This review answers the question: “Is Barefoot Dreams cardigan worth it?” for those interested in the beloved cozy lifestyle brand, but skeptical of the $100+ price tag.

Is Barefoot Dreams cardigan worth it?

I myself wondered the same before I tried the Barefoot Dreams cardigan, and now I’m here to provide my honest answers and more details. First, I answer the question: “Is Barefoot Dreams cardigan worth it?” Then, I explain how to wash the Barefoot Dreams cardigan, how to score a sale and lastly, specific hand-curated Barefoot Dreams cardigans you can shop at Nordstrom.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan Review

closeup of Barefoot Dreams cardigan sweater

The Barefoot Dreams cardigan is one of those things I was hearing everyone rave about on Instagram, but sometimes a lot of hype can make me skeptical, especially when there is a $100+ price tag.

However, beginning with the Coronavirus quarantine in March 2020, I was spending ALL my time at home and looking for clothing that was super cozy, warm and comfortable, especially since I am always cold!

So, I grabbed this specific CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan quickly when I saw a sale at Nordstrom:

It’s 75% nylon, 25% rayon and feels like a thick, super-soft chenille fabric. I found it to be true to size.

It’s definitely really warm and cozy, and I can easily wear it casually or over pajamas. I especially love to wear it with my cozy Allbirds tree breezer flats and my L.L. Bean Wicked Good slippers.

Over the next month or so, I bought another for myself, as well as one for my mom and my sister, so I guess you can say I really liked it…

My sister and my mom send me selfies when they are wearing theirs, and my sister then bought me a Barefoot Dreams throw blanket, which my cats especially ADORE.

Is Barefoot Dreams Cardigan worth it?

So, the big question is: “Is Barefoot Dreams cardigan worth it?” Worth is such a difficult thing to value. For some, a $100+ sweater is a splurge and for some it’s not. I’d say I am somewhere in the middle. I’m at a point where I prefer to have less that’s higher quality, lasts longer and suits my needs, but I still wince once something gets over $100.

So, with that insight, I personally do believe the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is worth it. It’s much thicker and warmer than cotton, but not itchy like wool. You can wear it in a variety of contexts. And it washes really well in a machine. Those are all wins to me!

But, you can also see what other people think before you make up your mind:

Read more reviews of the Barefoot Dreams cardigan on Nordstrom.

How to Wash Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Machine wash and tumble dry your Barefoot Dreams cardigan.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan Sale

Occasionally, you can find sales on Barefoot Dreams cardigans at Nordstrom.

Buying tip: If you see Barefoot Dreams cardigans on sale at either Nordstrom, rest assured this is a good deal, and grab one quickly, as they do sell out very fast and sales are somewhat hard to come by. Check the current prices at Nordstrom.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigans at Nordstrom

Shop some of my favorite hand-curated Barefoot Dreams cardigans at Nordstrom below:

They are one of my top picks for the yearly Nordstrom anniversary sale.


I hope this review answered the question, “Is Barefoot Dreams cardigan worth it?” for you.

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