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Get the cutest Junie B. Jones costume ideas that are easy for women and teachers to DIY on Halloween, World Book Day, Book Character Day, Book Week costumes, and beyond. In fact, you can either pull these pieces from your closet and/or shop them quickly and easily on Amazon to dress up in this charming book character costume for women that kids will love.

Junie B. Jones is the “almost six-year-old” star of Barbara Park’s wildly popular children’s book series of over two dozen books that have sold 65 million copies since 1992. Illustrated by Denise Brunkus, the Junie B. Jones books share the youngster’s life in kindergarten and first grade, from riding on a smelly school bus to losing her front tooth and celebrating holidays, and she’s known for being both funny and sassy.

This Junie B. Jones Halloween costume is inspired by the most notorious Junie B. Jones outfit from the first book, Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus: her pink cardigan, pink bow, purple skirt, knee socks (one up, one down), and black Mary Jane shoes. Alternatively, I’ll show you some fun options from other popular Junie B. Jones outfits.

Junie B. Jones Costume Ideas

junie b jones costume collage

Pink Cardigan

One of the most essential pieces of this Junie B. Jones costume is a pink button down cardigan. I selected this one because it matches the shade of Junie’s well.

Pink Bow

Junie famously wears a large pink bow in her hair, and I like this one because it comes on a headband, so it should sit well on your head.

Short Purple Skirt

The other most essential piece to this Junie B. Jones costume is her short purple skirt. I like the color of this one and the fact that it is elastic for an easier fit, as well as flared and cute like Junie’s.

White Knee Socks

I always love to recommend these white knee socks for costumes because they are compression socks for travel, so they can serve a double duty for you. Don’t forget to wear one up and one down, just like Junie!

Black Mary Jane Shoes

Lastly, you can wear black shoes from your own closet or purchase black Mary Jane shoes like these to complete your look. They work for a lot of different book character costumes for adults, so you may be able to get a lot of use out of them.

Alternatives and Options

Messy Brown Wig

I don’t see it as absolutely essential to wear a wig with your Junie B. Jones costume, but this short and messy brown wig fits the bill if you really want the exact look.

Purple Glasses

Later in the book series, Junie wears purple frame glasses, so you can also wear these if you choose.

Gold Stars

Another one of Junie’s famous pink cardigans has gold star buttons, so you may also wish to stick these gold star stickers over the buttons on your cardigan. They are one inch in size, so they are large enough to fit and make a statement.

Yellow Polka Dot Bow

Sometimes, Junie is also known for wearing a yellow polka dot bow. This is the closest option I could find that would work for adults, if you prefer this over a pink bow.

Multicolored Striped Tights

Lastly, Junie B. Jones is also known for wearing purple striped tights similar to these, if you prefer them to the white knee socks she wore in the first book.


With these Junie B. Jones costume ideas, you now know how to dress as the beloved children’s book character. Kids will love it! To recap, the components you need are:

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