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Discover the best Colleen Hoover books ranked by fans. This post shares her top 10 books of all time, from her biggest bestseller, It Ends With Us, to fan favorites and her debut romance novel. You’ll learn exactly where to start or what to read next, so let’s get literary!

it ends with us by colleen hoover in front of bookshelves.

Colleen Hoover’s Best Books Ranked: The Quick List

10 best colleen hoover books ranked by popularity (infographic list).
  1. START HERE: It Ends With Us (#1 New York Times bestselling romance novel with over three million GoodReads reviews and one billion TikTok hashtags.)
  2. BEST THRILLER: Verity
  3. Ugly Love
  4. Reminders of Him
  5. November 9
  6. It Starts With Us
  7. Regretting You
  8. Layla
  9. All Your Perfects
  10. DEBUT NOVEL: Slammed

Reviews of Colleen Hoover’s Top Romance Novels and Thrillers

It’s no secret that author Colleen Hoover is one of the most successful writers of our generation, topping all the bestseller lists.

She excels at writing unputdownable romance books that all feel very different yet are similarly unputdownable books. She’s also great at getting the reader to care about the characters while moving the plot along quickly at the same time. Colleen Hoover’s spicy romance scenes are also a trademark!


As an avid reader of Colleen Hoover’s novels myself (who even got engaged while reading one of her books), I have my favorites. But, in order to give you the fairest assessment of the best Colleen Hoover books, I also took into account: New York Times bestseller book rankings, GoodReads reviews, Instagram posts, an Instagram poll of my readers, and TikTok posts. The numbers were actually pretty clear on how CoHo’s books stack up with readers generally!

1. It Ends With Us (It Ends With Us Series)

  • #1 New York Times bestseller
  • 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance

My Review: ★★★☆☆

It Ends With Us (the first of two books in the It Ends With Us series) is Colleen Hoover’s most popular book, so it’s definitely a popular book recommendation.

It’s still massively popular years after its release, due to its success on TikTok (where it has over one billion tags). Likewise, over three million readers have reviewed it on GoodReads. It’s one of the most successful books of the last decade by any author.

Lily has graduated from college. She moved to Boston and started a floral business. Then, she meets Ryle Kincaid, a stunning neurosurgeon.

Quickly, she becomes his exception to the “no dating” rule. But, she soon learns the dark secret about why he has this rule in the first place.

Lily thinks back to Atlas Corrigan, the protector of her past. When he re-emerges in her life, the relations among all three become explosive.

If you’re wondering, “Which Colleen Hoover book should I read first?” — It’s this one. The characters feel real, and the plot is gut-wrenching. The reader sees Lily grappling with life’s toughest choices.

It was the middle of the road for me only because the subject matter was really difficult to read. But, it still remains a book I think about to this date, as it is for so many millions of readers.

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2. Verity (Standalone)

  • New York Times bestseller
  • USA Today bestseller
  • The Globe and Mail bestseller
  • Publishers Weekly bestseller

My Review: ★★★★★

Verity is Colleen Hoover’s most popular thriller (and my personal favorite of her books). It has shocked legions of readers, like me. We couldn’t put it down. It left us with our mouths hanging open. I read it in one sitting, and it remains a book that I recommend to everyone who doesn’t mind disturbing content.

Lowen Ashleigh is a writer who accepts a job ghostwriting for author Verity Crawford, a bestselling author who is seriously injured.

As she sorts through Verity’s manuscripts, she finds an autobiography. It startles her with spine-tingling details about Verity’s life, including the night of her accident.

At the same time, Lowen falls for Verity’s husband, Jeremy Crawford. Strange things start to happen that keep confusing and scaring Lowen.

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3. Ugly Love (Standalone)

  • New York Times bestseller

My Review: ★★★☆☆

Ugly Love remained a New York Times bestseller years after its publication.

It tells the love story of Tate Collins, who meets airline pilot Miles Archer, but it’s not exactly love at first sight.

They later realize, however, that it may be perfect to have a physical relationship only. He doesn’t want love, and she doesn’t have time for it.

When Miles’s tragic past is revealed, however, the future comes into question. Their seemingly uncomplicated love gets…ugly.

It’s an extremely deep and emotional love story you won’t soon forget. The twist packed such an emotional punch. This book also benefits from a great supporting cast of characters that round out the story.

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4. Reminders of Him (Standalone)

My Review: ★★★☆☆

Coming later in her lineup in 2022, Reminders of Him was a quick and easy success for Hoover at the height of her popularity.

It’s about a troubled young mother named Kenna Rowan. She leaves a five-year stint in prison hoping to reunite with her four-year-old daughter.

However, everyone shuts her out for what she did, except Ledger Ward, a local owner of a bar. He becomes a bigger part of her life. They must hide their bond to keep the trust of everyone that matters. They must also keep the hope of healing broken bonds.

It’s a gripping story of grief, redemption, and forgiveness. It packs an emotional punch and offers a steamy romance. It’s one of my personal favorites, as the redemption journey of the main character felt really impactful.

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5. November 9 (Standalone)

  • New York Times bestseller

My Review: ★★★★☆

November 9 is the popular love story of Fallon. Besides being a great story, it remains popular because it’s re-shared on social media every November 9th!

Fallon is escaping a painful past, both physical and emotional. Ben is an aspiring author. They spend the final day before her cross-country move together.

As their lives move forward, they continue to meet on the same day each year. Fallon becomes Ben’s unexpected creative inspiration.

However, Fallon discovers that Ben has hidden a big secret that may change how both real life and the novel will end. Their lives intersect in ways you won’t ever expect.

That’s exactly what makes this particular novel so memorable and popular. I really enjoyed it and found it to be a unique love story. The plot twist in this one is one of her best. It both surprised me and made me even more connected to the characters and their story.

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6. It Starts With Us (It Ends With Us Series)

My Review: ★★★☆☆

The sequel to Colleen Hoover’s most popular book was unsurprisingly a huge hit with readers. It Starts With Us is fan favorite Atlas’s side of the story. Two years after separating from Ryle, Lily bumps into Atlas, who asks her on a date.

But, Ryle still doesn’t want Atlas in their daughter’s life, threatening her second chance at love.

I don’t want to say too much about it so as not to spoil anything. I will note that it involves sweet letters and more than one child as a character.

7. Regretting You (Standalone)

  • #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller

My Review: ★★★☆☆

Regretting You came out right when the Bookstagram community was heating up on Instagram, and I can still recall seeing it shared over and over again there. It’s what got me interested in Colleen Hoover!

It’s a moving story of grieving mothers and daughters. It touched my heart and will touch yours too. Morgan Grant is determined to stop her sixteen-year-old daughter, Clara, from making the same mistakes she made. She got pregnant and married to Chris at a young age.

As their relationship struggles, Morgan’s husband is killed in a tragic accident. (This is not a spoiler.)

In their grief, Morgan seeks solace in the only person she least expected. Clara escapes to a forbidden boy. This one dives into parental relationships more than the others on this list. It’s great for those who love a good family drama.

8. Layla (Standalone)

  • Wall Street Journal bestseller 
  • USA Today bestseller

My Review: ★★★★☆

Layla became popular because, as a thriller, it’s a book like Verity, one of the two best Colleen Hoover books ranked.

This is Colleen Hoover’s “ghost story.” It takes a twist that makes it really suspenseful and just as satisfying as all her novels.

Leeds wants to spend his life with Layla, but he’s torn because she was left a different woman as the result of a violent attack. So, they retreat to a B&B, where Layla’s behavior becomes downright bizarre.

That’s not the only odd thing happening in this place. When Leeds meets a “guest” named Willow, he starts falling for her. This leads to him learning the truth about what happened to Layla and the strange occurrences.

The final scenes take you on a really wild ride! If you don’t mind going on a bit of a paranormal journey, it’s a must.

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9. All Your Perfects (Hopeless Series)

  • Instant New York Times bestseller

My Review: ★★★☆☆

All Your Perfects is part of the Hopeless series, but it can also be read as a standalone novel. (That’s how I read it.) When I first started searching for more of the best Colleen Hoover books for myself, this one came up a lot.

It’s a popular love story of a once-perfect couple, Quinn and Graham, who now have an imperfect marriage.

Their future depends on promises made in the past. They were made before they endured years of imperfections and infertility. Can they overcome this?

It’s a tough read in terms of the subject matter, but for that reason, it also makes an impact. Read this one if you don’t mind a truly struggling couple at the heart of the story.

10. Slammed (Slammed Series)

Slammed is the first of three books in the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover, and it is her debut novel. Since this is where it all started, it’s a popular choice for CoHo fans.

Layken is 18 years old. She becomes the rock for her mother and her younger brother after their father unexpectedly dies.

Then, she meets her new neighbor Will, whose passion for slam poetry enthralls her. Everything’s great until a shocking discovery challenges the relationship.

Only poetry may save them.

About Colleen Hoover and Her Best Sellers


Colleen Hoover is a bestselling American author of millions of books. She is known for her contemporary romance novels (and occasionally psychological thrillers) in the New Adult and Young Adult genres. She has received the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance.

A graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Hoover debuted as an author in 2012 with Slammed. She gained fame on social media like TikTok for works like It Ends With Us and Verity. Time magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world in 2023.

Hoover also co-founded The Bookworm Box, a charity subscription service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one of Colleen Hoover books is the best?

It Ends with Us is a #1 New York Times bestseller by Colleen Hoover, a TikTok sensation with over one billion tags, and a GoodReads award-winning book that has been reviewed on the platform by over three million readers.

What order should I read all of Colleen Hoover books?

Colleen Hoover’s standalone novels can be read in any order. Many readers like to start with her most popular book, It Ends with Us, or her debut novel, Slammed.

What is the underrated Colleen Hoover book?

November 9 is often considered an underrated gem among Colleen Hoover’s books. Though not her most popular book overall, it is highly rated by readers because it has a plot twist that makes a deep emotional impact.

Is it worth reading Verity?

It’s worth reading Verity if you enjoy mature adult thrillers with dark and disturbing content. If so, it’s unputdownable, and many readers consider it to be her best work.

Who are Colleen Hoover books aimed at?

Most of Colleen Hoover’s books are aimed at new adult readers aged 18 and over. Some of her books are aimed at young adults over 14. None are suitable for children or teens under 14.


The best Colleen Hoover books include a popular array of romance novels and thrillers. Unsure where to start? Many readers like to start with her most popular book, It Ends with Us (for adults aged 18 and over), or her debut novel, Slammed (for young adults aged 14 and over). My top pick is Verity, a dark and disturbing romance thriller for mature adults aged 21 and over.


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