This Daisy Jones & the Six review gives you all the details you need to know about this immensely unique and page-turning book about the rise and fall of a 70s rock band. I have also provided book club questions, and lifestyle pairings, including books similar to Daisy Jones & the Six, music, tv adaptation details, and more for you to enjoy.

Daisy Jones and the six and other Taylor Jenkins Reid books on a bookshelf.

Daisy Jones & The Six Review

  • New York Times bestseller
  • Book of the Month Club’s Book of the Year 2019
  • Named one of the best books of the year by NPR, The Washington Post, Esquire, GlamourReal Simple, Good Housekeeping, Marie ClaireParade, PasteShelf Awareness, and BookRiot

Daisy Jones & the Six is the only novel I can ever recall reading TWICE — once in print when it was released and again on audio just prior to the release of the tv adaptation. So, yeah, it’s GOOD.

This Reese Witherspoon book club is the brainchild of popular author Taylor Jenkins Reid, and it’s the story of the rise and fall of a 1970s rock band, which was reminiscent to me of a band like Fleetwood Mac.  The main questions posed to the reader are: How did they get together? And, why did they fall apart?

As one might imagine, there’s sex, drugs, and rock and roll in this book.  The story is told in a documentary, interview style with the band members.  

Reid is skilled at creating characters that live and breathe, and this book makes the reader years to hear Daisy Jones and lead male vocalist Billie sing together just one time. 

Daisy Jones & the Six is such a unique storyline and way of telling a story that will get all your creative juices flowing.  The book even includes a full set of song lyrics!

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Daisy Jones & The Six Audiobook Review

Daisy Jones & the Six was a finalist in the 2020 Audie Awards and is also widely hailed as one of the best audiobooks of all time. It has a full cast of narrators reading the audiobook:

  • Sara Arrington
  • Jennifer Beals
  • Arthur Bishop
  • Fred Berman
  • Benjamin Bratt
  • Jonathan Davis
  • Ari Fliakos
  • Holter Graham
  • Judy Greer
  • January Lavoy
  • Robinne Lee
  • Peter Larkin
  • Henry Leyva
  • P.J. Ochlan
  • Robert Petkoff

The large cast (including famous names) really brings this book to life. I read it both in print AND on audio and, by the end of the audio, I had chills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daisy Jones and The Six worth reading?

Yes, Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is definitely worth reading. This Reese’s book club pick was, among accolades, Book of the Month Club’s Book of the Year 2019 and finalist in the 2020 Audie Awards. It’s the story of the rise and fall of a 1970s rock band, similar to Fleetwood Mac, uniquely told in documentary format decades later. It even includes song lyrics and has become a reader favorite over the past several years.

Why is Daisy Jones and the Six so good?

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is so good because it’s about an intriguing and salacious topic — the rise and fall of a 1970s rock band — and it’s told in a unique documentary format decades later, which makes the story and the characters come alive.

Is Daisy Jones and the Six better as an audiobook?

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is arguably better on audio because it’s narrated by a full cast, including famous actors, which works especially well for the book, since it’s written in the format of a documentary. The audiobook was a finalist in the 2020 Audie Awards. However, the print copy contains song lyrics at the end.

30 Daisy Jones and the Six Book Club Questions

Below are Daisy Jones & the Six discussion questions I created for your book clubs based on notes I took while reading it for the second time. I tried to keep them as spoiler-free as possible, in case you haven’t read it yet!

Discuss the unique documentary-style format of Daisy Jones & the Six.

Discuss the identity of the documentarian.

Do you think the accounts told in the documentary were likely true or muddled by subjectivity and lapses in memory?

Did you read Daisy Jones & the Six in print or on audio?

Discuss how Daisy’s childhood affected her adult life.

Discuss how Daisy’s appearance is described by various characters.

Early on Daisy wonders whether she has a purpose. What do you think her purpose is?

Discuss Daisy as a source of inspiration versus as a creator.

Discuss the band’s name changes and their significance.

Describe the differences in the band before and after Daisy joined.

Describe each of the band members.

Did all of the band members feel unique and memorable to you?

Discuss Billy and Camilla as spouses.

Discuss Billy and Camilla as parents.

Daisy Jones & the Six explores a lot of common themes of a 1970s band: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Did it still feel unique in its own right to you?

Discuss the meaning of the song “Aurora.”

Discuss the role of drugs and alcohol in Daisy Jones & the Six, particularly in Daisy’s and Billy’s lives

Daisy Jones & the Six is ALL about music, yet you can’t hear the music as a reader. How, if at all, did this affect your reading experience?

Discuss the tension among Daisy, Billy, and Camilla.

Who was the love of Billy’s life?

Should Camilla have left Billy?

Discuss marriage in the lives of various characters.

Discuss the role of death in Daisy Jones & the Six.

Discuss the role of pregnancy and childbirth in Daisy Jones & the Six.

Discuss Karen’s and Graham’s relationship.

For not being a member of the band, the character of Camilla is a really important one, and she’s really well-drawn. Describe her and and her role in the story of Daisy Jones & the Six.

Discuss the penultimate conversation between Camilla and Daisy.

Is Daisy Jones & the Six a love story or something else?

Did the band end up where you thought they would after time had passed following the breakup?

Discuss any related content you consumed: the music, the tv adaptation, the song lyrics at the end, etc.

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Books Like Daisy Jones & The Six

If you loved Daisy Jones & the Six, below are four books I read that gave me Daisy Jones & the Six vibes:

The Final Revival of Opal and Nev by Dawnie Walton: This story of the rise, fall, and reunion of a iconic interracial rock duo in the 1970s felt so similar to Daisy Jones & the Six in format, yet also unique in its own story. I recommend the audio version.

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez: A lovable modern rom-com in which a young woman finds a dog, which happens to be owned by a rock star… then ends up developing feelings for him.

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby: A pop music junkie who runs a failing record store contemplates a second chance at romance.

The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes by Elissa R. Sloan: An early 2000s pop music girl group reminisces the height of their fame and how it may have contributed to a group member’s suicide 20 years later.

(And if you haven’t already, you simply must Taylor Jenkins Reid’s other beloved books, including The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.)

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Book Pairings

To accompany this review of Daisy Jones & the Six, check out the below recommendations.

Daisy Jones & The Six TV Show Series

Watch the 13-episode Amazon TV series based on Daisy Jones & the Six, which was released in March 2023.

Daisy Jones & The Six Music & Songs

Listen to this curated Spotify playlist inspired by the book:

Listen to the songs from the tv adaptation too:

Daisy Jones & The Six Aesthetic

Watch this Daisy Jones & the Six aesthetic I created and shared on TikTok:

@theliterarylifestyle To celebrate the release of the new Daisy Jones and the six single and to hold myself over until the adaptation releases in March. 🎶📖 #daisyjones #daisyjonesandthesix #daisyjonesandthesixedit #daisyjonesandthesixaesthetic #daisyjonesedit #daisyjonesandthesixbook #taylorjenkinsreid #reesesbookclub #hellosunshine #booktok ♬ Look At Us Now (Honeycomb) [Single Version] – Daisy Jones & The Six

I hope this Daisy Jones & the Six review with book club questions and lifestyle pairings inspired you to pick up this unique book and/or enjoy something inspired by it.

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