Currently Reading

(These make great Bookstagram hashtags to copy too!)

Bookish Favorites:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Self Care
  • Pets
  • Cozy
  • Hygge
  • Your Enneagram number
  • Introvert
  • Library


  • Where you live
  • A certain location you like to read
  • A fictional location from a book

Unique Facts About Yourself:

  • Job
  • Hair Color
  • Hobby
  • Family Role (i.e., mom or wife)

Step 2: Put them together with this Bookstagram Name Generator.

Next, use the below formulas as a “Bookstagram name generator.” They make for a great starting point. Then, if you choose, you can expand on them with extra words and phrases:

  • [Noun] and [Noun]
    • Example: TeaAndTales
  • [Adjective] [Noun/Name]
    • Example: BookishJules
    • Example: BestBooksOnly
  • [The/A] [Adjective] [Noun]
    • Example: TheLiteraryLifestyle
    • Example: TheBlondeRomanceReader
  • [Noun/Name] [Verb]
    • Example: JulesReads
  • [Noun/Name] [Verb] [Noun]
    • Example: JulesReadsBooks
    • Example: JulesReadsThrillerBooks
  • [Noun/Verb] with/by [Name]
    • Example: GetBookedWithJules
    • Example: BookRecsbyJules
  • [Possessive Name] [Noun]
    • Example: JuliannesBookshelf
  • [Noun/Name] Guide to [Noun]
    • Example: IntrovertsGuideToClassics

Or, Use These Bookstagram Name Ideas:

  • Two words put together as one word
    • Example: Bookstamatic (Books + Automatic)
  • A pun
    • Example: PaigesPages
  • An idiom
    • Example: MeMyShelfAndI
  • A declarative sentence
    • Example: ReadMoreRomanceBooks
  • A rhyme
    • Example: SpinesAndWines
    • Example: MarksARCs
  • A theme for your content
    • Example: TheBookOrTheMovie
    • Example: HandwrittenBookReviews


  • Consider alliteration and rhymes to make your Bookstagram name catchy.
  • Also consider how easy it is for others to spell and to speak so that it’s really memorable.

Step 3: Finalize your book username decision.

Now that you have done a lot of brainstorming and name-generating, it’s time to finalize your decision. Before you do so, you may want to consider these things:

First, does this name most accurately describe who you are and how you want to be perceived as a Bookstagrammer? Depending on your goals, you may want to consider a name that’s more broad or specific.

Next, check Instagram to see if the name idea is already taken. If it is, don’t necessarily panic! Consider adding letters, words, symbols, or numbers to the name if you still want to use it.

That being said, you should also check to make sure it’s not an existing company, brand name, or trademarked name.

Last, check other platforms to see if the name is available there, too, in case you want to use it beyond Bookstagram. I love to use the free website Namecheckr to do this quickly and easily.

(You’ll also need to brainstorm some Bookstagram bio ideas to get off the ground.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you come up with a Bookstagram name?

To come up with a Bookstagram name, brainstorm a list of literary words you like, combine them, and finalize your decision. Keep it simple and catchy, and make sure it reads well typed out.

What should my first Bookstagram post be?

Your first Bookstagram post should be a “Meet the Bookstagrammer” post. Share details about you, how you picked your Bookstagram handle, and what types of book content you will share.

How often should you post on Bookstagram?

If you want to succeed on Bookstagram, you should post every day. Share casual, in-the-moment posts in stories daily. Post more aesthetic posts, like long-form book reviews a few times per week.


This Bookstagram name generator helped you quickly and easily come up with a unique, yet literary, username. Now, go forth and start your Bookstagram! You can share your new handle with me @TheRoryGilmoreBookClub or @jules.literarylifestyle.

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