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Get the look of Parisian children’s literature. This Madeline costume for adults showcases an outfit you can pull from your closet and/or cheaply buy from Amazon. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to dress up in this book character costume for women and teachers to wear on Halloween or as a Book Week costume. Learn how to create the iconic blue dress look below.

DIY MAdeline costume for adults

About the Madeline Costume for Adults

The components of this Madeline adult book character costume are:

1. Madeline book by Ludwig Bemelmans
2. Straw hat with black ribbon trim
3. Blue dress with white-collar
4. Red necktie
5. White socks or tights
6. Black flats or heels

DIY Guide to the Madeline Costume

Madeline Book by Ludwig Bemelmans

A Caldecott Honor Book

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines the smallest one was Madeline.

Originally published over 75 years ago, Madeline remains a classic children’s literary character and book series.

At a boarding school in Paris, France, our courageous and cheerful Madeline is one of the best book characters of all time, scared of neither tigers nor mice, but she must overcome a ruptured appendix.

And the whimsical, vintage illustrations of her adventures keep her in the hearts of readers everywhere.

Straw Hat with Black Ribbon Trim

This straw hat with black ribbon trim is simply perfect and super affordable. There’s no need to look elsewhere on this one!

Blue Dress with White Collar

For the signature blue and white collared dress (or blue coat) of Madeline, I am sharing two highly-rated clothes options from Amazon — a long-sleeved dress and a short-sleeved dress — to suit your preference.

Red Necktie

This red necktie is Amazon’s Choice, with over a thousand reviews and a reasonable price point.

White Socks or Tights

If you already have white socks or tights in your closet, go ahead and pull them out. But, if you need to buy some, I own and recommend these Amazon’s Choice Dr. Scholl’s women’s knee-high socks for a simple reason — they have compression, so they perform double duty between Halloween and travel for me.

Black Flats or Heels

You can wear any black flats or heels already in your closet with this DIY Madeline costume for adults, but if you want or need costume shoes, these Mary Jane shoes are an affordable, well-rated option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential pieces for creating an adult Madeline costume?

For an adult Madeline costume, you’ll need a blue coat or dress, a wide-brimmed yellow hat with a black ribbon, a red scarf, white gloves, and black Mary Jane shoes.

How to find or create a Madeline hat for an adult costume?

Get a wide-brimmed yellow hat that closely matches Madeline’s iconic style, and adorn it with a black ribbon around the brim. Secure the ribbon with fabric glue or stitches for a lasting hold.

How to style your hair like Madeline for Halloween?

For a Madeline Halloween hairstyle, tuck long hair under into a faux bob and secure with bobby pins, or simply style short hair neat and straight. Top off with a yellow hat with a black ribbon to capture Madeline’s iconic look.

What accessories complete the Madeline costume for adults?

For an adult Madeline costume, essential accessories to capture Madeline’s classic Parisian schoolgirl look are a wide-brimmed yellow hat with a black ribbon, a red scarf, white gloves, and black Mary Jane shoes.


This DIY Madeline costume for adults and teachers channels the spunk and charm of the little Parisian girl. Whether you’re reciting lines from one of Madeline’s adventures or simply sporting the iconic yellow hat and blue coat, this costume ensures you’ll do so with authenticity and flair.

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