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Struggling with all the Iron Flame characters? I took hundreds of notes to make it easy for readers like you to learn and theorize. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about them to assist your reading of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. So, get “fired” up!

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Iron Flame Characters: What You Need to Know

I was influenced to read the Fourth Wing series by Rebecca Yarros, but I am a very logical person who usually struggles with learning about and understanding the worlds of the best books about fantasy. So, I decided to take very detailed notes (nearly 700 for this book alone).

Now, I’m sharing my notes on the Iron Flame characters to assist your reading experience. This post includes everything I read and annotated on these topics, including a character list with details revealed about each one throughout the novel.

You can download and print a PDF copy of my notes to use while you’re reading as well!

There are SO MANY characters in this book to keep track of! Here are the guideposts for this article:

  • Yes, there are spoilers, as I can’t discuss plot details without, well, discussing plot details, but I do not reveal the biggest spoilers, such as who dies or the ending of Iron Flame.
  • Generally speaking, this list is in chronological order of appearance in the book.
  • And I ONLY included information revealed in the book Iron Flame. Check out my Fourth Wing character guide if you need information from that book.

In this guide to the Iron Flame characters, I also included some page numbers for easy referencing. Please note these are page numbers from the Kindle version, which has 884 pages. The hardcover edition has 640 pages, so my Kindle page numbers differ from the hardcover.

Iron Flame Character List: Violet, Xaden, and More

Violet Sorrengail: Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing. Has silver hair in a coronet braid. Not interested in leadership roles.

Brennan Sorrengail (a/k/a Lieutenant Colonel Aisereigh): Violet’s brother. Brownish red curls and amber-colored eyes.

General Lilith Sorrengail: Violet’s mother, who was previously a Rider and an instructor.

Bodhi Durran: Xaden’s cousin, also “marked” with a relic. Moved from Tail Section to Flame Section. Was one of the ten that flew into Resson. Has black curly hair.

Imogen Cardulo: “Marked” with a relic around her arm. Was one of the ten that flew into Resson. Has pink half-shaved hair and pale green eyes.

Major Ferris: An “[o]lder man with an eyepatch and a hawkish nose.” Has “tufts of thinning gray hair frame the deep lines in his lightly tanned, weathered skin, his jowls hanging down like a wildebeest.”

Xaden Riorson: Violet’s boyfriend. “Marked” with a relic that ends at his jaw. Was one of the ten that flew into Resson. His mother left when he was ten per a marriage contract. Has tawny-brown skin, high-sloped cheeks, dark onyx eyes, a scar that bisects his brow and ends beneath his eye, a carved mouth, an angular face, and 107 scars on his back.

Trissa: A “petite woman with glossy black hair” and umber skin.

Suri: A wide-shouldered brunette with olive skin and a single streak of silver in her hair. Hates Violet.

Garrick Tavis: Xaden’s best friend. His father was Xaden’s father’s aide. Was one of the ten that flew into Resson. “Marked” with a relic. Has a hulking build.

Liam Miari: Had blond hair and sky blue eyes.

Felix: Has a gray beard.

Naolin: The siphon who died trying to save Brennan.

Luminary: “Intensifies dragonfire hot enough to smelt alloy into the only weapons capable of defeating venin.” (page 34)

Ciaran: “He’s shorter than the others, with a Third Squad, Flame Section patch on his shoulder, light-brown hair, and a pinkish, round face[.]” (page 41) Was one of the ten who fought at Resson.

Eya: First Squad, Flame Section. Xaden has known her since they were ten. Was one of the ten that flew into Resson. “Her mother was active in the government of Tyrrendor, holding a council seat even though she was a rider[.]” (page 228) A brunette second-year with fair skin and a pierced eyebrow.

Masen Sanborn: A recent graduate. Was one of the ten who fought at Resson. Llean with glasses and a pointed nose with a dark-brown hand.

Dain Aetos: The new wingleader. Violet’s childhood friend. Has a light brown beard and brown eyes.

Quinn: Has a blue streak in her short brown curls.

Aura Beinhaven: Senior wingleader.

Nadine: Second year with purple hair and a button nose.

Ridoc: Second year. Has tall spikes in gelled dark hair and the inked tip of a swordtail on his warm brown-colored neck, which wraps to the relic on his shoulder. Terrified of snakes.

Sawyer: A second year, chosen as executive officer by Rhiannon.

Rhiannon: A second year and the new squad leader. From a border village near Cygnisen. Dating Tara. Has braids.

Major Burton Varrish: Violet’s new vice commandant. Three consecutive prisoners died during his interrogations, as he is known for torture. Has thick black hair.

Cianna: Executive officer.

Jesinia Neilwart: A scribe and Violet’s longtime friend. A slight figure with a long brown braid who wears a cream tunic, pants, and a hood.

Jory Buell: Tall.

Cam / Aaric Graycastle: King Tauri’s third son. His father thinks he’s on a birthday tour. His older brother Alic died during threshing three years earlier. Twenty years old. Is taller than Dain but shorter than Xaden. Has a muscular build and strong chin, sandy-brown hair, and green eyes.

Sloane Mairi: Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing. Liam’s younger sister. “Marked” with a relic around her arm. Has blonde hair past her shoulders and sky blue eyes.

Visia Hawelynn: A “repeat” called to Violet’s squad. Has a burn scar that sprawls from her collar to her hairline along the right side of her face.

Professor Devera: Has black hair, a jagged wound along her biceps, and rich mahogany skin.

General Markham: Wrote the textbook on Navarrian history. Violet was his star pupil, handpicked for the Scribe Quadrant.

Nolon: A healer in the Healer Quadrant.

Catriona (“Cat”): Xaden’s ex. Niece of Count Tecarus. About twenty years old. Looks like Syrena with a straight nose, full mouth, lithe builds, glossy black hair, and fair skin. But, has braided hair, larger eyes, and slightly higher cheekbones.

Cornelia Sahalie: A rider in Samara who looks a few years older than Violet.

Jarrett: A rider in Samara who is bulky and built like Garrick. Is twenty pounds heavier than Xaden and has deep, muscular lines.

Tomas: A squad leader from Second Wing with tan skin and dark curls.

“Jacek:” The younger brother of a second-year from Third Wing that Markham hauled away.

Brisa: A woman with a shaved head and rich brown skin.

Cohen: A rider with short black hair and warm, russet-brown skin.

Dyre: The smaller of the healers. Has olive skin.

Aofie: Has soft red hair and a creamy white face with lots of freckles.

Calvin: Fourth squad’s ranking officer. Is about an inch shorter than Rhiannon.

Trysten: A first year with floppy hair in his eyes.

Dasha Fabrren: A first year. Has shiny black braided hair and is petite and pale.

Sorrel: A First Squad second-year with bow skills.

Jack Barlowe: Was crushed under the weight of a mountain during first year during War Games when Violet’s signet flared for the first time. Has a bulky frame, glacial blue eyes, and blond hair.

Syrena Cordella: Has a scar down her neck, a straight nose, a full mouth, a lithe build, glossy black hair, and fair skin.

Viscount Tecarus: Wants to see Violet wield lightning in exchange for a luminary. Known for keeping precious things against their will.

Nora: The woman who always dumps Violet’s bag when she visits Xaden.

Eleni Jareth: Becomes Second Wing leader.

Tibbot Vasant: Becomes Third Wing leader.

Baylor: Is stocky with skull-trimmed black hair.

Drake Cordella: Cousin of Syrena with the rightwing drift in the north, along the Braevick border. Likes women “who might actually kill him.” (page 555)

Maren: Cat’s best friend. A gryphon flyer who is paired with Violet and is easy to get along with. Is petite, but taller than Violet. Has a heart-shaped face, dark eyes, bronze skin, and a dark-haired braid.

Luella: A gryphon rider. Is small and short with hazel eyes and is the same age as Violet.

Cianna: Executive officer from last year.

Visia: Is six inches taller than Violet.

Isar Panya: Tail Section (possibly Second Wing).

Professor Trissa: A petite and quiet member of the Assembly.

Bragen: A third-year driftleader from Cat’s drift who becomes an executive officer. Has scars around his neck and is easy to get along with.

Neve: A third year in Cat’s drift with short, strawberry-blond hair and deeply set eyes.

Nyra Voldaren: Last year’s quadrant’s senior wingleader.

Kai: A first-year gryphon flyer with black hair, a dimpled cheek, and bronze skin.

Lynx: Is from Luceras.

Avalynn: a first year whose family is in Morraine.

Printable PDF List of the Iron Flame Characters

iron flame characters.


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Overview of the Fourth Wing Series and Author Rebecca Yarros


Rebecca Yarros is a graduate of Troy University and an American author of over fifteen books. She is best known for her bestselling dragon fantasy romance books in the Empyrean series, including Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. She will serve as the executive producer of the Amazon adaptation.

She and her husband co-founded the charity One October to improve the lives of kids in foster care.

More by this author: In the Likely Event is another popular choice with readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the villain in Iron Flame?

The ultimate villain in Iron Flame is Jack Barlowe. It was thought that he died after being crushed by a mountain, but he is venin and, thus, hard to kill. As a dark-wielder, he plays a pivotal role in the intense battle at the end of the book.

Who is Liam’s sister in Iron Flame?

Liam’s sister is Sloane Mairi. She is Second Squad, Flame Section in Fourth Wing. She has blonde hair past her shoulders and sky-blue eyes.

Who is Suri in Iron Flame?

Suri is a wide-shouldered brunette with olive skin and a single streak of silver in her hair. She hates Violet.

Who is Dyre in Iron Flame?

Dire is the smaller of the healers. He has olive skin.

What happens to Rhiannon in Iron Flame?

Rhiannon becomes a squad leader during her second year at Basgiath War College.


These important details about the Iron Flame characters have assisted your reading experience of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros and helped you prepare for the next books in this popular fantasy romance series of books.

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