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Are you mesmerized by feathertail dragons like Andarna in the Fourth Wing series by Rebecca Yarros? Learn everything we know so far about feathertail dragons so far here. You’ll get better insight into her very developing storyline and theorize what will happen after Iron Flame, so take note!

illustration of andarna as a golden feathertail dragon in fourth wing.

Feathertail Dragons: About Violet’s Golden Dragon, Andarna

Fourth Wing introduced us to feathertail dragons by way of one very special dragon named Andarna, and Iron Flame left us with so many open-ended questions about them.

The revelations about Andarna uncovered at the end have made me and so many other readers want to go backward in time and look for Easter eggs about what we learned so far, as well as predict what we may learn about them in the future, particularly as they relate to the quest to save The Continent and Navarre.

It’s one of the “hottest” topics in the Empyrean series, so let’s take a closer look.

Below, I share all the notes I took about feathertail dragons in both Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. Where pages are noted, they refer to the Kindle version of the book.

Fourth Wing: Introduction to Feathertail Dragons

Fourth Wing introduces the reader to Andarnaurram (“Andarna”), a golden feathertail dragon that bonds with the protagonist, Violet Sorrengail.

According to Fourth Wing, feathertail dragons are the breed about which the least is known.

They abhor violence and are not suitable for bonding because they can accidentally give their powers (which are unpredictable and unstable) to humans.

SIZE COMPARISON: They are only a few feet taller than Violet.

Andarna gave Violet a gift of stopping time, but most feathertail gifts disappear with maturity when they begin to channel.

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Iron Flame: Changes to Andarna’s Tail and Colors

In, Iron Flame, Violet’s feathertail dragon, Andarna, begins to grow up and spends much time sleeping during her adolescence. Here, she is described as a feathertail turned into a scorpiontail.

Andarna’s scales are black as of page 38. “Dragons are only gold-feathered as hatchlings.” Only the eldest can sense the hatchling’s pigment. Violet admits they “are so deeply black they glimmer almost purple — iridescent[.]”  She has golden eyes.

Aretia’s first hatchling is a feathertail. (page 587)

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Onyx Storm and Beyond: What Rebecca Yarros Says Is Next for Feathertail Dragons

While few details of book 3 in the Empyrean romantic fantasy series have been released, Rebecca Yarros participated in a few detailed interviews with Entertainment Weekly and Variety and said that there will be an entire book’s worth of information about Andarna’s breed.

(It is unclear how much of this will involve feathertail dragons.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a feathertail dragon in Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, feathertail is a breed of dragons about which the least is known. Violet Sorrengail’s dragon Andarna is a feathertail.

Who is Violet’s dragon in Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Violet bonds with two dragons: Tairneanach (“Tairn”), a black Morningstartail Dragon, and Andarnaurram (“Andarna”), a Golden Feathertail Dragon.

What type of dragon is Andarna in Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Andarna is a Golden Feathertail Dragon.

Who gets the Feathertail Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Violet Sorrengail bonds with Andarna, a Golden Feathertail Dragon.


Fans of the Fourth Wing series are especially mesmerized by feathertail dragons because they are so elusive and the one we know — Andarna — is quickly changing as she grows. Diving deep into what we know about feathertails helps to understand who Andarna is now and who she may become in future books.

So, share your own notes and theories in the comments below!

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