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Get adult Coraline costume ideas that are easy for women and teachers to DIY on Halloween, World Book Day, Book Character Day, Book Week costumes, and beyond. In fact, you can either pull these pieces from your closet and/or shop them quickly and easily on Amazon to dress up in this charming movie and book characters costume for females that kids will love.

Coraline was first an award-winning fantasy horror children’s book by Neil Gaiman, published in 2002. It was adapted into a movie in 2009.

After a young girl named Coraline Jones moves into a new house, she discovers a secret door that leads to a parallel universe. There, she encounters creepy versions of her parents. Soon, Coraline learns that the souls of other children have been trapped by the Other Mother and remain in this alternate world. Using her wit and courage, Coraline must both rescue these souls and save her real family.

Coraline Costume Ideas

How to dress up like Coraline?

If you want to wear a Coraline Jones costume, you should dress up in her iconic look, with a short blue bob wig (with a dragonfly clip), yellow rain jacket and rain boots, red skirt, and blue and red striped tights. You can also accessorize your Coraline Halloween Costume with turquoise blue nail polish and a leather messenger bag.

Below are my top picks for a Coraline costume for adults. This adult Coraline costume is inspired by the most iconic yellow raincoat look from the movie, which you can see in the movie trailer below:

collage of coraline costume ideas

Yellow Raincoat

The quintessential item for your Coraline costume is a yellow rain jacket. With something as practical as this, I recommend investing in one you can re-wear, so I selected a popular waterproof style for you. This piece also makes for an especially good outfit for rainy Halloween nights, several of which I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

Blue Wig with Dragonfly Hair Clips

The next most essential piece in these Coraline costume ideas is a wig that matches the character’s chin-length blue hair, in which she places a blue dragonfly hair clip with light pink wings. The items I selected both match the look well and come as a set to make it extra easy for you to dress as Coraline.

Red Skirt

Under her yellow raincoat, Coraline wears a red skirt. This one is a #1 best seller on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can wear something basic, such as jeans or leggings under your yellow raincoat, since that piece is the real standout of these adult Coraline costume ideas.

Red and Blue Striped Socks

Next, Coraline wears what appears to be tights with red and blue striped under her skirt, which I could not match. However, I did find these red and blue striped over-the-knee socks that match the look.

Yellow Rain Boots

On her feet, Coraline wears calf-high yellow rain boots. This is another item I thought would be great to wear again later, so I selected a popular option for women to share with you rather than a costume piece.

Alternatively, you can wear basic rain boots you already own, such as black, blue, or red.

Turquoise Blue Nail Polish

If you want to get really detailed with your Coraline costume, wear turquoise blue nail polish that matches Coraline’s nails. However, this is definitely an optional detail you can skip if you choose since people may not notice it as clearly.

Messenger Bag

Lastly, another optional accessory you can wear as Coraline is a messenger bag with buckles like hers. Again, I chose one that can be used again — it’s highly rated, fits a laptop up to 15.6 inches, has a padded shoulder strap, and can affix to the handles of a rolling suitcase.

If you are trick or treating, this would be a great place to store goodies too!


Coraline’s tale is one of courage, curiosity, and the uncanny—a story that sparks the imagination. Use the Coraline costume ideas for women to pay homage to the eerie and enchanting world of Coraline.

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