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Get free printable Fourth Wing bookmarks here. They include a helpful dragon list, memorable quotes, aesthetic art, and more. They will enhance your reading experience and celebrate your fandom of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. Save and print them below!

collection of five printable fourth wing bookmarks.

Free Fourth Wing Bookmarks: What’s Included

The Empyrean (Fourth Wing) romantasy series by Rebecca Yarros is a #1 bestselling hit with readers, balancing the escapism of fantasy, romance, and dragons with the harsh realities of the real world (namely, war and the telling of history). She accomplishes this with many rich details that make it utterly unique and truly memorable.

So, whether you’re new to the Fourth Wing series, or you already started it and are looking to have more fun with it, this post shares printable bookmarks to use while reading this top book series.

Three Fourth Wing Quote Bookmarks

  • “I will not die today”
  • “I am the storm”
  • “We can live as cowards or die as riders.”

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One Fourth Wing Dragon Bookmark

  • a table of the Fourth Wing main characters and their bonded dragons to make your reading experience easier

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One Iron Flame Bookmark

Fourth Wing Bookmarks: Printable PDF

collection of five printable fourth wing bookmarks.


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How to Print and Customize Your Fourth Wing Bookmarks


  • To print at the optimal size, adjust the “scale” if need be on your print preview screen. You can also choose “two pages per sheet” on a standard letter size paper (8.5″ x 11″).

While you can simply print, cut, and use your bookmarks, here are a few quick tips to further DIY your printables and make them more permanent and unique:

fourth wing guide


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