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Is filling his stocking making your brain hurt this holiday season? Get the ultimate list of cheap stocking stuffer ideas for him here, with everything from personal favorites to unique finds, and tons of useful and/or consumable little goodies every guy will truly appreciate this Christmas.

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First, in this holiday gift guide, I share my personal top 10 cheap stocking stuffer ideas for him, then photos of some really interesting finds you’ll want to see. After that, explore a clickable list of categories of useful and/or consumable items, from bookish products to things for the car, clothing, food and drink, home decor, home improvement, kitchen, office, self-care, sports, and games, tech gadgets, travel goodies, and even gift cards.

Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Below are the best stocking stuffer fillers based on little gifts my husband and I personally love. The husband, father, son, boyfriend, or another guy in your life is guaranteed to love these unique ideas too.


First, since this is a book blog, I recommend you buy cheap books as the PERFECT stocking stuffer. You can start by exploring my popular lists of the best books for men and the best coffee table books for him.

Focus on paperbacks and deals. For example, Target often has book deals and Amazon always has book deals.

Book Light

My husband loved my bookmark light so much, he claimed it as his own, and I had to buy another one. We now also love to gift these for reading in low light.

Sparkling Wine Stopper

This sparkling wine stopper is easily one of our favorite little gadgets. If you open a bottle of bubbly for a small toast or to top off some cocktails, it seals it right back up and KEEPS it bubbly for weeks. It’s a cheap find that acts much more like a luxury stocking stuffer.

Gourmet Peanuts

Old Bay seasoning is very popular where we live in Philadelphia, and my husband also loves snacking on peanuts, so I love to grab him cans of these Old Bay Virginia peanuts for a cheap little stocking stuffer gift.


Earmuffs are another little item of mine that my husband loved so much I had to get him his own. They are easy to transport and keep your hair in place.

Luggage Tags

I gifted my husband these luggage tags after so many instances where we were looking for extras and/or trying to update old ones. I love how the bright color pops at the airport baggage claim too.

Car Phone Charger

I got my husband this phone charging cord for his car and he loved the clean design that decluttered his console area.

Shower Brush

I often update my husband’s shower brush for him as well for a quick little win. It’s just always nice to have a new one.

Chocolate Pretzels

I always grab my husband some chocolate-covered pretzels too for a sweet and salty little treat that’s both a snack and a dessert. This is our absolute favorite chocolate brand.

List of 150+ More Ideas

Here are some cheap stocking stuffer ideas for him that really stood out to me as being extra unique and/or useful.

Next, below are lists of ideas for cheap stocking stuffers for him. Each link takes you to Amazon for either an exact product match or an array of product matches.

Home Decor

Bonus: Gift Card

Of course, you can also always buy gift cards in small amounts for things like coffee and fast food.


These cheap stocking stuffer ideas for him included something for everyone, including everything from personal favorites to unique finds, and tons of useful and/or consumable little goodies every man will truly appreciate this Christmas.

If you’re still deciding what to buy, a few items I bought by husband that he loved are:

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