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This DIY Pippi Longstocking costume for adults will help you quickly and easily dress as the eccentric nine-year-old, red-headed orphan for your Halloween costume, Book Week costume, and beyond.

In fact, you can either pull these pieces from your closet and/or shop them quickly and easily on Amazon to dress up in this charming children’s female book character costume that kids will love.

pippi longstocking costume collage

Pippi Longstocking Costume for Adults

Pippi Longstocking has been a Swedish children’s literary hero for nearly a century at this point, and she has spawned several film adaptations.

These Pippi Longstocking costume ideas are specifically curated for an adult to wear the most recognizable Pippi outfit.

How do you dress like Pippi Longstocking?

To dress like Pippi Longstocking, wear a cotton top with an overall dress (preferably red and blue), mismatched socks (preferably at least one striped), short lace-up boots, and wiry red double braids. Optionally, carry a monkey toy and/or spotted white horse toy (like Pippi’s pets) and/or a brown vintage trunk suitcase.

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

First, I always love to recommend you carry “the” Pippi Longstocking book with your literary costume, so everyone knows exactly who you are.

Red Double Braided Wig

Second, your Pippi Longstocking costume wouldn’t be complete without Pippi’s signature double red braids, wired to stick outward. Before you go grab a coat hanger from your closet, check out this red braided wig, which is a perfect match.

Overall Jumper Dress

Pippi Longstocking most often wears a casual overall jumper dress, also known as a pinafore. And it’s most commonly blue in color like this one.

Cotton Top

Under your jumper, wear a standard cotton knit top, preferably in red, as Pippi most notably wore, like the simple one above. However, since Pippi dresses so colorfully and uniquely, feel free to wear any solid or striped knit shirt from your own closet if you don’t want to buy one.

Mismatched Socks

Pippi usually wore mismatched knee socks, and at least one was often multi-colored stripes. This pair actually comes mismatched and includes a rainbow stripe sock! The cloud sock also feels just as whimsical as Pippi herself.

Short Boots

Pippi commonly wore short brown lace-up boots. I like these especially because they can work in real life and for other literary character costumes as well.

Optional Accessories

Now, let’s have some fun! Pick and choose from these optional accessories to put the finishing touches on your Pippi Longstocking costume.


Pippi showed up in her neighborhood with an old-fashioned suitcase like this one, filled with gold. I think it would be especially fun to fill it with gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins for kids!

Mr. Nilsson the Pet Monkey

Pippi famously had a pet monkey named Mr. Nilsson, similar to this cute stuffed animal monkey.

The Pet Horse

Lastly, Pippi also had a pet horse reminiscent of this little horse toy.


This Pippi Longstocking costume for adults is about embracing the wild and whimsical nature of literature’s most iconic freckled redhead. It’s not just the gravity-defying braids or colorful stockings, but the spirit of adventure and fearlessness that Pippi represents. Dressing as Pippi is a delightful dive into a world where imagination rules supreme.

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