If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, these unique Bookstagram props will boost your photography immediately.

cell phone hovered above book for picture

There’s a LOT of creativity on Bookstagram, and I’ve definitely noticed some trends over the years for props that Bookstagrammers like to use and readers like to see.

Below is a quick list of Bookstagram props to add to your bookish photos. Then, I share some of my best recommendations for aesthetic Bookstagram ideas and how to use these props on Bookstagram to get the most swoon-worthy page.

Quick List of Bookstagram Props

  1. Books
  2. Book pages
  3. Bookshelf
  4. Bookcase
  5. Book cart
  6. Kindle
  7. Headphones
  8. Cell phone
  9. Laptop
  11. Bookends
  12. Book nook
  13. Glasses
  14. Reading Chair
  15. Couch
  16. Bed
  17. Desk
  18. Flooring
  19. Countertop
  20. Seasonal decor
  21. Bathtub
  22. Art
  23. Mug
  24. Flowers
  25. Plants
  26. Coffee
  27. Tea
  28. Wine
  29. Cocktail
  30. Food
  31. Clothes
  32. Jewelry
  33. Purse
  34. Funko pops
  35. Recreation of the cover
  36. Bookish merchandise
  37. Stickers
  38. Memorabilia
  39. Cat
  40. Dog
  41. Blanket
  42. Socks
  43. Reading journal
  44. Writing tools
  45. Fairy lights
  46. Board
  47. Sign
  48. Scrabble tiles
  49. Office supplies
  50. Nature
  51. People
  52. Your current view
  53. Backdrop
  54. Candle
  55. TV
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Tips for Using Bookstagram Props

Below are recommendations about how and when to use these Bookstagram props and more specifically what to use, with a few of my favorite photos as samples.

I like to take a bit of a “who, what, where, when, why” approach to capturing books for Bookstagram.

What you are reading

Obviously, you can post what you are reading on Bookstagram! So, let’s move on to more ideas about what Bookstagram props to pair with your books…

How you are reading your book

You can post the format by which you are reading your book (i.e., physical copy, digital copy, or audio copy.) This works especially when you want to recommend a particular method for a specific book.

Love the audiobook? Post your cell phone with your headphones nearby.

Where you are reading

It’s always entertaining to see where people are reading whether it’s a book nook, reading corner, the great outdoors, a desk, etc. Make use of your environment to capture the moment in its purest form.

Who you are reading with

Do your pets love to read with you? Your spouse? Your kids? Bookstagrammers just love to see you sharing your hobby with those you love. It’s so easy to click that little heart when there’s a special cutie in the shot.

What accompanies you when you are reading

There are so many fun reading accessories you can use in your Bookstagram photos: bookmarks, bookends, book sleeves, your reading journal, your favorite blanket (I swear by the ChappyWrap blanket), blue light glasses, candles, highlighters, a drink, and so on. Readers love their accessories!

When you are reading

When you are reading is similar to where you are reading, but it also captures a time in addition to a place. For example, think of using a sunrise or a sunset as a prop, or another particular time of day or season. Or, even a clock!

What the book reminds you of

Pairing a book with what it reminds me of is probably my favorite way to capture books, from a particular meal to an outfit, a place mentioned in the book, another related book or books, fan memorabilia, a book adaptation, and so forth.

The point is to be creative and be YOU.

More Ideas

You can get even more creative by using Bookstagram props, using supplies like scrapbook backgrounds, chalkboards, and felt signs.

Or, you can re-create the cover of a book (one of my favorite things to do).

As a bonus, if you use a certain prop regularly, you can become associated with that type of photograph and create more “brand awareness” for your account.

Now you know the best Bookstagram ideas to grow your Bookstagram account fast and reach all of your other Bookstagram goals.

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