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Bloggers and social media influencers: Trust me, you’re going to want to listen up when I “howl” about one of my favorite blogging hacks. Planet Howl is a completely revolutionary affiliate marketing platform for you to earn more money than you ever thought possible from an affiliate platform.

The Literary Lifestyle has invited you to Howl with them.

When I say “game changer,” I MEAN IT. (Yes, I’m screaming!) Below I’ll explain exactly how the Howl creator platform has turned the common pitfalls of affiliate marketing on their heads to overcome them and help us all earn more (and more often) for our work.

(And, by the way, it’s free to join and try out for yourself.)

If you’re a blogger who is sick of things like fighting for the last click or staying within the cookie window to make a sale, or if you’re annoyed each time your commissions are deducted for returns, this post (and the Howl affiliate program) is for you.

Below, I’ll share my experience with Planet Howl as a full-time blogger who makes a good percentage of my income from affiliate marketing for several years now, followed by an honest assessment of the pros and cons of being a Howl influencer.

Planet Howl Review

peek inside the howl platform

Why Howl is Different (and Better)

I first heard of Planet Howl several months ago. It was being touted for absolutely INSANE commission rates.

Top Commission Rates

Right now, I’m seeing one brand offering as high as 95% commissions and I’m seeing several over 40%!

As someone who’s used to earning just a very small fraction of those commissions on the products I sell through my affiliate links, and as someone who knows what it takes to turn a profit on product sales, these rates just sounded flat-out impossible to me — especially since many were big brands for whom I was already earning far less in commission on other affiliate marketing platforms. (i.e., Target and Sephora. You can share even share Nordstrom anniversary sale picks!)

So, I ignored it. I was wrong. Here’s why:

Like many new things that can take several times to really pique your interest, I finally kept hearing about the Planet Howl app enough that I became interested in at least learning more about it.

What I learned through my research is that these rates are not at all impossible — they are very real, and they exist because Planet Howl is a different kind of affiliate platform. (It’s not like a regular mom, it’s a cool mom!)

In other words, the funding from brands is different.

Generally, brands only want to pay affiliate marketers for commissions on sales made through the last affiliate link clicked during a specific time frame (the “cookie” window).

Well, Howl’s creator platform is about much more than that, including things like brand awareness and promotion of specific products or sales at specific times during which the brand has allocated money for these different and specific purposes.

exclusive opportunities

The Planet Howl app offers things like exclusive rates, bonuses, and campaigns.

In case this seems confusing, let me give a more concrete example. In a traditional affiliate program, I would only earn a commission on the sale of a book if my link was the last affiliate link the reader clicked AND made the purchase within a timeframe that could be as little as one day. My performance (and payment) is measured ONLY by that criterion.

But, there are many, many reasons I wouldn’t always earn for my work in a traditional affiliate program, including:

  • The reader clicks my link but purchases after the specified timeframe.
  • The reader clicks my affiliate link, then clicks another link and makes a purchase (such as those back rewards links and coupon sites) after clicking my link.
  • The reader clears their “cookies” in their browser before making the purchase.
  • The reader clicks a link in a social media app and then purchases outside the app.

These are just some of the biggest pitfalls of affiliate marketing. (Howl has said that up to 60-70% of affiliate commissions are completely lost for these and other similar reasons.)

Here’s how the Planet Howl app is different (and much more creator-friendly):

With the Howl app, I would STILL GET PAID even if the above scenarios occurred. Referrals through your links are referrals through your links and you get paid regardless, as compensation for your part in the marketing process.

That is because the marketing money is allocated differently by the brands with Planet Howl. Instead, for instance, the brand may have allocated the marketing money for simply boosting awareness of a specific sale. So, they don’t necessarily care if yours was the last link clicked. They care more that you chose to promote the sale and that you drove traffic to the site during it.

Additionally, there are more opportunities and ways to earn than just making sales:

For example, upon joining Howl, I noticed that a brand offered 0.75 cents per click during a certain sale period. I sent ONE email about it and earned a couple hundred dollars for those clicks.

Then, the brand was so impressed that they reached out to me and offered to extend the promotion for ANOTHER month. So, I sent out another email to my subscribers and made even more money for just a few minutes of work.

Below are my analytics and earnings for this ONE promotion, which I shared via email once in May and once in June:

screenshot of my planet howl app analytics

I mean, my mind is blown. Is yours?!

In short, the Howl influencer program feels more akin to brand partnerships than affiliate programs, or at least a much better mix of the two.

And, believe it or not, there’s more. Below is a more detailed list of these and more pros of the Planet Howl app and creator platform. Thereafter are a few cons, as even something this good can’t be perfect, and I want to be fair in my Planet Howl review.

Pros of Planet Howl


  • Affiliate commission rates tend to be FAR higher than other platforms.
  • Commissions are NOT based on the last linked click.
  • There are NO “cookies” that limit the window of time for commission.
  • You can ALSO earn exclusive rates, commissions, and bonuses.
  • Commissions are NOT deducted on returns at Howl select brands.
  • Sampling program with FREE gifting.
  • Brands reach out directly to extend promotions with you, purchase your branded content, offer flat fee collaborations, etc.

Affiliate commission rates tend to be FAR higher than other platforms. This is because the key performance indicators (KPIs) are different than your traditional affiliate marketing platform. It’s not just about sales, but also things like brand awareness.

Referrals are paid referrals. What this means is that commissions are not based on the last linked click. And there are NO “cookies” that limit the window of time for commission either.

Don’t lose YOUR commissions!

Howl estimates that affiliate marketers lose up to 60-70% of our commissions when the “cookies” rule is in place on other platforms.

While you earn commission on your sales, you can ALSO earn exclusive rates, commissions, and bonuses for other performance, including hitting specified sales goals, getting the link merely clicked, etc.

If you sell a product from a Howl select brand via your link that is later returned, the commission from the return is NOT deducted from your account. (This is a really BIG one.)

There is a sampling program by which you can request gifted products to test out before you promote them.

Howl aims to be as transparent as possible about its commissions and rates. If you’ve ever seen a long list of categories or a range you can earn listed in an affiliate platform, then you know how valuable this transparency is.

Brands have access to analytics to see who’s performing well and so, brands can reach out to extend promotions with you, purchase your branded content, offer flat fee collaborations, etc.

(As mentioned above, this happened for me after my very first promotion with Howl!)

The Howl team is great with communication. You can have real conversations with real people on the team in a timely manner. (I have already had a few myself!) You are not just another number.

If you don’t have a blog, you can start a blog with this course or create a storefront through the Howl platform that’s easy for you to share and for your followers to shop.

Planet Howl is great at sending you helpful emails with the best current promotions you should consider, which is such a time saver (as well as a money maker).

Cons of Planet Howl

The Planet Howl platform does not yet have as many brands partnered with it as other affiliate conglomerates. You’ll find some popular big box retailers and some niche retailers that will likely interest you, but you will probably need to keep using other affiliate marketing platforms to cover all your bases. That being said, they’ve been adding more and more brands over time.

Payment is generally made 90 days later, so it takes time to get paid, but this is in line with many other affiliate programs.

You should watch your analytics. Because I have been so specific about my promotions through Howl links, I have been able to clearly see how many clicks I have gotten through email, an Instagram post, etc., and whether they were registering in the Howl platform. On one occasion, they did not. I reached out and they fixed the delayed analytics within about a day.

Is Planet Howl worth it?


“It’s an absolutely revolutionary affiliate marketing platform that goes far beyond affiliate marketing, solving a lot of its biggest pitfalls, AND offering even more creator-friendly ways to earn for our work.”

The penultimate question in every review is, “Is it worth it?” Here, the Planet Howl app is 100% worth it. It’s an absolutely revolutionary affiliate marketing platform that goes far beyond affiliate marketing, solving a lot of its biggest pitfalls, AND offering even more creator-friendly ways to earn for our work.

Beyond that, Howl is free to join and test out for yourself. (And you can use it on your desktop or the mobile app!)

If you want to take what’s complicated about working with brands and make it easier while earning more, then sign up for Planet Howl now. You can thank me later!

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  1. Hi Julianne, I want know that does planethowl legit? And do they actually gives payments to their affiliate. And how many day does planethowl takes to provide payments.

    1. Yes, I have received 3 payments so far. Their dashboard states “You can expect to receive Net 90 payments up to 100 days after the month the earnings were accrued to account for payment clearing times into your bank account.”