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Struggling with all the details in Iron Flame? I took hundreds of notes to make it easy for readers like you to learn and theorize. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Iron Flame signets and runes to assist your reading of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. So, get “fired” up!

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Iron Flame Signets and Their Characters (With Spoilers)

I was influenced to read the Fourth Wing series, but I am a very logical person who usually struggles with learning about and understanding fantasy worlds. So, I decided to take very detailed notes (nearly 700 for this book alone).

Now, I’m sharing my notes on the Iron Flame signets to assist your reading experience. This post includes everything I read and annotated on this topic, including a list of Iron Flame characters with his or her signet.

You can download and print a PDF copy of my notes to use while you’re reading as well!

There are SO MANY signets and details about runes in this book to keep track of! Here are the guideposts for this article:

  • Yes, there are spoilers, as I can’t discuss plot details without, well, discussing plot details. However, I do not reveal the end of Iron Flame here.
  • Generally speaking, this list is in chronological order of appearance in the book.
  • And I ONLY included information revealed in the book Iron Flame. Check out my Fourth Wing signet guide if you need information from that book.
Commanding General Melgrenseeing the outcome of battles before they happen
Xaden Riorsonshadow wielding; inntinnsic (Xaden’s second signet)
Dain Aetoscan steal memories with his hands
General Lilith Sorrengailwielding the power of storms
Violet Sorrengailwielding lightning
Mira Sorrengailextending the wards
Imogen Cardulowiping short-term memories
Quinnprojects looking like someone else
Noradetecting lies
Major Burton Varrishseeing weaknesses
Professor Carrcan make fire erupt from his hands
Bodhi Durrancan counter signets
Ridocice wielding
Ciannawind wielding
Sloane Mairia siphon
Colonel Fremontair wielding

Notes About Signets

I also took the following notes about signets that may help you read the book and/or predict what will happen next.

In this book guide to Iron Flame signets, I included page numbers for easy referencing but please note these are page numbers from the Kindle version, which has 884 pages. The hardcover edition has 640 pages, so my Kindle page numbers differ from the hardcover.

Relics can mask Melgren’s signet when they are in groups of three or more.

Mira does not excel at poisons. (page 287)

Mira can sometimes manifest wards on her own, but she has to be close to an outpost, like she’s just another thread. (page 289)

“Menders are not healers. Healers are bound to the Code of Chricton, sworn to aide all in time of need and never to harm a beating heart. Menders are riders. They’re only sworn to the Codex. They can as easily bring harm as heal.” (page 350)

“Though gryphon riders are not capable of producing signets, they are not powerless. In fact, some would argue that they’ve honed lesser magic, especially mind work, into the deadliest weapon of all.” (page 371)

“The only signet more terrifying than an inntinnsic is a truth-sayer.” (page 441)

“Xaden only moves shadows that are already there[.]” (page 534)

“Though her extraordinary signet allows her to extend the wards around herself and her dragon, Cadet Sorrengail lacks the consistent ability to produce her own wards without extreme emotional distress.” (page 564)

Cat can amplify emotions.

“The art of imbuing comes naturally to only a handful of signets, and automatically only to one: the siphon[.]” (page 703)

“Second signets only happen when a dragon bonds a rider in the direct familial line as its previous[.] […] But there’s an equal chance of it causing madness. From what Thoirt told me, that’s why Cruth wasn’t punished for bonding Quinn. She’s only the great-niece of her previous rider. Her signet’s more powerful but not entirely different. ” (page 710)

“There hasn’t been a distance wielder in centuries[.]” (page 738)

Being an inntinnsic is the only signet riders are killed for having. Xaden is a type of inntinnsic that can read intentions. (page 741)

Brennan can’t mend magic, a relic, or (probably) a rune. (page 811)

Notes About Runes

While runes aren’t signets, I felt they had a place here being that they are magic and new to the book Iron Flame, so below are my notes on runes to help you read along and predict the future of this romantasy series:

Runes are “strands of magic pulled from our power, woven into geometric patterns for specific uses, then placed into an object, either for immediate work or usage at a later date. We call the process ‘tempering.’ [..] Like wood, or metal, or whatever object the wielder chooses. That rune will activate when triggered and perform whatever action it was tempered for. Unlike alloy, which houses power, runes are tempered with power for specific actions.” (page 624)

“Every shape has meaning. The points where we tie the power change that meaning.” (page 625)

The shapes can change things like when the rune will activate and how many times. (page 625)

“Until it’s placed, it has no meaning, no purpose, and will fade quickly. It’s tempering the rune that makes it an active magic.” (page 625)

Making runes is “a skill the Tyrrish once controlled and perfected, but it was banned a couple hundred years after the unification of Navarre, even though many of our outposts and Basgiath itself were built upon them. […] You see, riders are naturally more powerful, given the amount of magic we channel and the signets we wield. […] But runes are the great equalizer[.] […] A rune is only limited to how much power you choose to temper, how long you want it to last, and how many uses it has before it depletes. They banned runes so they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. [Gryphone fliers’] hands, specifically. Get good enough at runes, and you can compete with a fair amount of signets.” (page 626)

Each of the children of the officers were given protection runes before their parents left for the Battle of Aretia. (page 633) “It was designed to counter the signet of the rider whose dragon would kill them. […] But it could only activate when killed by dragonfire. Which is the primary method of execution for traitors[.]” (page 634)

Printable PDF of the Iron Flame Signet List

iron flame signet guide.


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About the Fourth Wing Series and Author Rebecca Yarros


Rebecca Yarros is a graduate of Troy University and an American author of over fifteen books. She is best known for her bestselling dragon fantasy romance books in the Empyrean series, including Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. She will serve as the executive producer of the Amazon adaptation.

She and her husband co-founded the charity One October to improve the lives of kids in foster care.

More by this author: In the Likely Event is another popular choice with readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Violet get another signet in Iron Flame?

No. While Violet Sorrengail is expected to get a second signet since she bonded two dragons, the second signet is not revealed in Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros.

What is Violet’s signet in Iron Flame?

Violet Sorrengail is a lightning wielder, and she is expected to get a second signet since she bonded two dragons. However, the second signet has not yet been revealed in book 1 or 2 of the Empyrean series.

Why does Xaden have two signets?

Xaden has two signets because his grandfather was also Sgaeyl’s rider. This “Second signets only happen when a dragon bonds a rider in the direct familial line as its previous.” (page 710)

What is Xaden’s second signet in Iron Flame?

Xaden’s second signet is being a type of inntinsic. He can read people’s true intentions. This is the only signet riders are killed for having. (page 741)


These important details about the Iron Flame signets and runes have assisted your reading experience of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros and helped you prepare for book 3 in the Empyrean series.

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