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Calling all wizards! This easy DIY Hermione Granger Halloween costume for women is specially curated in that the products I recommend from Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts outfit can be re-worn in real life. You’ll get the most bang for your buck in re-creating the look of this famous book character. Let’s get literary!

collage of Hermione Granger Halloween Costume for women

About the Hermione Granger Halloween Costume for Women

The most well-known Hermione Granger outfit from the Harry Potter book series is her Gryffindor house uniform at Hogwarts.

Luckily, it consists of mostly very standard women’s wardrobe pieces you can either pull from your closet or purchase to put into your closet and wear all over again, perhaps even as a Book Week costume for a teacher. You can also wear this costume for Halloween, cosplay, or a visit to a Harry Potter exhibit. You can also pack it to wear at Universal Studios.

You can make a Hermione Granger by wearing a black knee-length skirt, white button-down blouse, grey cardigan or sweater, Gryffindor house scarf or tie, and a wizard’s wand. You may also choose to wear a black robe on top.

Last year, I pulled all the above-pictured items directly from my closet, then chose also to purchase a Hogwarts wizard robe to add on top for extra warmth at an outdoor Halloween party. Get all my top tips and recommendations below.

How to DIY Your Hermione Granger Gryffindor Uniform Costume

couple wearing harry potter and hermione granger costumes
Our Harry Potter and Hermione Granger couples costume

Black Skirt

The first “must-have” piece of this easy DIY Hermione Granger Halloween costume for women is a black skirt. I think either grey or black would work, like the one above, which looks so flattering.

When I wore my Hermione Granger skirt, I wore a wool blend sidewalk skirt from J.Crew Factory, a staple in my closet. I have it in several colors! It’s so comfortable, with its elastic waistband and modest length, for business casual wear after you wear your Hermione Granger costume.


Next, you will need a standard white button-down blouse for your Hermione costume. If you don’t already have one, you can pick up this staple wardrobe piece from the Amazon Essentials line.

Grey Cardigan Sweater or Vest

Over the blouse, you should wear a grey cardigan sweater or vest with your Hermione costume. I especially love the above cardigan sweater from Amazon, which I personally own, as it’s both a bit more stylish than a traditional cardigan and a nice quality, with a bit of a silky feel. The brown buttons also give it that academic feel.

(I sized up since it’s on the shorter side, and I felt that was the right decision for my DIY Hermione Granger costume.)

Alternatively, the above Amazon vest is also affordable and very wearable.

Gryffindor Scarf

Now, it’s time to accessorize! This easy DIY Hermione Granger Halloween costume for women wouldn’t be complete without some burgundy and yellow Gryffindor house colors. You can wear a scarf or a tie, but I recommend a scarf because it’s easier to re-wear as a woman after you wear your Hermione costume.

Personally, I wore one I already had in my closet from a Harry Potter festival, but the above Gryffindor scarf is Amazon’s Choice.

Wizard Wand

If you want to have fun with some optional accessories in your easy Hermione Granger costume, I recommend carrying a wizard wand. The one linked here is, in fact, a replica of Hermione’s wand.

(Or, you can make your own DIY Harry Potter wands.)

Harry Potter Book

Lastly, since this is a book blog, I always recommend that readers carry the corresponding book with my famous female book character costumes.

More Hermione Costume Ideas


You can also give yourself a Gryffindor-themed manicure!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to dress up as Hermione Granger for Halloween?

1. Hogwarts robe with Gryffindor colors.
2. White button-down shirt and grey skirt.
3. Gryffindor tie or scarf.
4. Grey or black v-neck sweater with trim.
5. Black Mary Jane shoes or loafers.
6. Carry a wand as an accessory.
7. Hair in messy waves or a bun.
8. Carry books or a vintage bag.

How to be more like Hermione Granger?

1. Value education and never stop learning.
2. Stand up for your beliefs and fight for justice.
3. Cultivate a strong work ethic and be diligent in your studies.
4. Be loyal and a dependable friend.
5. Develop problem-solving skills and think critically in challenging situations.

How old is Hermione?

Hermione Granger was born on September 19, 1979. She was almost twelve years old when she first attended Hogwarts, and she is forty-four today.

What outfit does Hermione wear?

Hermione Granger’s most iconic outfit consists of a Gryffindor robe over a white button-down shirt and a grey pleated skirt, accessorized by a Gryffindor tie or scarf. She wears black Mary Jane shoes or loafers, and she often carries a wand. Her hair is typically styled in messy waves, and she is known for carrying books as well.


This easy DIY Hermione Granger Halloween costume for women is a tribute to the world of Hogwarts and the indomitable spirit of one of literature’s most beloved witches. It’s ideal for fans eager to channel their inner Gryffindor or those simply appreciating Hermione’s blend of intelligence, bravery, and heart. Raise your wand and celebrate the Wizarding World!

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