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Explore the best Harry Potter food ideas for a party and beyond. There are over two dozen Pinterest-worthy drinks (including Butterbeer), savory snacks, chocolate treats, desserts, and more to choose from.

You’ll have the most magical party, baby shower, movie night, or afternoon tea inspired by the wizarding world at Hogwarts! So, cast a delicious spell with the Harry Potter food recipes below.

harry potter quidditch cupcakes.

Quick List of Harry Potter Food Ideas to Make In Real Life for a Party

Here, you’ll find the most magical recipes to explore for your Harry Potter-themed party and beyond in these categories:

  • Butterbeer-Inspired Drinks
  • Butterbeer-Inspired Food
  • Sweet Desserts
  • Easy Snacks
  • Other Cocktails and Drinks

Butterbeer Drinks


This easy Harry Potter butterbeer recipe contains only four ingredients and is non-alcoholic. So, kids can enjoy this classic butterscotch liquid treat from the wizarding world.

Butterbeer Cocktail Drink

If you are an adult who prefers alcohol in your drink, this butterbeer drink is a cocktail recipe. It’s made with as few as two ingredients and has optional toppings. Drink responsibly!

Butterbeer Frappucino

Coffee lovers will delight in this homemade butterbeer frappuccino. It pairs your favorite form of caffeine with creamy milk and sweet butterscotch.

Frozen Butterbeer

This Harry Potter-inspired frozen butterbeer recipe will take you back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. It’s non-alcoholic, and kids will love that it contains ice cream.

Butterbeer-Inspired Food

Butterbeer Cake

Most Harry Potter-themed parties will need a cake, and this one is both stunning AND delicious.

The butterscotch sauce between the layers and the fluffy marshmallow topping will have everyone asking for seconds.

Butterbeer Cookies

Butterbeer cookies also make great Harry Potter-inspired party food that everyone will love. They have a hint of pumpkin flavoring and can be made in thirty minutes.

Butterbeer Cupcakes

If baking a cake isn’t for you, why not try these grab-and-go butterbeer cupcakes for a Harry Potter birthday?! They get their flavor from a bit of cream soda and butterscotch chips.

Butterbeer Fudge

Fudge may be the best of all butterbeer iterations, given the creamy and sweet nature of both treats.

Note that this particular recipe has a bit of rum in it. Marshmallow creme rounds out the flavor profile of this delectable dessert.

Butterbeer Hot Cocoa Bombs

These hot chocolate bombs are fun for Harry Potter fans of all ages.

With the flavors of butterbeer and the color scheme of the Gryffindor house, what more can you ask for in a Harry Potter recipe?!

Sip while reading your favorite Harry Potter books for the ultimate reading experience.

Butterbeer Jell-O Shots

These butterbeer-flavored Jell-O shots are for adults!

They don’t just look good, but taste good too. They’re infused with scrumptious vanilla vodka and will WOW a crowd.

Butterbeer Mug Cake

Looking for Harry Potter foods for a small gathering (or even just yourself)?

This single-serve butterbeer mug cake recipe gives you all the flavor and fun of a full-sized cake at a smaller scale. It’s also easy to make quickly in under 15 minutes!

Sweet Desserts

Chocolate Frogs

These chocolate frog candies are hiding some special secret ingredients inside: pecans and caramel!

Think: chocolate turtles, but frogs, because it’s Harry Potter!

English Toffee

English toffee was Harry Potter’s first care package treat at Hogwarts, so it’s a great party food for everyone to enjoy.

This tried-and-true recipe takes the difficulties out of making toffee. It’s easy for anyone to perfect.

Harry Potter’s Birthday Cake

This Harry Potter birthday cake is inspired by the cake Hagrid gave Harry for his 11th birthday. It’s simple, sweet, and totally similar to the real thing.

Harry Potter-Inspired Marshmallows

These marshmallows make for a fun and easy Harry Potter recipe everyone can participate in making.

They would also pair well with your favorite butterbeer recipe!

Sorting Hat Cookies

With store-bought ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to make (and make a statement with) these sorting hat cookies. Even kids can enjoy decorating and then eating them. 

Troll Bogeys

Made of popcorn and chocolate, these troll bogeys (boogers) are perfect for a Harry Potter movie night.

They are quick and easy to put together. They’re also fun to snack on while watching your favorite Harry Potter movie. 

Candy Wizard Wands

These candy wizard wands can be made by wizards of all ages to correspond to his or her favorite Hogwarts house.

They would also make for a great party activity of party favor.

Easy Snacks

Pumpkin Pasties

Pumpkin pastries are a savory food shared on the Hogwarts Express. They’re bound to make you feel comforted and satisfied.

Rock Cakes

This “alternative” rock cake recipe is great for those with a sweet tooth who prefer chocolate chips to fruit!

Pretzel Wizard Wands

Have fun creating these chocolate and peanut butter pretzel rod wizard wands. Who doesn’t love a chocolate pretzel, after all?!

Decorate them according to the colors of each Hogwarts house while you’ are at it’re making DIY Harry Potter wands.

Other Cocktails and Drinks

Dumbledore’s Pensieve Cocktail

Inspired by the magical instrument used by Dumbledore, this impressive cocktail shimmers with diamond dust.

It takes on a blue raspberry flavoring from flavored vodka.

Polyjuice Potion Cocktail

Have an alcoholic beverage perfect for a party with this polyjuice potion cocktail recipe.

It’s made with sherbet and soda, so you can easily omit the alcohol for a punch that children will adore too.

Slytherin Jell-O Shots

Here’s another treat meant for the adults!

They get their flavor from rum and their Slytherin green color from lime Jell-O. A bit of frothy condensed milk makes them look just like a potion.

Pumpkin Juice

Harry Potter pumpkin juice is a popular drink at Universal Studies. Why wouldn’t it be, given its cozy, comforting flavors of Fall?!

It contains a lot of healthy ingredients too.

More Easy Harry Potter-Themed Food Recipes

Get even more Harry Potter food ideas from these popular Harry Potter-themed cookbooks:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular foods from Harry Potter?

Popular foods from Harry Potter include butterbeer, shepherd’s pie, pumpkin pasties, treacle tarts, Harry’s birthday cake from Hagrid, Molly’s meat pies, Kreacher’s French onion soup, pumpkin juice, and rock cakes.

What food should I serve at a Harry Potter party?

At a Harry Potter party, you should food like butterbeer-flavored treats (drinks, cake, cupcakes, cookies), pumpkin pastries, shepherd’s pie, pudding, rock cakes, and treacle tarts.

What should I eat when watching Harry Potter?

For a Harry Potter movie marathon, eat Cauldron Cakes, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, or a comforting Shepherd’s Pie. Wash them down with butterbeer.

What is Harry Potter’s favorite snack?

Harry Potter’s favorite snack is treacle tart. It’s mentioned several times throughout the series, including at Hogwarts feasts. This British dessert is made from pastry filled with syrup, breadcrumbs, and lemon juice.

What do you eat for lunch in Hogwarts?

A traditional Hogwarts feast is a hearty one with meat, potatoes, and vegetables, such as a shepherd’s pie. It would be followed by a dessert, such as Harry’s favorite, treacle tart.


These Harry Potter food ideas, including Butterbeer, chocolate frogs, and pumpkin pasties, add magic to shared meals at parties, dinners, and other gatherings. If you choose just one, make it Butterbeer, which is the most popular pick.

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