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Make shopping quick and easy with the ultimate list of the best stocking stuffer ideas for women (and book lovers) that she will ADORE, based on my own personal experience.

They are all small and cost effective. And most of them are from Amazon. You can’t go wrong with one or more to get a quick win with her on Christmas morning.

collage of stocking stuffers for her.

Many, if not most, of these ideas are items I personally use and love. The mother, daughter, girlfriend, wife, or other ladies in your life will too! They also work perfectly for favorite things party gift ideas.

(If you’re shopping for a man or want even more ideas, check out these stocking stuffers for him.)

Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women


Many, if not, most women will love receiving a book for Christmas! Of course, the options are endless, so I’m sharing my personal favorite book of 2023, Tom Lake by Ann Patchett, a #1 New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick.


Ornaments make for another no-fail gift, and there’s no better time to gift them than Christmas. Again, there is no shortage of options, but I have this specific book ornament, and I absolutely adore it.

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A mug is a fairly common gift, so let’s spice things up a bit. This RTIC travel mug is my favorite travel mug because it’s tall and skinny enough to fit comfortably in my car’s cup holder, and the handle makes it easy to grab at the same time.

Cozy Socks

As Harry Potter’s Dumbledore once said, “One can never have enough socks.” The same can be said about Barefoot Dreams socks. They are worth the price and live up to the hype. I have at least five pairs at this point, and they are the most cozy and high quality of all the cozy socks I’ve tried.


When it comes to bookmarks, I absolutely love my bookmark light. It’s rechargeable, adjustable, and has several settings. It’s perfect for reading by the fireplace or in bed. (In fact, it’s so good that my husband stole mine and I had to buy another.)

Lip Mask

The insanely popular Laneige lip mask has been on my nightstand for years, and each and every holiday season, readers scoop it up like crazy! It’s beloved for good reason — it works really well, and just about every woman gets chapped lips in Wintertime.


Notecards are one of those things everyone needs, yet you never seem to have nice ones when you need them most. Some of the prettiest and most popular are Rifle Paper Co.’s notecards.

Custom Embosser

Whether or not she’s a “tea drinker,” she will probably still love the popular Harney & Sons hot cinnamon spice tea with cinnamon, orange, and cloves. (I saw this as someone who is kind of picky about tea and loves it.) The flavor profile is perfect for the holiday season. I linked the decaf, which is the one I drink, but it also comes in a caffeinated version.

Gel Pens

These are my favorite gel pens for underlining, taking notes, writing out cards, just being a little “extra” on any given day, you name it!

Post-It Set

I know I’m not the only woman who gets excited about Post-Its. This Post-It set is cute and functional! With a weekly planner and habit tracker, it’s also perfect for the New Year.

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Below are more of my absolute favorite things, including captions about what makes each one so great for the woman in your life.

I made an effort to make these things popular, practical, useful and/or consumable items she will actually use and love, and to keep nearly everything as small and cheap as possible (nearly everything is inexpensive under $25, and most significantly cheaper than that).

And, as mentioned earlier, many of these recommendations link to Amazon to make your shopping as quick and easy as possible.


Nail polish & related accessories (a top seller with readers; use code OJJULIANNEB20 for 20% off any system)

Necessaire body wash (a top seller with readers; use code JULESB10 for 10% off at Necessaire)

Face mask

Hand mask

Foot mask

Hand cream

Manicure kit

Hand sanitizer

Foot file

Lip gloss (my favorite brand)

Hair repair kit (popular brand) (another option)

Blush (cult favorite color)

Clean beauty set (I LOVE this brand)

Brush set (my favorite brand)

Brush cleaner

Face wipes

Shower steamers

Shampoo scrub (trust me, it’s so good!)

Cleansing balm (so gentle, melts makeup away)

Lash primer (my favorite one)

Mascara (my favorite one)

Cleanser (such a good one + clean beauty)

Makeup setting spray (award winner)

Dry shampoo (a great option)

Argan oil (so many uses)

Coconut melt (also so many uses)

Moisturizer (my absolute favorite one)

Beauty blender (I have been using one for years)

Tangle Teezer wet hair brush

Ice roller (I LOVE mine for headaches)

Boar bristle hair brush

Bath bomb

Hand soap (a popular clean brand)

Eye gels

Facial spray

Facial razors for women

Sleep mask

Sea soak

Dry brush

Micro-fiber hair towel

Hand sanitizer

Shower brush

Razor set (I use this one)

Shaving cream (A great, clean one at a great price)

Lip balm (award winner; the one I use)

Serum set (my favorite ones; also clean beauty)

Blotting papers

Soap scrub (the only brand I use; clean beauty)

Body cream (ultra-rich cult favorite for Winter)

Wine wipes (dentist approved to maintain your pearly whites)


Book Lovers


Custom book embosser

“Novel” teas

Book socks

Book club kit

Bookstack tea infuser


Tortoise shell earrings (neutral yet bold at the same time)

Satin scrunchies (the ones I wear.)



Terry headband for shower

Leopard print scarf (I have this and love it!)

Ear warmers (I have had this brand forever)

Blue light glasses (Oprah’s favorite brand!)

Pedicure socks

Headband (I love this brand’s styles)

Pom hat

Knit beanie with light

Undies (the brand I wear)

Hand warmers

Monogram necklace (a popular style)

Hair clips

Text-friendly gloves


Hand warmers


These stocking stuffer ideas for women will actually be appreciated on Christmas morning and used beyond then, based on my own personal experience and recommendations.


To recap and help you decide what to buy, a few of my top picks are:

  1. RTIC travel mug
  2. Barefoot Dreams socks
  3. Colorful gel pens
  4. Bookmark light
  5. Rifle Paper Co.’s notecards
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  1. An ornament is such a good stocking stuffer! I’m desperately trying to find some last minute gifts for my mom, but my budget is pretty slim because we just had our floors resurfaced. But I think I can still pack a punch with some of these, thanks for the inspo!