If you’re looking for your first or next great “TJR” book, get all the Taylor Jenkins Reid books ranked in order right here to help you decide what to read first or next from this massively bestselling author. Plus, get a printable PDF of all the Taylor Jenkins Reid books to help you track your reading.

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Taylor Jenkins Reid is the UBER New York Times bestselling and award-winning author beloved by modern female women everywhere. Just look at those Goodreads reviews!

Taylor Jenkins Reid grew up in Massachusetts and resides in Los Angeles, having begun her career in film production (source), and these influences feature prominently in her novels. Her catalog begins with contemporary romance fiction featuring unique plot lines, then moves into more modern historical fiction, which is really where she seems to have hit her stride.

Ever since I read my first (and favorite) TJR book, the universally beloved The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, it was clear she was an author whose catalog should be devoured.

So I did! (I have now read them ALL.) And now I am here to share the results with you so you can pick your first or next read from my list of all the Taylor Jenkins Reid books ranked.

Beginning with 2017’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which spans Hollywood from 1950s to the present, Reid more wholly immerses the reader into the lives of complex characters at a unique time and place. So, it’s no surprise that this and her two subsequent novels, Daisy Jones & The Six (about a 1970s rock band) and Malibu Rising (taking place in 1980s Malibu) comprise my top 3 favorite books from her catalog (and are generally the most loved books of readers across the board).

As I share all the Taylor Jenkins Reid books, I must note it’s always hard to rate books in order, especially when they are ALL as good as these. I do it because I know it helps readers decide what to read next, and I also try to focus on who each book is best for, as my opinion may differ from someone else’s!

So, I hope you can peruse this list knowing you really can’t go wrong with this particular catalog and find the book that is best for YOU.

All the Taylor Jenkins Reid Books Ranked In Order

Below are all the Taylor Jenkins Reid books ranked in order of my personal rating.

  1. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017)
  2. Daisy Jones & The Six (2019)
  3. Malibu Rising (2020)
  4. Evidence of the Affair (2018)
  5. Maybe in Another Life (2015)
  6. Carrie Soto is Back (2022)
  7. One True Loves (2016)
  8. After I Do (2014)
  9. Forever, Interrupted (2013)

As you can see, I generally thought Reid’s novels got better and better over time, with a few standouts. And below are more details about each of these books and who they are best for, in order of my personal rating.

(Again, I note that I really and truly believe they are *ALL* good books, regardless of their ranking!)

Daisy Jones and the six and other Taylor Jenkins Reid books on a bookshelf.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

  • New York Times bestseller
  • Nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction of 2017
  • Finalist for Book of the Month’s Book of the Year award in 2017

My rating: #1; 5 out of 5 stars

Best for: EVERYONE! Seriously, EVERYONE loves this book, and it is the #1 book I most often recommend to people. But also, it’s especially great for those who love glamourous historical fiction and character-driven books.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is the most EPIC Hollywood glam story of the salacious life and seven marriages of an aging famed actress. She’s not just the Cuban New Yorker who transformed for the spotlight — there’s so much more to her than the public thinks they know.

She enlists an unknown magazine reporter and divulges all of her secrets and love affairs from the 1950s to the present. You’ll gasp as a major twist is revealed early on, and the twists keep coming as fast as the gossip.

You will be HOOKED, and you will turn the pages of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo faster than a tabloid in the grocery checkout line pre-social media. Author Taylor Jenkins Reid perfectly explores every aspect of the complex, flawed character of Evelyn Hugo, from seductive to endearing. The result is one of the most memorable characters I’ve read in literature to date.

Daisy Jones & The Six

  • New York Times bestseller
  • Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick
  • Book of the Month Club’s Book of the Year 2019
  • Named one of the best books of the year by NPR, The Washington Post, Esquire, GlamourReal Simple, Good Housekeeping, Marie ClaireParade, PasteShelf Awareness, and BookRiot
  • Finalist in the 2020 Audie Awards
  • Currently being adapted by Hello Sunshine into a limited series for Amazon

My rating: #2; 5 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of rock and roll documentaries and romances, as well as Reese’s Book Club

Daisy Jones & the Six is one of the most unique books I have ever read, and it’s DEFINITELY a fan favorite as well. Loosely based on the band Fleetwood Mac and told entirely in documentary format through interviews with the members, it’s the story of a 1970s rock band. From how they got together, to “the good years,” to their ultimate demise, you won’t likely be surprised to learn there’s lots of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in this book. 

The unique format and meticulous attention to detail make this book, and its characters, truly feel ALIVE. It even includes a full set of album lyrics, which you can all but hear lead singer Daisy Jones crooning to the lead male vocalist, Billie.

Daisy Jones & the Six is utterly sensational, and it’s ABSOLUTELY a must-read!

For more, read my full review of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Note: Daisy Jones & the Six is VERY widely hailed as one of the best audiobooks of all time. It’s told by a full cast, including notable names like Benjamin Bratt and Jennifer Beals.

Malibu Rising

My rating: #3; 5 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of more modern historical fiction (1980s), family dramas, and the Read With Jenna book club

By the time Malibu Rising was released in 2020, I REALLY didn’t think Taylor Jenkins Reid could outdo herself again. But, she did. Malibu Rising is on FIRE — literally. By the end of the 24-hour day on which the Riva family’s end of Summer bash takes place, their Malibu mansion has gone up in flames.

In August 1983, four siblings are the spawn of a famous musician, Mick Riva, all dealing with drama in their lives. There’s a surfer-supermodel, a championship surfer, a renowned photographer, and the adored youngest child.

One has been publicly left by her pro tennis player husband. Another has a huge confession to make. The third can’t stop thinking about a girl, and the fourth has secrets including an uninvited guest who impacts everything.

It’s a completely immersive story in which the short time frame and intimate nature of the conflict really keep these tensions high until they explode. And the 1980s Malibu setting really sets the mood. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Evidence of the Affair

My rating: #4; 4 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of short stories that pack a punch, as well as superfans of Taylor Jenkins Reid books who want to read her entire catalog

Evidence of the Affair is an exquisitely crafted short story that really draws you in and makes an impact. It’s the type of story that makes you think, “Wow! Now THAT’s a short story.”

When a desperate woman writes a letter to a man she’s never met, a choice is made that forever changes both of their lives.

Their following correspondences slowly and carefully reveal the hurtful details of an illicit affair between their spouses, and all of the confusion in pain about the past, present, and future that comes with it.

It’s a total exploration of matters of the heart told with the intimacy only personal letters can provide, and it is likely to cut right to your core as it did mine.

Note: Evidence of the Affair is ONLY available on Amazon Kindle and Audible.

Maybe in Another Life

  • People Magazine pick
  • US Weekly “Must” pick
  •  Named “Best Book of the Summer” by Glamour, Good HousekeepingUSA TODAYCosmopolitanPopSugar, Working MotherBustle, and Goodreads

My rating: #5; 4 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of “Sliding Doors” parallel life plotlines

In Maybe in Another Life, a lost twentysomething named Hannah, who has never felt she had a real home, makes a choice one night that has a massive impact on her life.

This sets into course two storylines that occur in parallel universes. One gives her a second chance at love, and the other gives her a new chance. And both come with even more complications.

It was really well done, and about as good as a rom-com gets for me (I’m usually a critic). For a long time, I didn’t know where it was going or which path I preferred for Hannah, but I did figure it out pretty close to the end. Regardless, it was a truly delightful read that both lightly entertains you and makes you think about fate versus choice.

Carrie Soto is Back

#1 New York Times bestseller

My rating: #6; 3.5 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of sports stories, comebacks, and father-daughter relationships

Carrie Soto is Back is a tennis comeback story that centers in great part on a father-daughter relationship.

Coached by her father, Carrie had a “win at all costs” attitude and was the best tennis player in the world when she retired, shattering records and earning titles.

Six years later, her record is taken by an impressive player, so she decides to come back for one final year. This time, she’s also assisted in her training by the one man she almost gave her heart to years earlier.

It’s quick and suspenseful with that “full circle” feeling. I especially enjoyed it on audio, narrated by a full cast with fun little sports news snippets that made it feel like a podcast (or actually listening to a real sporting event).

Fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid will surely be delighted by this one, but for me personally, it didn’t reach those really high levels of some of her other most popular books.

I also want to note that this book has been the subject of controversy for being about a Latina woman, but written by a white woman, and also not reflecting details about the main character’s unique experiences as a Latina woman.

After I Do

My rating: #7; 3.5 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of modern fiction about trying to pick the pieces back up in life

While there were a few things I disliked about After I Do, I generally really enjoyed it. It starts off when Lauren and Ryan’s marriage has reached its breaking point, and they can simply no longer get along. Instead of just splitting up, they decide to split APART, for one full year of no contact with each other.

During that year, Lauren journeys into the worlds of family and self-discovery, while also sneaking into Ryan’s emails to see what he is up to. I won’t spoil whether they ultimately stay together or apart, but I will say it’s a very satisfying ending that ties up loose ends for all of the family members’ storylines.

Lauren’s family really gives her a lot to think about when it comes to love and marriage, and I quickly became immersed in their lives as well.

While the story started with a lot of conflict and bickering that may turn off some readers who just want an escape, I personally will take a story about a conflicted relationship that feels more realistic than a picture-perfect relationship that feels more aspirational any day.

(If you prefer the aspirational, scroll down and check out One True Loves!)

And while I’m generally not a fan of learning a character’s innermost thoughts through letter reading (it just feels too convenient), I did think Taylor Jenkins Reid handled it better than other similar writing I’ve read.

While After I Do was not my top pick from the Taylor Jenkins Reid catalog, I still felt it really delivered, and I highly recommend it for quick, modern chick-lit that mimics the challenges of real life.

One True Loves

Named a “Best Book of Summer” by CosmopolitanInStyleRedbookUs Weekly, PopSugar, Buzzfeed, Bustle, Brit+Co, and Parade

My rating: #8; 3 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of plot-driven modern romance novels with a unique twist

One True Loves is a solid romance novel that presents a really unique relationship circumstance: What happens if the loving husband you thought was dead returns, and you are engaged to someone else?

Emma married her high school sweetheart, Jessie, and her newlywed life was blissful until their first anniversary when he went missing at sea and was presumed dead.

As she grieves the loss, she returns home and starts over, eventually getting a second chance at true love by falling for an old friend, Sam.

Then, Jessie returns and she must confront both her past and present all at once.

I enjoyed One True Loves much better than most romance novels (I prefer character-driven books), but I did also find it to be predictable and lacking in both complexity of character and plot development, compared to other TJR books. Still, it was a quick and engaging read romance fans will eat up, especially given its unique plotline.

Forever, Interrupted

My rating: #9; 3 out of 5 stars

Best for: fans of contemporary romance that also explores family dynamics

Forever, Interrupted was Taylor Jenkins Reid’s first novel. While it was a quick and interesting read, it just didn’t grab me emotionally the way her other books did.

On an ordinary New Year’s Day, twentysomething Elsie Porter meets a charming man named Ben. They instantly connect and fall in love. By May, they have eloped.

Just a week later, Ben is tragically hit by a truck and killed on impact. Now, Elsie must face life without Ben and Susan, the mother-in-law she has never met—and who doesn’t even know she exists.

The story weaves Elsie’s and Ben’s unlikely love story with the grieving process of the two women in his life, Susan and Elsie, as they relish in the past, navigate the present, and look towards a future of healing.

While it’s at the bottom of my personal list of the Taylor Jenkins Reid books ranked, I still enjoyed it, and I still encourage you to pick it up if it speaks to you. ALL of her books are good!

Taylor Jenkins Reid Books in Order

If you prefer to read Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books in chronological order, below is a full list of her books in order or publication date:

  1. Forever, Interrupted (2013)
  2. After I Do (2014)
  3. Maybe in Another Life (2015)
  4. One True Loves (2016)
  5. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017)
  6. Evidence of the Affair (2018)
  7. Daisy Jones & The Six (2019)
  8. Malibu Rising (2020)
  9. Carrie Soto is Back (2022)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What genre is Taylor Jenkins Reid?

Taylor Jenkins Reid writes modern women’s fiction books. Many of them are historical fiction and/or have romance in the plot.

What order should you read Taylor Jenkins Reid books?

Since Taylor Jenkins Reid books are standalone novels, you can read them in any order. However, you may wish to begin by reading her most popular books, Daisy Jones & The Six and/or The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Which Taylor Jenkins Reid should I read first?

You can read them in any order; however, you may wish to start by reading her most popular books, Daisy Jones & The Six and/or The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Is there a sequel to Malibu Rising?

No. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a standalone novel.

Is there a sequel to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo?

No. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a standalone novel.

Is Taylor Jenkins Reid writing a new book?

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s newest book, Carrie Soto is Back, was published on August 30, 2022. It’s about a 37-year-old retired tennis star who makes a comeback.


Those are ALL of the Taylor Jenkins Reid books ranked. I hope you found at least one novel to read next.

If you are still unsure, start with my top 3 picks, which are also generally considered to be readers’ favorites:

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