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Get the best Fourth Wing Wallpaper hand-created to celebrate your fandom of the epic fantasy Empyrean book series. They showcase everything from dragons to memorable quotes and school crests, and they will give your cell phone all the aesthetic vibes. Save them instantly for free below.

fourth wing by rebecca yarros in a reading room.
Guide to the Fourth Wing Map

Aesthetic Fourth Wing Wallpaper

Below, the Fourth Wing wallpaper is split into two sections: quotes (from both books) and school/quadrant crests.

Fourth Wing Quotes

First is Xaden’s popular quote from Iron Flame, “My house. My throne. My woman.”

my house. my throne. my woman.

Next is one of Violet’s famous line, “I am the storm.” (Get my Fourth Wing Bookmark with this quote)

I am the storm.

Violet’s most repeated quote in Fourth Wing is, “I will not die today.”

i will not die today.

Another important quote to remember from this romantasy book series is, “A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead.”

a dragon without its rider is a tragedy. a rider without their dragon is dead.

Lastly, remember what Xaden told Violet: “You are unbreakable.”

you are unbreakable quote.

Basgiath War College School Crests

Next, I created a Basgiath War College crest as well as crests for each of the school’s quadrants in Fourth Wing: Riders, Infantry, Scribes, and Healers. Download the one that most suits your personality and show it off.

Basgiath War College:

basgiath war college crest.

Riders Quadrant:

riders quadrant crest.

Scribe Quadrant:

scribe quadrant crest.

Infantry Quadrant:

infantry quadrant crest.

Healers Quadrant:

healers quadrant crest.

How to Save the Fourth Wing Wallpaper to Your Phone

I can provide a few tips. However, unfortunately, it would be impossible to provide instructions for the vast amount of devices on the market. If you are stuck, pretty please Google instructions for your particular device!

On my iPhone, I save the chosen image to my Photos, then go into my Photos, click the little arrow at the bottom, and then click “Use as Wallpaper.”


This Fourth Wing wallpaper is sure to bring all the dragon vibes to your cell phone and showcase your unique fandom of both the school and memorable words. Feel free to download them for your personal use and enjoy them!

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fourth wing guide


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  1. Thank you for the wallpapers. I have the first 3 in this series ( have I read them? No)

    I read 161 books in ’23 ( down from 340 in ’22)This year? 150)