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Get the best Harry Potter stocking stuffers for kids that are guaranteed to give him or her a Christmas morning as magical as it would be in the wizarding world.

gift guide collage of Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers

Each of these Harry Potter stocking stuffer ideas comes from familiar retailers like Amazon and Target for quick and easy shopping.

You’ll find beloved elements like the sorting hat, Marauder’s Map, quidditch ball, Deathly Hallows symbol, Hogwarts house crests, and so many more.

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Top 10 Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Harry Potter Book

Since this is a book blog, I of course recommend a Harry Potter book as the perfect gift idea! If he or she has the original Harry Potter book series already, then try one of these interactive keepsake books by Minalima with tons of fun elements to enjoy inside.

For even more ideas, check out these books about Harry Potter.


This quidditch ball bookmark is one of my favorite Harry Potter Christmas stocking stuffers for children because it lights up (via batteries) and will help them have a magical reading experience in the dark.


When I was a young bookworm, I LOVED to receive a journal in my Christmas stocking each year — that’s why I know this is a great gift idea for child readers and writers. I especially love that this one has a lock, which is necessary for those with nosy siblings!


Of course, a wizard’s wand is the perfect gift for kids who love Harry Potter. This one is “official,” and you can pick the wand your favorite character uses.


An ornament also makes for one of the best Harry Potter Christmas decorations. While there is no shortage of options to choose from, I thought this Hallmark one was especially cute for kids. (Or, make your own Harry Potter ornament, like I did!)


Who wouldn’t want candy in their Christmas stocking? This little set comes with a Harry Potter chocolate frog, Bertie Bott’s beans, and jelly slugs.


As Albus Dumbledore knows, one can never have too many socks, especially during the cold holiday season. This set gives you five pairs specially designed with the Harry Potter characters just for kids.


Kids always need more pencils, so why not make learning fun with this Harry Potter set. They can also write spells with them!

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are always a popular Harry Potter gift. This set will help you and your little one have a fun Winter activity to do together indoors.

Enamel Pin

Enamel pins are another one of the best Harry Potter Christmas gifts — always popular — and why wouldn’t they be?! Little fashion mavens will love not just getting one, but making one with this cute little kit.

More Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Below are even more ideas for stocking stuffers for Harry Potter fans who are children for you to peruse and click through to shop.

In addition to the types of items featured above, you will also find: earrings, bracelets, mugs, stamps, stationary, Legos, puzzles, stickers, scarves, cards, toys, hats, gloves, keychains, dolls, games, necklaces, movies, and so much more!


These cheap Harry Potter stocking stuffers for kids will make for a magical Christmas morning. To recap and help you decide what to buy, my top picks as a book lover are Harry Potter books and Harry Potter bookmarks.


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