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Savor and save the most powerful Iron Flame quotes by Rebecca Yarros. They explore Violet and Xaden’s love, the brutality of war, the magic of dragons, and so much more (with page numbers for easy referencing). They’re perfect to use on Instagram, TikTok, and beyond. So, let’s “fire” it up!

Violence, remember it's only the body that's fragile. You are unbreakable.

Iron Flame Quotes by Rebecca Yarros on Love and War

I included Iron Flame page numbers after each quote for easy referencing but please note these are page numbers from the Kindle version, which has 884 pages. The hardcover edition has 640 pages, so my Kindle page numbers differ from the hardcover.

The first year is when some of us lose our lives. The second year is when the rest of us lose our humanity. - Iron Flame.

“Revolution tastes oddly … sweet.” (Page 14)

“[The] rebellion taught leadership it’s a lot easier to control happy civilians than disgruntled — or worse, terrified — ones.” (page 32)

“In a world of dragon riders, gryphon fliers, and dark wielders … It’s the scribes who hold all the power.” (page 32)

“You call it a revolution, not a rebellion.” (page 33)

“We have to win, or we’re dead.” (page 33)

“They wouldn’t need as many weapons if they had wards.” (page 34)

“Because love, at its root, is hope. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for what could be. Hope that the someone you’ve entrusted your everything to will cradle and protect it. And hope? That […] is harder to kill than a dragon.” (page 36)

“I’ll spend every single day of my life earning back your trust.” (page 40)

“And do you trust me? […] With my life. After all, it’s your life, too.” (page 49)

“But when the lives of everyone around you depend on how well you can lie, it’s not easy to realize it’s the truth that will save you.” (page 55)

“[Y]ou didn’t fall for an ordinary rider. You fell for the leader of a revolution[.]” (page 56)

“I will not die today[.]” (page 57)

“Selective truth[.] […] Tell no lies.” (page 62)

“Riders party as hard as we fight.” (page 71)

“Secrets make for poor leverage. They die with the people who keep them.” (page 80)

“By definition: the riders make their own rules.” (page 81)

“Don’t let the wind sway your steps.” (page 103)

“Dragons respect anger. They exterminate cowards.” (page 109)

“You do not have the right to burn what is mine.” (page 114)

“We defend our borders with lethal force, but we don’t take war to civilians.” (page 126)

“Secrets die with the people who keep them.” (page 136)

“Wanting you to ask what you want to know isn’t a game. You and me? Not a game. ” (page 141)

“No one’s ever fully healed around here.” (page 143)

“The first year is when some of us lose our lives[.] […] The second year is when the rest of us lose our humanity.”

“My confidence in Xaden is almost … arrogance.” (page 173)

“His body is a work of art, honed to lethal perfection.” (page 173)

“He has the maddening ability to addict and satisfy all in the same breath[.]”

“The tricky thing is to capture the truth and not just an interpretation. Stories can change depending on who tells them.” (page 224)

“[T]oo much power in one person terrifies any king[.]” (page 228)

“Killing an opponent during a challenge isn’t cheered.” (page 231)

“Can you love someone who refuses to be open with you?” (page 241)

“Answers are supposed to follow questions. That’s how my life has always worked.” (page 244)

“Lies are powerful tools.” (page 246)

“Maybe I can’t fully trust him, but I also can’t stand to be away from him.” (page 251)

“Ironic that it’s my truthfulness that can put me out of my own misery when it’s his candor I crave[.]” (page 252)

“Your ego really is boundless.” (page 258)

“You expect complete, blind faith without giving it. It. Goes. Both. Ways.” (page 264)

“Dragons do not answer to the whims of men.” (page 266)

“Even the smallest dragon does not answer to the most powerful of humans, which you are not[.]” (page 269)

“We are the weapons, and this place is the stone they use to sharpen us[.]” (page 275)

“I’d rather you scream at me than pretend everything is all right with silence[.]” (page 277)

“One touch, that’s all it takes, and the world around us ceases to exist.” (page 281)

“He makes me feel totally, completely weightless like it’s possible to fly on nothing but waves of sensation.” (page 282)

“What if there’s an entire war out there we know nothing about?” (page 291)

“I know who you really are, Violet. Even when you keep things from me, I know you[.]” (page 295)

“History and current events are tied because one influences the other[.]” (page 299)

“Dragons don’t even answer to kings[.]” (page 314)

“Violence, remember it’s only the body that’s fragile . You are unbreakable[.]” (page 320)

“I’m just as reckless for you as you are for me.” (page 361)

“I want you exactly how you are, emotions and all. I want the woman I fell for.” (page 364)

“‘I need you.’ Maybe need isn’t the right word, but there’s no other term that captures how essential he is to my existence.” (page 367)

“Don’t treat me like I’m breakable[.]” (page 368)

“I love him. I love him. I love him. I’m not ready to give him the words, the power that comes with them, but I can keep them for myself, chant them like my own personal Codex, the only truth I’m certain of.” (page 369)

“It’s foolish to think we can save everyone. We can’t.” (page 377)

“I would rather lose this entire war than live without you.” (page 383)

“Worrying changes nothing.” (page 386)

“Some of us do not bow to the whims of our dragons. In fact, we influence them.” (page 391)

“Everyone thinks most Riders cadets die from dragon fire . Truth be told, it’s usually gravity that gets us.” (page 408)

“I’m choosing him, choosing us. There will be no calling this a lapse in judgment, or the result of too much adrenaline, or even lust. I love him. No matter what he’s done or why he did it, I still love him, and I know he cares about me.” (page 415)

“I’ll be wherever you are[.]” (page 418)

“It’s an exercise in self-control not to open every book and devour its contents.” (page 427)

“Violence, remember it’s only the body that’s fragile. You are unbreakable[.]” (page 446)

“Cadet Sorrengail, your weaknesses are the people you love.” (page 450)

“I think you’ve been lied to for so long that you won’t recognize the truth even when it hits you in the face.” (page 455)

“[N]owhere in existence you could go that I wouldn’t find you, remember?” (page 463)

“You want to know something true? Something real? I love you. I’m in love with you. I have been since the night the snow fell in your hair and you kissed me for the first time. I’m grateful my life is tied to yours because it means I won’t have to face a day without you in it.” (page 465)

“Stay alive, or this all will have been for nothing.” (page 472)

“Sorrengails walk or fly off the battlefield, but they’re never carried.” (page 472)

“Not every kingdom thinks theirs is the only language that should be spoken[.]” (page 543)

“I’m not going to sit tucked away in Aretia just because you’re worried something will happen to me. If I did, I wouldn’t be the woman you fell in love with.” (page 550)

“[I]t’s possible to be angry while still madly, wildly, uncontrollably in love with me.” (page 557)

“The problem with mankind is we too often find our souls to be a fair price for power.” (page 612)

“[T]he only weapon capable of killing a dark wielder is the same thing that drove them to soullessness … power.” (page 630)

“Love. Chemistry. Attraction. Desire. Everything between us keeps me constantly burning like an ember; a single touch is all it takes to send us both up in flames .” (page 652)

“Stone may not burn, but books do.” (page 669)

“The breath of life of the six and the one combined and set the stone ablaze in an iron flame.” (page 689)

“Dragons do not consult humans.” (page 698)

“We might not compliment each other, but we complement each other.” (page 709)

“Nothing kills powerful, unshakable love faster than opposing ideologies.” (page 723)

“You could throw my entire world into upheaval, and I would still love you.” (page 770)

“You have to let me all the way in, or all the love in the world won’t hold this together.” (page 770)

Funny Quote: “We do not eat our allies.” (page 771)

“Magic requires balance[.]” (page 799)

“I love you. The world does not exist for me beyond you.” (page 817)

“I am the storm.” (page 826)

my house. my chair. my woman. -iron flame.

Curating The Iron Flame Quotes by Xaden Riorson and the Other Characters

Chances are you’ve already read and loved Iron Flame as much as I did. And, like any really good book, you want to continue to immerse yourself in its most inspirational (and even funny) words by Iron Flame characters Violet to Xaden and the Iron Flame dragons. This is particularly true since the Fourth Wing series is an epic story of love and war like this one, as so many emotions are captured in the words.

I curated these Iron Flame quotes based on my own Kindle highlights that I made while reading it. I tried to focus on quotes that showed the love between Violet and Xaden, as well as the themes that are developing in this romantasy book series, including the telling of history and the brutalities of war.

They make especially great content for Fourth Wing inspired cell phone wallpaper!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the less than a minute quote in Iron Flame?

“‘Less than a minute’, Xaden whispers as Sgaeyl moves toward him–toward us. ‘That’s how long it took for you to fall out of love with me.'” Find it on page 742.

What is the first sentence of Iron Flame?

“Revolution tastes oddly…sweet.”

What is the last sentence of Iron Flame?

“Guess we’re brothers now.” Jack says this to Xaden.


These Iron Flame quotes by Rebecca Yarros about love, war, dragons, and so much more transport you back to the literary land of “The Continent” and help you continue to celebrate your love of the Empyrean book series and its overarching themes of history-telling.

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