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Get the Fourth Wing characters, dragons, and signets explained here. This post shares detailed notes, tables, and even a printable PDF to take away and reference while you read. It all makes your reading of the Empyrean romantic fantasy series by Rebecca Yarros easier and more fun. So, let’s “fire” things up!

fourth wing by rebecca yarros in a reading room.

The Main Fourth Wing Characters: A Quick Ranked List

Violet SorrengailTairn and Andarnalightning wielder
Xaden RiorsonSgaeylshadow wielder
Dain AetosCathreading a person’s recent memories when hands are placed on them
Liam MiariDeighseeing things miles away
Jack BarloweBaiden/a

Tips About This Fourth Wing Guide


Before I dive into this reading guide, I want to note that there is a multitude of characters named in this book set in school. (Probably more than in any book I have ever read.) Add to that all the dragons and signets, and the reader can get overwhelmed and confused fast.

My goal is to guide you through this by being helpful. Therefore, I have only included the most prominent Fourth Wing characters in this guide. If a character is not referenced on this list, then that means I think you shouldn’t worry too much about remembering details about him or her.

However, I did include ALL of the dragons and signets I came across in my reading. There are necessarily some spoilers, since I can’t discuss plot details without, well, discussing plot details.

That being said, I tried to keep this post as spoiler-free as possible. For example, I do not reveal who lives and/or dies after the action has begun.

Male and Female Fourth Wing Characters and Villains Detailed

Below are the names and descriptions of the main characters. They are generally placed in the order in which they appear in the book.

Violet Sorrengail is the 20-year-old protagonist, who is pale, short, frail, and has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She was entering Basgiath War College as a Scribe, but her mother ordered her to attempt entry as a Rider.

General Lilith Sorrengail is Violet’s mother, who was previously a Rider and an instructor.

Violet’s father was previously a Scribe. He died from heart failure and left her The Fables of Barren, both a forbidden and a rare book.

Mira Sorrengail is Violet’s older sister. She fought at Stryhmore and received an Order of the Talon for taking out the battery behind enemy lines. Violet describes her as confident.

Brennan Sorrengail was Violet’s older brother. He died five years prior while battling the Tyrrish rebellion in the South at the hands of Fen Riorson (described below). Violet describes him as “strategic.”

Commanding General Melgren rules all Navarrian forces. He is the only general more decorated than General Lilith Sorrengail. He executed the parents of students whose parents fought in the famous rebellion.

King Tauri was in power at the time of the rebellion.

Dain Aetos is a second-year leader and Violet’s protective lifelong friend, whose father is an advisor to Violet’s mother.

Xaden Riorson is a tall, dark, and handsome third-year student, as well as the wingleader for Fourth Wing. He is expected to kill Violet for her mother’s role in his father’s death. He was “conscripted” like other children of the rebellion as punishment for his parents’ crimes.

Fen Riorson was Xaden’s father. He led the famous rebellion and is known as the “Great Betrayer.” He killed Violet’s brother, Brennan, at the Battle of Aretia.

Rhiannon Mathias is Violet’s new friend at Basgiath War College. She’s a twin and a member of Violet’s wing.

Raegan is Rhiannon’s twin, who is married and pregnant.

Sawyer is a first-year cadet and a potential love interest of Rhiannon.

Jack Barlowe is a cadet in the Fourth Wing and an enemy of Violet.

Imogen is a second-year, pink-haired student, as well as a potential love interest of Xaden.

Jesinia Neilwart is the curator of the Scribe Quadrant.

Oren Seifert is a cadet that’s jealous of Violet.

Liam Mairi is statistically the strongest first-year in Fourth Wing. He is the son of the disgraced Colonel Isaac Mairi. He was fostered by Duke Lindell in Tirvainne with Xaden after the rebellion.

Garrick is Violet’s direct superior above Dain, and he is Xaden’s friend.

Bodhi is Xaden’s cousin.

Naolin was Tairn’s previous rider. He burned out and died next to Brennan.

Amber Mavis is the wingleader of Third Wing and Dain’s close friend.

Sloane Mairi is Liam’s sister, who will enter the Riders Quadrant next year, as the Mairis are all riders. They are allowed to live, but only if they prove their loyalty by making it through Riders Quadrant.

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Fourth Wing Dragons: Tairn, Andarna, and More

Below is a chart of Fourth Wing dragon names, types, and the humans with whom they bonded.

Name of DragonType of DragonHuman Bonded With
AimsirBrownGeneral Sorrengail
AotromBrown SwordtailRidoc
Andarnaurram (“Andarna”)Golden FeathertailViolet Sorrengail
BaideOrange ScorpiontailJack Barlowe
CathRed SwordtailDain Aetos
ChradhBrown ScorpiontailGarrick
CodaghBlackCommanding General Melgren
DeighRed DaggertailLiam Mairi
FeirgeGreen DaggertailRhiannon Mathias
GlaneOrange DaggertailImogen Cardulo
Gleann(not identified)Caroline Ashton
SgaeylBlue DaggertailXaden Riorson
SliseagRed SwordtailSawyer
Tairneanach (“Tairn”)Black MorningstartailViolet Sorrengail
TeineGreenMira Sorrengail
(not named)Orange ClubtailTrina

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Dragon Details

Now that you know the Fourth Wing dragons, here are even more details about their color and tail types:

  • Blue Dragons are a formidable size with knife-like spikes and are ruthless, especially the Blue Daggertail. None are available during the current threshing. A handful is in active fighting along the Esben Mountains.
    • Blue Daggertail is described as a ruthless and vicious dragon that doesn’t comply with the law and is the rarest of the Blues.
  • Red Dragons should never be looked in the eye.
    • Red Swordtails are nasty when they get riled up.
    • Red Scorpiontails are the quickest to temper.
  • Black Dragons
    • Black Morningstartail has the same bludgeoning power of a clubtail and spikes that can eviscerate a person as well as a daggertail. It’s a “killing machine,” considered to be one of the deadliest dragons, as well as the smartest, most discerning (there’s no outsmarting it), and the rarest.
  • Green Dragons are known for their keen intellect. They descend from the honorable Uaineloidsig line and are the most rational and reasonable type of dragon, making them the perfect siege weapons, especially in the case of clubtails. One should never back down from them. To approach one, lower your eyes and wait for their approval.
  • Orange Dragons come in various shades from apricot to carrot. They are the most unpredictable, and therefore, they are risky. They descended from the Fhaicorain line.
  • Brown Dragons should not be shown trepidation
  • Golden Dragons

Notes About Fourth Wing Dragons

A few more notes I took about Fourth Wing dragons:

Feathertail Dragons are the breed about which the least is known. They abhor violence and are not suitable for bonding because they can accidentally give their powers (which are unpredictable and unstable) to humans. They are only a few feet taller than Violet. Most feathertail gifts disappear with maturity when they begin to channel.

Tairn is the son of Murtcuideam and Fiaclanfuil, descended from the cunning Dubhmadinn line. He hadn’t been seen in the last five years prior to the time of Fourth Wing. His previous rider, Naolin, died in the Tyrrish rebellion. He bonded with Violet because she was the smartest and most cunning of her years. She defended the smallest with ferocity, courage is more important than physical strength.

Tairn and Sgaeyl are a mated pair. They are the strongest bonded pair in centuries. They should not be apart for more than three days.

Andarna’s parents passed away before she hatched.

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Fourth Wing Signets Explained

Below is a chart of Fourth Wing signets (special powers a human gets from its bonded dragon).

Brennan Sorrengailmending
Commanding General Melgrenseeing a battle’s outcome before it happens
General Sorrengailwielding the power of storms
Dain Aetosreading a person’s recent memories when hands are placed on them
Emerymanipulating air/controlling wind
Heatonbreathing underwater
Imogenerasing recent memories
Jeremiahmanifesting (reading minds)
Liam Mairiseeing things miles away
Mira Sorrengailmanifesting a ward around her and her squad
Nadineunweaving wards
Naolinsiphoning power
Quinnastral projecting
Rhiannon Mathiassummoning
Ridocwielding ice
Sawyermanipulating metal
Violet Sorrengailwielding lightning
Xaden Riorsonwielding shadows

Notes About Fourth Wing Signets

A few more notes I took about Fourth Wing signets:

Mending is exceptionally rare among riders, and it is considered to be the most precious signet: “They have the power to fix, to restore, to return anything to its original state — from ripped cloth to pulverized bridges, including broken human bones.”

Wielding ice is a common signet.

Being an inntinnsic, reading minds, is “a death sentence.”

Andarna gave Violet a gift of stopping time, but most feathertail gifts disappear with maturity when they begin to channel.

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Printable PDF of the Fourth Wing Characters, Dragons, Signets, and More

fourth wing guide


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Overview of Fourth Wing and Author Rebecca Yarros


Rebecca Yarros is a graduate of Troy University and an American author of over fifteen books. She is best known for her bestselling dragon fantasy romance books in the Empyrean series, including Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. She will serve as the executive producer of the Amazon adaptation.

She and her husband co-founded the charity One October to improve the lives of kids in foster care.

More by this author: In the Likely Event is another popular choice with readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the main character in the Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, the main character is Violet Sorrengail. She’s a petite 20-year-old first-year Basgiath War College student with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Together with her bonded dragons, Tairn and Andarna, she is determined to prove her strength.

Which character has a twin Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Rhiannon Matthias has a twin named Raegan. She is married and pregnant.

Who is the bad guy in the Fourth Wing?

The “bad guy” in Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is Jack Barlowe. He is a cadet in the Fourth Wing and an enemy of the main character, Violet Sorrengail.

What dragon did Liam have in Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Liam Mairi’s dragon is Deigh, a Red Daggertail.

What are the rarest dragons in Fourth Wing?

In Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Black Morningstartail dragons are the rarest dragons, also known as “killing machines.” They are one of the deadliest dragons, as well as the smartest and most discerning.

What was Liam’s signet Fourth Wing?

Liam’s signet in Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is the ability to see things from miles away. He got this special power from his bonded dragon, Deigh.


These important details about the Fourth Wing characters, dragons, and signets have assisted your reading experience of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. They have also helped you prepare for the next books in this popular fantasy series.

Do you need to order the sequel, Iron Flame, or book 3, Onyx Storm?

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  1. Hello, Thank you for this helpful guide. Violet’s name is listed as Violent a couple of times within the post. While that made me chuckle, it should probably be corrected.
    Mira Sorrengail – Violent describes her as being confident.
    Tairn – He bonded with Violent because she is the smartest and most cunning of her year.

    1. Hi there. Usually I am embarrassed by mistakes, but I kind of have to laugh at this one too given her nickname, which was probably somehow sneaking through my brain as I typed. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to let me know and will fix it all right now.

  2. A few small corrections and forgive my spelling as I’ve only listened to the audio book (which is fabulous, by the way.)
    Bodie is Xaden’s cousin, not Garrick, but the 2 are often together.
    Sawyer had a celebratory night with Rhiannon, but my impression is it was a one night thing as Rhiannon also had a thing for a female cadet.
    Imogen’s signet is the ability to erase a recent memory (Ch 25)
    Thank you for the guide! I hope this helps.

  3. Absolutely loved this book, I’ve been looking for something like this since finishing the last ACOTAR series book. I can’t recall tho, is there any clue about Imogens signet? I noticed she was not included on the list above

    1. Not that I’m aware of. I took hundreds of detailed notes as I read, then transcribed them all into this post. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, so if something is not included, that means I didn’t personally find any clues or hints.

  4. I find it interesting that few people have spotted that all of the dragons names are Scottish Gaelic words – and their names offer clues to their personalities and plot points.