What better way to celebrate Harry Potter fandom than one of these Harry Potter Gift Ideas for adults & teachers?! If there is an adult Harry Potter fan in your life, I get it. It’s the perfect escape read and one of the best books set in school. Harry Potter is for grown-ups too!

collage of Harry Potter Gift Ideas For Adults & Teachers

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan myself, so I curated these gift ideas based both on personal experience and love!

On a side note, when I make gift guides like these Harry Potter gifts for adults, I focus on providing only the absolute best that’s out there — fan gifts that people really want to receive for Christmas or birthday presents, and no kitschy knickknacks!

With that being said, below are some great Harry Potter gifts for adults from Amazon, Target, and more.

Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Adults and Teachers

Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition Boxed Set

First things first. Every Harry Potter fan needs a boxed set of the entire Harry Potter series of books. I like this particular paperback set because it’s priced really well.

However, you can also opt for a hardcover boxed set, which is more expensive but will be more durable for avid book lovers over the years. It’s definitely one of the best Harry Potter gifts for teachers.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (MinaLima Edition)

The MinaLima editions of the Harry Potter books are EXTREMELY special. They are colorful illustrated editions created by the film designers with interactive elements and popups for the most extraordinary reading experience — no matter how many times you have read the books before.

Complete 8-Film Collection

If your gift recipient already has the Harry Potter books, the next gift to think about is the set of movies — all fans need them! This Blu-ray DVD collection is also incredibly well-priced (at the time of posting) and would make a great Harry Potter gift for an adult.


There are sooo many options for Harry Potter scarves, including, most notably, Gryffindor-themed ones like those worn so often by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. We wear our Harry Potter scarves all the time when we are watching the movies. The colors are so classic maybe you can even venture outside in them too. It’s 100% acrylic and is accented with patchwork.


A tie in the colors of your gift recipient’s Hogwarts house is such a great idea for a man and/or a teacher! It’s so subtle and can be worn on so many occasions. My husband has one like this.


I can’t imagine a better gift for a Harry Potter adult fan than a themed cookbook! My favorite thing to do is to pair books with lifestyle. Your gift recipient will just love to sit down with a good Harry Potter book and dine on related food.

Cocktail Cookbook

If your Harry Potter fan likes a nice cocktail, this Harry Potter cocktail recipe book would be a fun treat as well. You can pair it with some awesome bar supplies for a really fun adult gift.


I am obsessed with Charmed Aroma’s Harry Potter candles! There are a variety of themed options, and they all include jewelry that you find upon burning the candles. What a classy home gift idea for a Harry Potter fan!

Smart Watch Band

A Harry Potter-themed smart watch band is so unique that he or she probably doesn’t already have it!

Board Game

This Harry Potter-themed Trivial Pursuit game will keep your gift recipient entertained. The set contains 1800 new questions from all 8 Harry Potter films, and it comes with custom board and House Mascot movers. Categories include Magical Locations, Magical People and more. 2-8 people can play, ages 8 and older.

Paladone Harry Potter Hogwarts Coffee Mug

I personally think this Harry Potter mug is really classy — like a real university mug with its red and gold motif and Hogwarts crest. Pair it with coffee, tea or hot chocolate for one of the best Harry Potter gifts for teachers.


What’s nice about this set of Harry Potter Hogwarts house sock set is that they are both warm and stylish! They fit shoe size 4-10, and are made of 70% Polyester, 20% Nylon, 10% Spandex. They will keep your gift recipient cozy!

Pajama Pants

If you ask me, pajamas always make the best presents! There is something so joyful about putting on new pajamas. These plaid men’s Harry Potter pajama pants come in all 4 house colors and designs (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff). They are 100% polyester and pull-on. It would be fun to watch a Harry Potter movie in them!


If you are shopping for the holiday season, this Hallmark Harry Potter Golden Snitch Christmas ornament features the beautiful golden snitch! This metal ornament is about 3.5″ high and comes packaged in a gift-ready box.

Purse or Wallet

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE belt bags. This Freshly Picked “HP” one is made of premium vegan leather, and it was designed by moms for moms. Take a close look at the themed Harry Potter quote on the belt!

More Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Adults and Teachers

Scroll and click below to shop even more Harry Potter gift ideas for the adults and teachers in your life.


Those are several great, and totally classy, Harry Potter gift ideas for adults and teachers. Your favorite wizard will love them!

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